20 Terrifying Images Of Pokémon Reimagined As People

Despite being extremely family-friendly, the world of Pokémon has grown to include some relatively disturbing creatures over the years. Since the franchise focuses on people who capture monsters and have them do battle, it was bound to happen. While many of these creatures are adorably friendly, there are others who are fiendish and aggressive.

The fandom behind Pokémon is so vast that many artists have produced their own pieces based off of their favorites. And some have taken to putting humanoid spins on Nintendo’s and Game Freak’s creations. The majority of these human forms are impressively cool. But some can be downright unsettling.

For the creatures who are already disturbing, this makes sense. But there are a few pieces of artwork out there that may surprise you. Here are 20 Images of Pokémon reimagined as people that are, for one reason or another, terrifying.

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20 Mimikyu

via pokemon.fandom.com and vrutal.com

Mimikyu is a Ghost-type that hides under a Pikachu costume in order to get attention from others. While that’s just a tad bit sad, this human version by artist pyrope disintegrates all compassion I could feel for the creature.

The face hidden in shadows, the gnarly jacket, and the bloody club all combine for one horrific interpretation.

19 Exeggcute

via wallpapercave.com and imgur.com

Of the original 151 Pokémon, Exeggcute features one of the least imaginative designs. It’s just a rotten pile of eggs with faces, after all.

But this design by artist Cowslip is much more interesting. The creepy masks meant to represent each egg are pretty spooky. But the lifeless, black eyes also help.

18 Gourgeist

via poohsadventures.fandom.com and apanickyshiba.tumblr.com

This Ghost/Grass-type is already disturbing. They sometimes wander empty streets, singing creepily to scare people off. And they use their hair-like arms to ensnare their prey.

Now just imagine that in human form, performing the same malicious acts with glowing eyes and a chilling smirk that sends chills up your spine. Not a great thought.

17 Giratina

via pokemon.fandom.com and mitsuyuki32.deviantart.com

You would expect something that looks like a cross between a centipede and a dragon to be pretty imposing. Add on its massive size and the fact that it’s a legendary, and you’ve got a Pokémon that’s really no joke.

This version by artist mitsuyuki32 is even more daunting. Mixing the Pokémon with a face that seems straight out of Attack on Titan was a genius design.

16 Mr. Mime

via pokemon.fandom.com and spoopy-doopy-doodles.tumblr.com

Mr. Mime is interesting in that, much like regular clowns, he isn’t trying to be creepy but still comes off as such.

This Tumblr artist took inspiration from Pennywise the Dancing Clown and blended it magnificently with Mr. Mime’s design. He looks like he’d eat you whole as soon as perform one of the Pokémon’s signature tricks.

15 Umbreon

via pokemon.fandom.com and pinterest.com

Out of all the Eeveelutions, Umbreon definitely has the design that would lend itself best to an eerie human interpretation.

The artwork from ElvenWolfSoul shows exactly what Umbreon would look like as a person. But certain elements (the glowing red eyes for example) are much more unsettling than they are for the Pokémon. He looks like he’s about to possess you with some demonic force.

14 Gastly

via pinterest.com and imgur.com

Ghost-types certainly like to play tricks on humans, and Gastly is no different. Its evolved forms feature much more frightening designs, but Gastly still features some disconcerting design choices.

The big, flowing streams of cloth offer a nice representation of Gastly’s flames in this artwork, another by Cowslip. She looks as if she spends her time hiding in shadows, only to strike and disappear just as quickly.

13 Muk

via pokemon.fandom.com and reef1600.deviantart.com

Terrifying in an entirely different way than any others is this human version of Muk. As an extremely poisonous and therefore destructive force, Muk could offer many frightening varieties.

But this piece by reef1600, which shows a slime-covered woman beckoning you towards her, is altogether upsetting and gross. Some Pokémon really shouldn’t be people.

12 Vespiquen

via pikdo.net and xOwleyex.deviantart.com

Vespiquen, similar to real-life hive queens, can control multiple Combees to do her bidding. But even as frightening as that could be to come across, it’s nothing compared to xOwleyex’s interpretation of her.

Here, they reimagined her as Famine, one of the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse. The hands reaching out from the sand is an extra nice touch.

