Tesla Model 3 Performance Destroys Hellcat And Sets New 1/2-Mile Record

It's now proven that the entry-level Tesla is faster than a Dodge Hellcat. As reported by Inside EVs, the guys running the YouTube channel JR Garage managed to pull off a sub-3 second 0-60 time in the Model 3 - 2.9 seconds to be exact.

But that's not all, at the "Wanna Go Fast airstrip event" they managed to get a 136.52 mph trap speed - a new Tesla Model 3 record - while annihilating a modified Dodge Challenger Hellcat in the process.

3 How Is It Possible?

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Electric cars have instant torque right from the get-go, which is a huge benefit in terms of acceleration. Traditional fossil-fueled cars just can't keep up with them in that regard. The downside to EV's performance is that they run out of steam at a lower speed than you'd get from a gasoline car, which was evident in the video as the Hellcat was closing in and most likely achieved a higher trap speed.

2 Tesla Model 3 Performance

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The standard Model 3 accelerates like a Mercedes C43 AMG, which is fairly brisk. The dual-motor Performance model, however, is a whole different beast, and Tesla just sent over-the-air updates to all Model 3s to make them even faster.

According to Tesla, the Model 3 Performance had its 0-60 mph time cut from 3.5 to 3.2 seconds, but the JR Garage crew managed to bring that time down to 2.9 seconds. We gotta hand it to Tesla, these free OTA updates that improve performance significantly would cost a fair bit of money on a regular car, and is sure to keep their customers happy.

1 It Wasn't JR Garage's First Tesla Record

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Three years ago, JR Garage came out of nowhere and managed to spark a great deal of controversy and furor online. Last year, Jeff from the YouTube channel set a quarter-mile record with his Tesla Model 3 base model, which got coverage from several magazines and earned a retweet from Tesla.

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