20 Terrifying Wax Figures That Look Nothing Like People

Over the decades, Madame Tussauds has become a popular chain of museums. Stretching across Europe and the United States, these museums boast lifeline wax statues of celebrities. They’re made out to be a big deal as getting such a statue proves how famous a person has become. Other museums have followed suit across the world as sculptor enjoy paying tribute to their favorite stars by immortalizing them in wax. Some stars even pose for the figures themselves to make sure they look right.

Sadly, for every wax figure that looks great, there’s another that looks absolutely horrible. Even when the star models for them, the figure can just look bizarre in wax with features that appear freaky. Worse are figures that bear almost no resemblance to the actual celebrity in question. It’s astounding to see how terrible some figures can be and a few looking downright terrifying in many ways. Here are 20 of the most unbelievably horrible wax figures ever made that did celebrities no favors by the looks.

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20 A Very Bad Model


This is rather infamous in the ranks of horrific wax figures. Naomi Campbell is a major supermodel turned mogul who's famous for both her beauty and a rather hot temper. She has amazingly striking features that make her look exotic and very unique. This statue looks like a very cheap Barbie doll with a body thinner than Campbell has ever had and a pose that would be painful to hold for real. Campbell herself has talked about it and clearly regretted giving it the ok.

19 Ill Ellen


Ellen DeGeneres is well loved for her great sense of humor. She sure needed it when images surfaced of this wax figure. It looks more like Carol Brady in a bad flight attendant’s uniform. To her credit, DeGeneres would have some good jokes about this on her talk show. She even claimed to have created her very own wax figure... which turned out to be fellow actress Jane Lynch in a wild pose. At least Ellen could laugh about this one.

18 Alias Who?


Jennifer Garner rose to stardom thanks to the hit spy drama Alias. She was terrific in the part and did wonderfully in some very alluring outfits. This statue attempts to capture that with Sydney in a nice leather suit running on a mission. Too bad the face looks nothing like Garner with a bad appearance, a weird serious expression and looking more like Hilary Swank. It almost fits the spy that Garner would be unrecognizable here.

17 Crying Shame


The star has gone from simply a boy band face to not just a mega-singing star but a successful actor as well. He’s had a few statues of himself made that capture different parts of his career. Yet it’s hard to remember a period where Timberlake looked like some college frat boy with a thin beard and a smirk stuck on his face. It fails to capture his handsome features and wife Jessica Biel would have to laugh at this looking nothing like her husband.

16 Ga-Gag


Granted, Lady Gaga is known for some truly crazy and outrageous looks, but in her wildest nightmares, she could never imagine this. As soon as images hit of this museum replica, social media went wild trying to understand how it could have been created. It looks like some sort of cheap nightclub imposter with an ultra-thin build and a truly horrific face. Given how Gaga has risen up more thanks to A Star Is Born, this replica appears even worse.

15 All Wrongy Then


For decades, the Movieland Wax Museum boasted having great wax figures of Hollywood stars and their famous roles, but it was also infamous for how scores of these figures bore very little resemblance to the real thing. One of the most infamous had to be Jim Carrey as this is supposed to be him as Ace Ventura. Instead, it looks like a creepy Florida motel resident out of a horror movie. There was nothing to laugh about regarding this statue.

14 What Show Were They Watching?


This is supposed to be a statue for the cast of Seinfeld. One look and someone has to wonder exactly what show the sculptor thought he was watching. Jerry’s face is downright bizarre with crooked eyes and a weird expression. Kramer looks even stranger than he usually does with features that make Michael Richards seem a freak. At her worst, Elaine never looked that terrible with that hairdo or weird skin tone as Julia-Louis-Dreyfus is a beautiful woman. This truly is nothing like the cast of the show about nothing.

13 These Hips Lie


Shakira is known for her great form that she shows off dancing constantly on stage. Too bad this statue is nothing to sing about. The key issue is the bizarre skin tone which is so pale that it might as well be invisible. That’s a contrast to Shakira’s tanned look that helps with her act. The pose itself seems off as if her hips are somehow much larger than in real life and the facial features don’t match either. It’s a lie to claim this is a spitting image of Shakira.

12 A Bad Beetle


This is a figure so bad that one would demand the artist get their eyes examined. In no way whatsoever does this resemble the legendary singer, not in his face his clothing or his hair. McCartney still has some of the good looks of his past and his face is iconic in the United Kingdom. This looks like some goofball trying to do a bad tribute act and the former Beatle would be within his rights to sue over this statue.