11 Dodrio

via aminoapps.com and imgur.com

As alarming as it would be to see a three-headed, ostrich-like creature charging at you in real life, Dodrio’s design is far from the most unsettling in Pokémon. But Cowslip’s human version makes it a bit more so.

The most distressing aspect is how her hands are replaced with blades, meant to represent the beaks of the Pokémon. It makes her seem like something other-dimensional.

10 Banette

via pokemon.fandom.com and tamtamdi.deviantart.com

Tamtamdi has created human artwork for hundreds of Pokémon. And while many of their pieces are heartwarmingly cute or astoundingly awesome, Banette as a human is just plain petrifying.

Which is exactly how it should be, given that Banette is a cursed doll. The zipper hanging off the side of her mouth and the bloodshot eyes would have me running the other way if I saw her in real life.

9 Phantump

via pokemontowerdefensetwo.fandom.com and aku-usagi.tumblr.com

It’s all in the eyes. Phantump, while still a Ghost-type, looks more like Casper and less like something out of The Conjuring. But the transition to human by aku-usagi has a significant impact.

The glowing red eyes are one thing. The branches growing out the sides of his head are another. But both mean no one would be happy finding this ghost in their house.

8 Carnivine

via forbes.com and dunesand.tumblr.com

While black or glowing eyes definitely make a Pokeperson disturbing, it doesn’t mean they’re better off not having eyes at all. This can be evidenced by dunesand’s rendition of Carnivine, which normally looks like one of the most joyful Pokémon around.

The sharp edges on its cloak are a great inclusion. But having no eyes makes him look much more dangerous and disquieting.

7 Darkrai

via pokemon.fandom.com and alvanista.com

Another dark and edgy design that increases its creep factor significantly upon turning human is that of Darkrai. While this Pokémon can cause nightmares in people, there are many who believe it is misunderstood.

The same can’t be said about matheusps92’s piece. The pale face, the outstretched arm, and the fact that he looks like a straight-up demon makes him much more terrifying.

6 Lickitung

via gonintendo.com and pikarie.deviantart.com

There are many pieces of art out there that take a Pokémon’s more outlandish design and interpret it as clothes or a weapon. Pikarie’s rendering of Lickitung, however, does not.

In the same vein as Muk, this version of Lickitung, with her revealing clothes and position, is a bit on the disturbing side. The fact that it keeps the Pokémon’s oversized tongue doesn’t help matters.

5 Mightyena

via pokemonfanon.fandom.com and imgur.com

Mightyena, as its name and design would suggest, is a fiercely savage fighter. In the wild, they usually travel in packs of ten or more.

Which only adds to Cowslip’s eerie iteration. A group of black-eyed, demonic-looking swordswomen with sharp fangs doesn’t sound like the most pleasant way to go.

4 Mega Mawile

via GlassTrinity.deviantart.com and pokemio.tumblr.com

While the normal version of Mawile only has one of those big monster-like heads attached to it, the Mega Evolution version’s second head makes the Pokémon much more terrifying.

And while Mawile is already somewhat anthropomorphic, it’s the actual human version by pokemio that truly unnerves. She looks like something out of a particularly violent and upsetting anime.

3 Duskull

via pokemon.fandom.com and aku-usagi.tumblr.com

Ghost-types really do make the eeriest humans. And Duskull, while still a creepy little dude, has his element of fright enhanced impressively here by artist aku-usagi.

Yet again, the red eyes alarm. But his mouth cover, which resembles the bottom of a skull, and the actual skull mask hanging on the side of his head are also nice additions.

2 Haunter

via pinterest.com and franky-tiem.deviantart.com

Haunter’s nature, which is downright horrific if the Pokédex is to be believed, has made him one of the most popular Ghost-types in the world of Pokémon.

But franky-tiem’s design would never in a million years be included in such a family-friendly series. The unattached limbs, the terrifying Joker smile, and the hollow eyes paint the picture of something from the underworld.

1 Missingno

via kotaku.com and imgur.com

Missingno is one of the most famous glitches in all of gaming, let alone the Pokémon series. So when Cowslip created a human version of the mysterious error, they apparently knew to create something just as shadowy.

The “code” around the edges of the figure is a suitably unsettling touch. The heavy black lines and the bleeding edges make it quite remarkable.

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