Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Dinner With These Festive Mimosas

Okay guys, so as you can probably tell by now if you have read any of my other articles I am low-key (okay maybe not so low-key) obsessed with the fall season. I mean it is just so magical with the falling leaves, the pumpkin patches, and the many festivities. I am also low-key obsessed with A Beautiful Mess. They have so many awesome DIY’s for fall and so today I decided to try out one of their Thanksgiving favorites: Cranberry and Thyme Mimosas.

Cranberry and thyme might just be the most quintessential ingredients of Thanksgiving dinner so when I saw that A Beautiful Mess had thought to put them in a mimosa I said: SIGN ME UP. If there is anything I love more than fall itself, it is fall themed drinks. So without further delay, here is the recipe for bubbly Cranberry Prosecco mimosas that pair perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner.


  • Prosecco (Chilled)
  • cranberry juice (Chilled)
  • thyme
  • fresh cranberries

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You can either make this recipe in a batch or per glass. If you are pouring it directly into the glass, fill half the glass up with prosecco and then top it off with the cranberry juice. Garnish with a few pieces of thyme inside the glass and a few cranberries on a stick

If you want to make this recipe as a batch (more like a sangria), pour 2 parts Prosecco and one-part cranberry juice into the pitcher and then mix in your cranberries and thyme. Stir gently before serving.

What I really liked about this recipe is it was not too sweet and the thyme gave it a very earthy flavor which complimented the cranberry. This mimosa is so easy to make you can prepare it right before dinner is served or have it as a welcome drink if you have a big crowd coming to Thanksgiving this year. My family loved this drink and I kept being asked for the recipe. A real crowd pleaser!

It can also be adapted to be a mocktail by adding ginger ale or a flavored sparkling juice. This drink is simple, elegant and great to celebrate the season! I am looking forward to trying out an adaptation of this for the winter as well, maybe adding in some Limoncello and Rosemary for a more floral flavor.

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