That '70s Show: The 15 All Time Best (And 10 Worst) Episodes

Looking back fondly, just as the series itself did on the seventies, That '70s Show was one of the last great traditional “filmed in front of a live studio audience” sitcoms of the nineties. To a generation of 90s kids, watching a bunch of 70s kids hang around and get into all sorts of mischief was endearing. They were just like us, even though in reality, they’d all be old enough to be our parents now. But the show still goes down as groundbreaking. It featured kids being kids and not sugarcoating the substance use. But they also went through the trials and tribulations of teenage life, dating, and just growing up in general.

No, it wasn’t the first show to tackle a lot of these issues. But the series was very successful at always maintaining its comedic nature. It never felt too heavy, but it was always fun to watch. There isn’t much more you could want from a silly sitcom. After eight seasons, the show crossed over in the eighties and signed off after 200 episodes. How many episodes do you remember fondly? How many do you change the channel on? Just because it was a good show, doesn’t mean every single episode was gold. Here are That '70s Show: The 15 All Time Best (And 10 Worst) Episodes.

25 Worst – That '70s Finale


Red and Kitty are getting ready to move but are hesitant about leaving Point Place. With one episode left, the writers of the show decide to do the laziest thing they could. The gang reminisces about their fondest memories in a Clip Show.

Since its New Year’s Eve and the last episode, Kelso comes back to dive off the water tower (again). Meanwhile, Eric also returns, but we spent a good portion of the show not seeing him and having Donna mope around about it.

24 Best – That 70’s Musical


With music from classic 70’s bands like The Turtles, Nazareth, and The Carpenters; not to mention a guest turn from Roger Daltry – That 70’s Musical was an awesome way to celebrate the show’s 100th episode.

It’s a little corny to watch Fez get ready for his recital and wonder where all of his friends are (set to musical numbers of course). But watching the gang sing and dance is infectious and one of the most fun episodes of the show.

23 Best – It’s A Wonderful Life


The reasons Donna and Eric broke up were silly, even for TV standards. Plenty of the episodes afterward that primarily dealt with the issue were not that great, but there were still a couple of good ones!

The very first episode after the fallout was Its A Wonderful Life. Despite being the one to call of off, Eric is moping around in his room and just wishes he never kissed Donna in the first place. The trope-y premise gave way to a hilarious glimpse into the alternate futures of all of our heroes – the best being ZZ Top / Biker Hyde and Miami Vice Fez.

22 Worst – Keep Yourself Alive


Considering the complete and epic downturn the eighth season took, you could probably fill the worst side of this list with only episodes from the final season. But “Keep Yourself Alive” would have to be at the top of the list.

For some reason, Fez thinks it would be a good idea to heave Kitty’s wedding ring out of a moving car. Red charges the group with trying to find it and Bobs lets the cat out of the bag, telling Kitty the ring was only 65$, to begin with. A lot of shows have some ridiculous storylines in their last season (more than usual). Red being a real cheapo? Bob knowing about it? Both just plain bad.

21 Best – Garage Sale


Whenever anyone talks about some of their favorite That 70’s Show, this is usually right on top of the list. In the second season premiere, “Garage Sale,” The Formans decide to have a garage sale. Hyde is now officially living with the family and he wants to make his “special” brownies to sell.

Of course, he mixes up the batches and the adults wind up eating the edibles. Red, who is tipsy beyond rational thought, sells Eric’s car and can’t remember who he sold it to. Meanwhile, Kelso is jealous of Fez, who is flirting with Jackie after the dummy turned on her with Laurie.

20 Worst – Sheer Heart Attack


Fez decides to stop being a player and settle down…when was Fez a lady’s man?! The guy had about two girlfriends during the entire show! Even more egregious…since the second she met Fez, Jackie had been more or less creeped out by the kid. Suddenly (re: because both Hyde and Kelso have turned her down), she decides she has feelings for Fez.

In other news, Red decides to become a prescription peddler and asks Hyde to help him sell off his medication. Yes, this is one of the last episodes of the series.

19 Best – A New Hope


Eric Forman (and by extension, the show) has never shied away from his love of Star Wars. Why not do a parody dedicated to the original? Even funnier was the fact that some of the jokes relied on the fact that Empire and Jedi hadn’t come out yet – of course, Leia is in love with Luke.

The rest of the episode centered on an old frenemy coming back to town who was obviously trying to get with Donna, even though she seemed oblivious. Worse, the kid’s dad opened the plant and gave Red a job, just to close the plant down in a few months. No wonder Forman punched the little twerp out.

18 Best – Reefer Madness


What do you get when you cross an ancient movie that was supposed to deter substance use with a show that loves to show kids in “the circle” and film parodies? You get Reefer Madness, one of That 70’s Show’s funniest episodes.

After Red discovers that Hyde smokes, he kicks him out of the house, and Eric admits he does it too. This leaves Red no choice but to get stricter and put a smoke detector in the basement. It turns out that Bob and Midge also partake, even though Bob wouldn’t let her admit it.

17 Worst – Fun It


It finally happened – after nearly eight years, the group finally got bored of hanging out in Eric’s basement, maybe it had to do with the fact that Eric wasn’t there? In any event, Randy suggests that they go out. The steal the mascot for Fatso Burger.

An interesting premise, but the whole ordeal turned sour when, for some reason, Kitty had a special connection to the clown. Other than watching Bob about to fight a fake porcelain burger joint mascot, the episode stinks.

16 Best – The Good Son


Bad boy delinquent with a heart of gold, Steven Hyde officially moves in with the Formans. But instead of being the trouble maker that Eric, Kelso, and Fez know and love, he’s genuinely grateful Red and Kitty for letting him stay – imagine that?!

Eric doesn’t understand why Hyde is being so helpful around the house and now he feels driven to something stupid. He bounces a bowling ball off the couch and into the TV to the unexpected result (at least to Eric), of the thing breaking; and Hyde STILL tries to take the rap for it.

15 Worst – Sunday, Bloody Sunday


The early seasons of the show featured a few guest turns from epic 70’s proportions – “Mrs. C,” herself, Marion Ross. But instead of playing a version of her loveable character from Happy Days, Ross played Grandma Forman. Red’s mother as you might expect was not the nicest of mothers.

Bernice made her debut in Sunday, Bloody Sunday. Instead of being endearing, she was overbearing and mean. She managed to turn everyone off to her. Except for Fez, who didn’t mind (ick) rubbing the old witch’s feet.

14 Best – Hyde’s Birthday


That 70’s Show never had a “very special episode,” but they did find moments to make strong connections in several episodes over the years. One of those episodes was season four’s Hyde’s Birthday. The group is gearing up for a blast, but Hyde is doing his best to not care.

It’s all because he thought Red was kicking him out when he turned 18. But after a heart to heart with Red, we all learned that the Forman’s took him in so that he wouldn’t end up like the rest of the men in his family. The show seldom had touching moments, but when they did, they usually buttoned-up an instant classic.

13 Best – Class Picture


When and how did everyone meet? On their way to get their class pictures taken, the group reminisces about everything from when Donna met Eric (punched him), Little Jackie and Kelso playing doctor, and when Eric met Hyde (he got Steven in trouble).

Season four’s Class Picture was one of the rare instances where a sitcom falls back into a clip show - but the clips are all brand new. