Texts From The Ex: 20 Conversations We're Glad We Aren't A Part Of

Breaking up with someone is never easy, and in the days, weeks, and sometimes even months that follow, there may be times when we feel compelled to text this person. Maybe we had a dream about them, maybe we heard a song that reminded us of what it used to be like, or maybe, we just shouldn’t be allowed a phone after dark...

The one thing most people can agree on is that no matter how much we may want to text an ex, it’s seldom a good idea, and no one appreciates someone creeping into their inbox after they thought they had left them in the past for good. If these texts from an ex prove anything, it’s that texting an ex-significant other is probably the worst thing one can do, and more often than not, it’s not going to end the way one imagined it would.

From frosty replies and total shutdowns, to reminders of why they broke up in the first place, some people still have some unresolved feelings and a whole lotta resentment for their former partner. And some don’t get a text back at all. Actually, these awkward texts will make people rejoice that they're single because no one wants to find themselves in these situations.

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20 It’s Better To Realize Mistakes Sooner, Rather Than Later

The chances of getting back with your ex are slim, especially if a good amount of time has passed, but sometimes people realize their mistakes too late. Take the girl in this scenario as an example, because after six months she finally decided to tell her ex that she misses him and that she was wrong (although, she chose not to go into detail about what exactly she was wrong about) and his response was brilliant.

He has made it clear that although there may have been a window of opportunity within the first three months of their breakup when he was willing to take her back, he's since cut his losses and he's realized that he can be so much happier with other girls.

19 When You Ask Your Ex To Forget You But He Already Has

One way of trying to get a reaction from your ex is texting them and asking them not to text or call you, but it’s incredibly hilarious (and absolutely uncomfortable) when you send a long message like this, only to find that your ex has already deleted you from their life.

Judging by this text, it would seem that the guy’s former significant other wanted him to know she’s moved on (but obviously hasn’t if she’s texting her ex). They also wanted to inform him that they've found another guy and their relationship is getting serious. What was their intention? I can’t be sure, but it seems she wanted to get some sort of reaction from their ex and potentially hurt him with the news that she has a new man in her life, but boy, did it backfire!

18 This Is A Reminder To Think Before You Try And Call

When reading this text and seeing just how unbelievably awkward it is, you have to rejoice that you’re single and can avoid situations like this.

The person who sent the first text is clearly still struggling with some unresolved feelings and wants to speak to their ex.

I don't know know, but it could possibly be to try and reconnect, but when their ex didn’t jump at the possibility of a phone call, and instead, questioned why, they decided that it was best they didn't call after all.

However, the most brutal part of this exchange comes right at the end, when the person decided to remind their ex that they were already squashed as a couple. As in, their former lover lost the privilege to call whenever they wanted when they said things were over.

17 Oh Baby, Why You Gotta Be So Heartless?

Anyone who has ever gone through a messy breakup has probably received one of these texts, or dreamed about receiving a text similar to this because it’s nice to know you haven’t been replaced or forgotten already. That said, some people don’t have time for texts about how their former partner is thinking about them or missing them, and they don’t intend to waste their time, after all, an ex is an ex for a reason.

But it’s got to sting putting your heart out there to tell your ex that you’ve been thinking about them, only to be shut down with a completely heartless message like this, even if it does make for an amusing scenario for the rest of us.

16 When Your Music Taste Reflects In Your Breakup Text

Breakups suck, and there are various phases we all go through following a split.

And sometimes these include hearing songs that remind you of the person who you once loved.

The person behind this text decided to share with their ex that they have a song for them called “Want You Back,” a track which 5 Seconds of Summer fans will recognize and includes the lyrics: “ No matter where I go, I'm always gonna want you back/ No matter how long you're gone, I'm always gonna want you back/ I know you know I will never get over you…”

There’s just one problem with this scenario... it seems that the person they were texting is a Taylor Swift fan instead, and she intends to never, ever, get back together.

15 There Is No Response More Brutal Than 'Haha'

Out of all of the texts on this list, this is one of the harshest, and they managed to be brutal and shut down their ex with virtually no words at all, which is completely ruthless. Sure, people shouldn’t be texting their exes in the first place, because at the end of the day, you have to remember that you broke up for a reason, and it’s usually a pretty good reason.

But can you imagine how much it must sting when you decide to come clean about your emotions and bare your soul, only to receive a series of “haha” messages and a single word, “bye.”

14 When You See The Glimmer Of Hope, And Then It’s Dashed Forever

This text scenario is one of those times when you can see the person get a glimmer of hope, only to be shut down again. It seems that the person on the receiving ends of this text finds it particularly annoying to have a dialogue with their ex, so instead of engaging in new conversation, they decide to just copy their ex's messages in the hopes that they will get bored and leave them alone.

What a ballsy move. 

The problem is that the person sending these texts used this as an opportunity to tell their former partner that they loved them, in the hopes that they were going to see those three little words pop up on their screen again too. Unfortunately, their hope was short-lived.

13 You Can At Least Respect His Sense Of Humor

There must be few things more annoying than telling someone you’re no longer interested in them and then they ask for your sister or your best friends number (not that they would ever have a chance with either of them) just to rub salt in the wound.

But it seems this person found the best way to deal with that, and instead of replying with expletives or getting worked up, they simply replied by sending a number of emojis.

But she may have been letting a good one go, because it turns out the reply in this scenario is also pretty brilliant and the guy seems to be playing along. And who doesn’t love a guy with a good sense of humor, right?

12 There’s A Reason He’s Her Ex, She Just Forgot It

Three months is a pretty lengthy amount of time to realize that you made a mistake and ask for forgiveness, but it’s probably better late than never.

But this text is the perfect example of why an ex should remain an ex.

