19 Terrifying Images Of Nintendo Characters As Real People

Well, if anyone ever wanted to know what the world would be like if Nintendo characters were real... look no further. And please don't ever attempt to make this a reality because the following images are far more disturbing than we had previously imagined possible.

There is something just unsettling about these following 19 concept images of what some Nintendo characters would look like in real life. There might be a small part in all of us that just wants to see what the world would be like with these creatures running around, but we think we're better off with them stuck in their respective video games...

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19 Pacman

This might just be one of the creepiest characters in the entire list. Just imagine if this was the thing chasing after cherries and eating ghosts whenever it had the chance... we're pretty sure the games would not be near as popular if this is what Pacman actually looked like. Just be glad he's not chasing any of us!

18 Shy Guy

Shy Guys are predominantly creatures from the infamous Super Mario Bros. 2. A lot of people didn't like this game because of how different it is from the rest of the Mario franchise, while others think it is among the best of the Mario games. That being said, the game does, for sure, contain some of the creepiest of creatures... case and point.

17 Mario

Wow. We already knew that Mario has been through a lot. Pretty much every game he has ever been through features some severe beat downs, even when he was the villain in the original Donkey Kong games. But just look at how eerily worn out this guy is! And just know that every Nintendo gamer is responsible.

16 Goomba

Alright, Goombas can just never become a real thing. At least not if they look like this in real life. In the games, they are adorable, amusing, and pretty much harmless. But this thing looks far from harmless. It looks like he's been through some stuff and isn't afraid to get into it.

15 Star Fox

It is truly amazing just how many superheroes look like total villains when they are rendered to look just a bit more realistic. Fox McCloud really looks like he is ready to just lay waste to one too many people, without a single thought about the innocent. Try and tell us we're wrong.

14 Slippy Toad

Alright, Slippy Toad does look adorable still. Perhaps even more so than he did in the games. Especially since he's got a Game Boy out with Zelda: Link's Awakening on screen but... just imagine walking down the street and coming across this guy. Not sure it will go over all that well.

13 Mew

We have to say that if Mr. Mime is kind of creepy and shouldn't exist in reality, then Mew definitely should not make the cut. Especially considering that this was the first version of the most powerful Pokémon in the original Pokédex. We don't need that kind of weapon kicking around in the wilderness.

12 Mega Man Xenomorph

This is actually just something we haven't decided is good or bad. To look at this mix of Mega Man and a Xenomorph we are inclined to think that it just means Mega Man is going to be an even more skilled superhero... however... there is also the possibility that he would just be a very powerful super villain... and no thanks to that!

11 Luigi

Poor Luigi. He always seems to get the short end of the stick, that's for sure. There is something about even this render that really makes Luigi out to be a pretty unfortunate human being. He always seemed to carry himself like a sad sort of character... and now we just have that proof...

10 Link

Aside from the fact that the quality of this render just makes Link look like a straight creeper... no, that's pretty much it. Knowing that the all-powerful hero we know as Link is nothing but a creep kind of doesn't make us want him to become a real deal. And if Navi is coming with him then we really don't want him.

9 Kirby

Never... just... NEVER! We are pretty sure everyone just thought that Kirby was nothing more than a cute little puff who could just vacuum food and enemies like no man's business. Which is pretty cool until realized in a hyper-realistic render. This is a creature that needs nothing other than fire!

8 King K. Rool

If anyone remembers King K. Rool on his ship, just making a meal out of Donkey Kong for however many times it took people to beat the game... then we should just all agree that this big alligator man would not be something anyone would want kicking around in real life. He looks cool but... nope!

7 Falco Lombardi

Falco Lombardi was always the coolest of all the characters in Star Fox but we are really wondering why it is that Falco looks like a mix between a giant bird and a slimmer version of Beast from X-Men. It doesn't make much sense to us, but tell us that people wouldn't be a little concerned seeing this guy walking the streets...

6 Donkey & Diddy Kong

This really does just look like people just dressed up actual apes in order to make a fun little version of Donkey and Diddy. And we have to say that it really works well. That being said, if we saw these two characters walking down the street, we might think some experiment got out, or that we would very shortly take a barrel to the head.

5 Bowser

No thank you! Bowser has already been the bane of so many gamers' lives for so long. Imagine if this dastardly villain was an actual part of our society. It is something we definitely don't need. Of course... he would likely do nothing but steal a princess and hang around in his own castle for his whole existence.

4 Ness

Ness typically looks like a cute little boy who is just trying to make it through another day in another game of getting beaten up. However... when it comes to this real-life rendition of the character, it seems way more likely that Ness will be handing out the beat downs with his bat in hand.

3 Peppy Hare

Peppy Hare looks like he's been through the wringer, that's for sure. He looks like he's seen enough action and never wants to see it again. And we're not sure what would be scarier to have in real life. A giant humanoid hare, or one that has nothing left to live for. No wonder Fox looks like such a villain!

2 Wario

Wario is typically a pretty amusing villain because he is so big and slow, and his laugh is just hilarious. We can even play as Wario in a number of titles, including his very own games. However, imagine if this face was looking back at you from a dark corner in real life...

1 Waluigi

Waluigi was already the creepiest of all the characters in the weird and depraved world of plumbing that exists in the Super Mario universe, but this slightly more realistic render of the character just proves that we should not let Nintendo become reality. We already have enough creepers in real life.

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