Tesla Is Making A 'Dog Mode' For Vehicles To Keep Pets Cool Inside The Cars

A worried dog owner took to Twitter a while ago to suggest to Elon Musk and his company Tesla to find a way to keep all dogs cool in their vehicles. And fortunately, the billionaire owner agreed and decided to start making an update to the cars.

In the past, more specifically, back in 2016, the company made some updates to the cars' software which would help with both children as well as pet safety, with the Cabin Overheat Protection feature. According to the automaker himself, this measure was an industry first. Furthermore, this feature was actually made possible due to the cars being electric and having very large battery packs. This made it possible for the company to make a feature that would keep the temperature in the cars safe for hours, even when the car itself is turned off.

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The dog owner who made the original suggestion on the social media platform last week, named Josh Atchley, also suggested that aside from having the nice, dog-friendly temperature in the vehicles, the display screen inside the car should also have a note saying something along the lines of that the dog is fine, and the owner has just stepped away momentarily, and that the pet is not in any danger at all. Another user also added that the display could also show off the temperature inside the car, just to make sure that anyone who notices a dog locked in a parking lot car, all by itself, wouldn't have to worry about the dog inside and wouldn't have to try getting inside the car.

Thankfully, Elon Musk noticed both tweets from the two users and responded soon after, agreeing with both of the ideas. Last month, another Twitter user also made a suggestion that Tesla cars should have a minimalist mode, where all of the screens and the displays on the dashboard would turn off, except for the speed, which would appear while driving a car. Musk also noticed and responded to that suggestion, and named this feature 'fade mode' agreeing that he should add it to the 9th version of the software.

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However, as we've seen with most of Musk's ideas that had been born on social media platforms, and specifically Twitter, him introducing or even agreeing to an idea doesn't always mean that the entire thing is guaranteed to become a reality. But at least for now, both dog owners and minimalists all over the world are going to remain hopeful, just in case that their wishes actually come true.

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