18 Terrifying Sculptures Of Nintendo Characters

Well, here we are. We are not quite sure just why this is a thing but we are going to chat about a number of terrifying sculptures of Nintendo characters. Now, we are pretty confident in believing that a lot of the people who made these pieces did not actually mean for them to be scary... but that does not change the reality of the situation.

Even a lot of "good" characters like Fox McCloud and Yoshi are very VERY unsettling (especially Yoshi). However, we're not meant to judge a book by its cover so we suppose, terrifying or not, these are still classic characters we all know and love... and may continue to be unsettled by.

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18 King K. Rool


This is a pretty amusing use of Play-Doh, without a doubt. King K. Rool is one of the most infamous Nintendo villains out there. That being said, this is certainly creepier than any of his video games appearances. Just that one eye is enough to give people nightmares. Can anyone say The Telltale Heart?

17 Pikachu


This is almost laughable. While we did laugh at first, think about what it took to make this exceptionally terrifying Pikachu. It looks like somebody watched a bunch of John Carpenter films like The Thing and mixed that vibe with something like the Graboids from Tremors... and then they thew Pikachu up top... but why!?

16 Balloon Mario


This is a sculpture of a sort, for sure. Also, in spite of just how creepy Mario truly looks in this (and how sad Yoshi looks) the person who blew these up and wrapped them together actually did a fairly good job. It's not their fault that Balloon people and dinosaurs are inherently creepy.

15 Chozo Statue (Metroid)


The Chozo Statues are Metroid's offputting robotic bird people that either mean obtaining a power boost that Samus really needs... or a boss battle one has to really buckle down for. They are already creepy because, unless one knows the game already, one never knows if it will be friend or foe.

14 Yoshi Having Lunch...


Oh... my... goodness! Who knew that Yoshi could be so absolutely terrifying!? This is one of the scariest of all the sculptures on this list. It's not just the fact that Yoshi looks like a very hungry T-Rex... it's also the corpse of the poor Koopa Troopa that he's lording over.

13 Goomba


Alright, we guess that, realistically, this guy isn't too scary in the light of day, but imagine coming across this guy in the middle of the night when one is least expecting to cross paths with a Goomba! He even blends in with the surrounding terrain so it would be even more of a surprise and he's got that creepy, vacant Easter Island look about him too...

12 K.K. Slider


Animal Crossing is a pretty great game. Even those who aren't fans of the franchise have to at least accept that it is a surprisingly in-depth game with a lot of heart, if nothing else. Now, there is a character called K.K. Slider in the game who is essentially a hippie dog who plays music... normally, he has a face and doesn't look like Slender Man in dog form...

11 Armos


The Armos enemies in the Zelda series have been around since the very beginning. They have varying degrees of creepiness to them, that's for sure. The one thing we do have to say about these guys is that, besides being annoying, coming across one of this in the bleakness of winter might be slightly unsettling.

10 Yoshi


What is it with people making Yoshi out to be this ridiculously terrifying character? It makes no sense to us since Yoshi has always been a sweetheart. Of course, Mario often does jump off Yoshi to let the poor dino fall to his demise, so we suppose he might want to come back as more intimidating... like this overweight dragon.

9 Wario


Oh goodness, gracious! If ever anyone wondered just what Wario would look like in a pseudo version of real-life (like in the Dick Tracy film style from back in the day,) this is exactly what he would look like and he is certainly the most terrifyingly realistic Nintendo character on the whole list.

8 Donkey Kong


This looks like Donkey Kong as much as it looks like Gollum... wait, that's not right because this definitely looks way more like Gollum than good 'ol D.K. That being said, we have to be fair here and state that this is an early stage in the process of someone sculpting Donkey Kong... we just thought it was creepy.

7 Ganondorf


This makes us think of old Romanesque statues and busts one might find in the ruins of great cities (or perfectly preserved in the Vatican.) However, we're pretty sure not many of them can match Ganondorf for his natural ability to look evil. This is a really cool bust, but would also be scary to wake up to in the morning.

6 King Boo


This tiny little sculpture is something to behold, for sure. There is something already creepy about the idea of King Boo, but this just seems to unwittingly make King Boo way more likely to scare people. We're not sure if it's the unibrow or the teeth dragging over the tongue, but there's something off about it...

5 Mario & Peach


Alright, to be fair here, this one is not so much frightening as it is utterly defeatist. Mario seems to have an almost endless supply of lives and the thought of him finally croaking one day in the arms of Princess Peach is just completely debilitating. After all those years, who will protect Peach from the dreaded Bowser!?

4 Zombie Wario


Some people have very strange ideas of just what is acceptable when creating a character. This is obviously Wario, but it seems the sculptor of this one decided to pay a bit too much tribute to Wario Land 3. As if this guy wasn't nutty or villainous enough. Imagine coming up against a Wario that is already deceased!

3 Bowser


Alright, it doesn't help here that Bowser's shtick is already to be the scary and evil boss everyone has to work up to fight. That just makes him even more terrifying when we seem him in this demonic form holding what we can only assume to be a deceased Mario in his one hand...

2 Fox McCloud


Fox McCloud has always been that calm, cool, and collected sort of hero. However, he also always seems to have a bit of a cold edge and a darker manner about him (which is why all of his friends have to make up for this with comedy). This sculpture just goes to show that even heroes can be chilling.

1 Garden Thwomp


We're not sure about anyone else here but we believe, as cool as this is in principle, we might be a little concerned if we had to walk up to someone's place at night only to find a big Thwomp sitting in the garden, waiting for someone to walk by. In the stark light of day, though, this is pretty awesome.

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