11 Kreepy Kidman


The gorgeous actress has admitted to a few “touch-ups” over the years to maintain her features. However, she still has incredible beauty and a striking face. That’s lost on whoever put together this statue as the forehead is about twice as large as Kidman’s real one and that face just looks off. She resembles a news anchor more than the stunning beauty she is and while some can crack about Kidman’s face, it’s still better than this figure.

10 Lousy Leo


Many like to joke about how Leonardo DiCaprio barely appears to have aged in the last twenty years. He has wonderful features that make him stand out and look terrific as one of the most handsome men in Hollywood. This figure makes him appear a surly teenager with a very bad haircut. That weird expression on his face doesn’t help either. DiCaprio probably wishes this figure could have been mauled by a bear than put on display.

9 The Wrong Hunk


It’s weird how Madame Tussauds keeps appearing to mix up actors when they put wax figures together. Here’s a good case as Ben Affleck has pretty striking individual features and, whether bearded or clean-shaven, should look good on his own. The sculptor appears to be under the impression he was doing a figure of Ryan Reynolds instead. It just doesn’t match Affleck at all and is more embarrassing to him than Gigli ever was.

8 Not Very Godly


Given the thousands of sketches Marvel designers use to craft Thor’s look and costume, one would think Madame Tussauds could have gotten a perfect recreation of the character. Instead, their version of the God of Thunder looks as if he’s been hit by a prank of Loki’s. The hair is too light, the beard too dark, the features off, and Thor's looking almost feminine. Chris Hemsworth’s own expression shows he has to agree this wax replica is nothing to brag about.

7 Too Much Better


The issue with this statue isn’t that it bears little resemblance to the actress in question. It’s more the brutal truth that Lindsay Lohan hasn’t looked this good in years. The one-time huge star is sadly better known for the tabloid train wreck of her life and her career drying up. This captures a very healthy and buxom woman with a good appearance. One needs to look at Lohan on her social media feeds to see it doesn’t match. 

6 Could it BE Less Like Her?


From a distance, one could imagine this being Jennifer Aniston in her Friends glory days. It’s as you get closer when you wonder if someone put the wrong name tag on the figure. It lacks Aniston’s usual fun beauty and ageless features, ruining her jawline and giving her too large a forehead. The smile also seems pretty off. It’s as if someone mistook Rachel’s nose job for Aniston getting one and seriously altered the face. Whoever did this was no friend of Aniston’s.

5 J-Who?


With her great body and bold looks, Jennifer Lopez should be a natural for wax figures. A few have been able to capture her nice aura and curves in a variety of outfits. Sadly, this Madame Tussauds figure fails there. It barely looks like Lopez at all, resembling Jessica Alba more. Jenny From the Block should have double-checked with the museum before okaying this bad lookalike.

4 Titanic Failure


A museum called Movieland naturally wants to replicate some iconic movie scenes. So here is a pair of figures meant to look like Rose and Jack in Titanic. Too bad they look nothing like the characters. There’s barely any resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio with his rough look and hair. At least it’s better than the Rose character who doesn’t look in the least like Kate Winslet but just some random figure in the dress. No one’s hearts will go on looking at this set.

3 Slam Don't


Today, Zac Efron is known as a major Hollywood leading man. It’s easily forgotten how he came to fame on the hit Disney Channel movie series High School Musical. This replicates his character of a basketball player but makes him look pretty freaky with that goofy grin and a horrible hairdo. The real Efron was younger then but still quite handsome, nowhere near the gawky figure he appears here. No wonder folks crack about his terrible b-ball look.

2 Cage It Up


Granted, Nicolas Cage has made more than his share of very bad movies. But did Ghost Rider really merit getting a statue like this? It makes him look 50 years older and much paunchier than he is in real life. Cage himself looks to be okay standing by his lookalike yet it’s a horrific appearance that does the Oscar winner no favors. It takes a lot to make Cage look embarrassing, but this manages to do it.

1 Wacko Jacko


Somehow, Michael Jackson just has far more terrifying wax figures than any other celebrity. That may be because of the late pop star’s history of altering his appearance in various ways. However, the worst of the bunch has to be this statue that was shown at a Danish mall. It looks even worse than Jackson did in his “Thriller” video with the horrible skin and weird expression. The outcry was so huge that the statue was quickly removed.

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