20 Terrifying Sculptures Of Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters are created to allow animators a chance to create something that would be impossible in human form. Think about your favorite animated figures like Charlie Brown, Popeye, Bart Simpson, Spongebob Squarepants, or Betty Boop, and imagine how they would look if they were human beings.

Each one of those cartoon characters has at least one feature that would make them a horribly terrifying human, if someone were to turn them into one. Luckily for us, technology has given artists many opportunities to create works of art such as realistic depictions of these characters.

However, the results ended up being much scarier than any of us could ever imagine. Some of them, even, are the most terrifying things you will ever see. So, please be warned. The images you are about to see are disturbing and could ruin your childhood, sorry.

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20 Bert (Sesame Street)

via twitter.com

Well, it just seems to make sense that Bert would get his own sculpture being that he has that enormously large head, a tiny patch of hair, and that creepy face.

Please, do not let this version of Bert ruin your childhood, although it certainly has ruined ours. How can someone looking like this ever be a good friend to children? He looks like he served time.

19 Jerry (Tom & Jerry)

via boredpanda.com

If Jerry was as big as he is in the cartoons, then he would be the scariest looking mouse in the world. His eyes being being so dark and his chest being puffy as if he retired years ago, this would scare even the most docile of mouse hunters.

As far as the ears go, that is the most iconic part of the Jerry character and they pulled it off perfectly.

18 The Eds (Ed, Edd, & Eddy)

via twitter.com

Even though Eddy is a spot-on replica of the animated version, and looks like a convicted criminal, they failed to hit the mark on Ed or Edd. But since they decided to feature Eddy in the front, scaring the mess out of us, it is forgiven.

How can you even look past Eddy's diabolical ruby red grin that seems to make us feel as if he is either going to eat our children or be the next killer clown from American Horror Story?

17 Stewie Griffin (Family Guy)

via meh.ro

Family Guy does a lot of things correctly, including making sure to cover all the plot holes, question marks, or complaints from their fans. Sometimes they cover themselves with a quick joke or cutaway scene like when Lois mentions that giving birth to Stewie was the hardest thing in her life.

With a head the size of a football, we can only imagine how painful it could be to give birth to something that looks like a football.

16 Phineas & Ferb

via twitter.com

Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher are stepbrothers living in the tri-state area on summer vacation. In order for them to occupy their minds, they have to find something to do over the summer, and that is the premise of the show.

But it is an animated show, not a real-life sitcom, so when someone decided to create a human form of the stepbrothers, it was a little scary to see just how big those noses were, and how awkward they looked in true form.

15 Professor Farnsworth (Futurama)

via humster3d.com

Professor Farnsworth is an oddly terrifying figure when you think about it. He is an old scientist that has a conehead type of dome and shriveled body that reminds us all of our grandparents.

Turning him into a realistic version of himself can only be terrifying, and that is exactly what it was after an artist decided to recreate the Futurama star as accurately as possible.

14 Krusty The Clown (The Simpsons)

via blazepress.com

Of all the characters from The Simpsons, Krusty the Clown has got to be the worst to turn into human form. He smokes, drinks, and is just a downright horrible person on the show. He has many disgusting habits and they all came to light when he was transformed for our enjoyment.

However, instead of enjoying it, we were all terrified at the thought of hiring this man to be the entertainment of any child's birthday party.

13 Arnold (Hey Arnold)

via ruinmyweek.com

Like Stewie Griffin, there is one quality about Arnold's appearance that stands out— his head. Arnold's head is similar to that of a football and when it is turned into a human being, it looks like something from Mad Max.

The head alone is scary, but add in that haircut and tiny cap, and you are left with the makings of a realistic horror figure that is in no way friendly.

12 Krum (Aahhh!!! Real Monsters)

via fanpop.com

We feel like we should explain that Krum is a cute and cuddly monster that holds his eyes above his head using his hands. In other words, his head stops at the nose and if not for his arms, he would look very scary.

So by creating a realistic version of Krum, what are we to expect of it besides the fact that it is going to be just as scary as the animated version, right?

11 Goofy

via boredpanda.com

Oh no, not Goofy! Why did they have to do this to Goofy?

For being one of the most lovable Disney characters, and a dog, it should be noted that this is not the ideal version we could ever have imagined. However, it surely is the most terrifying thing we might have seen today.

What is with those eyes?

10 Nigel (The Wild Thornberry's)

via bloomjoy.com

While spending his entire life studying the habitats of wild animals all over the planet, Nigel Thornberry has almost always rocked the same red haired mustache, khaki shirt, and green shorts. He also has a gigantic nose and a couple of big teeth that can only lead to something scary.

Then we got this sculpture and realized that he is much scarier than we ever could have imagined. How could the animals not go running for the plains when they see him approaching?

9 Kermit (The Muppets)

via boredpanda.com

This is probably going to ruin plenty of childhoods but Kermit the Frog is a frog, remember?

So when an artist designed a realistic version of Kermit, he kept it closer to a frog than the Kermit we see on television because that is the most real-life version of him there could be.

8 Mr. Burns (The Simpsons)

via coolsandfools.com

Mr. Burns is one of the most evil and cunning characters on The Simpsons, having been the evil overlord of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant for decades. His entire wealth lies in the power plant so his best interests are served at keeping it running.

But it is in his physical design that creates the scariest version of himself, and that is exactly what we got when an artist turned him into something we would see in real life.

7 Ronald McDonald

via inspirationhut.com


Of all the characters on our list, Ronald McDonald just might be the most friendliest. There are hospitals named after him that take care of small children. He is the picture of hope for many children all over the world.

So seeing this version of him not only scares us, it makes us run in the other direction.

6 Courage (Courage The Cowardly Dog)

via dailymail.com

The word you are looking for is atrocious. That is the only way you could possibly describe a cowardly dog that has a hole in his tooth. Then, consider the fact that the show he comes from is known for dark humor and interactions with the paranormal.

From this version of Courage, we can only imagine just how scary it would be if they ever decided to create a real-life version of the cartoon for the horror genre.

5 Spongebob Squarepants

via grtjournal.com

What else would you expect of a sponge that has arms, legs, and lives under the sea?

This is about as real as it gets but that does not take away from the fact that it is absolutely terrifying to see what a realistic version of Spongebob Squarepants really does look like. It is actually rather shocking that he is such a lovable character when you see him in this light.

4 Beavis & Butthead

via imgur.com

For being such a ridiculously disgusting duo, turning Beavis and Butthead into a hyper realistic sculpture leaves us all wondering what artist would do such a thing.

If you did not think Beavis was already one of the scariest animated characters ever, now you get to see what he looks like if he lived next door to you.

3 Homer Simpson (The Simpsons)

via alluremedia.com

There have been many attempts by artists to create a version of Homer Simpson that resembled the character from the hit show but this one seems to be the most accurate.

With the tiny head, big eyes, huge mouth, and tiny neck, we are looking at the ugliest, and scariest sculpture of Homer Simpson we might ever see.

2 Ren & Stimpy

via trending.com

At first, it should not come as much of a surprise as the others on our list because of how accurate these sculptures are of Ren & Stimpy.

The animated versions were so ugly and disgusting that turning them into hyper realistic versions were always going to be this horribly terrifying. They do lose that cuteness level that they always seemed to give their fans.

1 Finn (Adventure Time)

via serieslyawesome.com

This just has to be the creepiest, and downright horrific, version of any cartoon character we have ever seen, and we have seen a ton of them.

Not only does this sculpture look like something from the Hills Have Eyes, it is also a reminder of just how insane it is to think animated characters could look like a normal person in human form.

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