After receiving a text explaining how her ex misses her and wants her to forgive him, the receiver is excited and admits she feels the same way and wants to make up.

And then things take a turn for the worse, and let’s just say, this person has realized yet again why she is no longer with their ex partner.

11 When Your Heart Gets Smashed Into A Million Pieces

A future warning to all people thinking about declaring their love over text for their ex-significant other:  just don’t do it.

These things seldom have a happy ending and more often than not it’s going to end in a heartbreaking situation, much like the text message exchange above.

And let’s be honest, when you tell someone you are going to love them forever and they reply by asking who the heck you are, it’s not exactly going to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Actually, it’s probably going to set you back a week or two in the whole “moving on” process.

10 The Lengths You Go To Escape Your Ex

Some exes can be so harsh, and when you see this text about someone asking after their ex-partner's wellbeing, you may think that’s a pretty decent thing to do — especially because there had recently been a natural disaster in the area.

Then again, when you see this text, you’re also reminded of how, no matter what, you should probably leave your ex alone.

I mean, wow, they can be so heartless. This girl definitely wants nothing to do with poor Joey, in fact, she’s willing to pretend she drowned in the floods to ensure he leaves her alone in the future.

9 You Haven't Spoken For A Reason, Honey

There are bound to be times when you think about someone who you used to have romantic feelings for; maybe a song comes onto the radio that you used to sing together, maybe you walk past someone in the mall wearing the same fragrance that they used to, or perhaps when you lie in bed at night you think about all the times that you spent together and feel compelled to text them to see how they are doing.

But if you feel the need to do this, don’t, because it could end in disaster like it did for this person.

8 The Feelings Of Disappointment Are Too Real

Everyone has feelings for their ex, but they are not always the same feelings. Sure, some people still hold a flame for their ex and would love nothing more than to rekindle their romance, but others feel very differently. Take these two former lovers as an example.

While the one person is still smitten and hopes that their ex feels the same way, she was in for a really rude awakening...

(Plus a brutal shutdown.)

It seems the only feelings that her ex has for her is negative ones, like anger and disappointment. I bet, after receiving his answer, she wishes she never asked at all.

7 You Never Want To Recieve One Of These Frosty Snapchats

This isn’t exactly a text exchange, so it’s a little different to the other entries on this list, but it’s still definitely not a message on social media that you want to be receiving. I think it's obvious that these two clearly have some unresolved feelings.

You know that this guy had a messy breakup because his Snapchat story doesn’t exactly have the nicest things to say about the person he used to share his life with. And let's just say, when you get a message saying "wish you were here," you definitely don't want it to be in front of a moving car.

6 When You Break Up With Someone And It Backfires

When someone is breaking up with you, you can take it either one of two ways; the first is you cry and ask them why and what you did wrong. Or you can react like this person did and pretend that you couldn’t care less, and actually, they meant nothing to you.

What’s worse is that this person didn’t just say “IDGAF,” but rather they decided to write a long poem about how they never loved the person and they just got played.

You know it’s got to hurt when your now-ex is telling you that he has never cared about you and the whole relationship is a lie.

Then again, it’s probably best that the relationship ended when it did because these two are clearly toxic.

5 It’s So Awkward When You Both Miss Completely Different Things

You know someone really doesn’t feel the same way about you when they turn the conversation around quite dramatically. Instead of responding to their ex about missing them, this person decided that they're going to try and make the situation as awkward as possible by instead telling him that she misses Oreo cereal.

Oreo cereal...

The poor guy is desperate for a serious answer, but it seems highly unlikely that he’s going to receive one, and the only thing he’s going to be able to speak to his ex about now is her love for cereal, and where she can purchase it.

4 Asking An Ex For Advice Is Not A Good Idea

When you break up with someone, you lose the right to contact them every time you need something; like advice or help with a certain situation.

But it seems some people don’t realize this and when this happens — it's best to delete their number. 

Well, either that or they will try their best to make conversation with their ex — including randomly texting them for advice. However, as this text exchange proves, sometimes it’s best not to ask your ex for advice because you’re probably not going to get the response you want, and now this woman is going to need a lot more than advice after this text, because she got burned.

3 How Long Will It Take Until He Realizes It's Over?

Of all the texts on this list, this is probably the saddest because all it is is a series of messages from a guy who is desperate to get his ex lover to speak to him. Sadly for him, it seems that the radio silence is not an indication that she wants nothing to do with him.

He seems to wait a good few days before each text, but has tried everything from a simple “hey” to calling her cute pet names, and every time he has been ignored. The attention is clearly unwanted, and after seven unanswered text messages, you really have to wonder when poor Joe is going to leave Ash alone and move on with his life.

2 One Person’s Dream Is Another Person’s Nightmare

It’s always annoying when you have a dream about someone and then feel compelled to text them, but this guy’s subconscious was clearly tricking him because his ex didn’t want to speak to him, let alone has any desire to rekindle a romance with him.

Still, his mention of having a dream about her was enough to get her attention.

Like anyone else, he was curious to know what happened — so she could deliver the most frosty answer.

Maybe this should serve as a warning to all those who want to tell their ex about how they want to get back together, because one person's dream, is clearly another person's nightmare.

1 One Person Wants To Cuddle, The Other Wants To Destroy Them

This text conversation will remind you why your ex-lover should remain your ex forever.

Also, no good comes from texting the person you once cared for after three weeks of complete silence. Especially when it seems like the reason is for a booty call.

Still, the person behind this text thought they would try their luck, especially because the temperature had started to drop and they were feeling cold (possibly bored) and lonely. But when you’ve hurt a woman, she’s unlikely to just forgive and forget and welcome your invitation to cuddle with open arms, and, this is probably not the response this person was looking for.

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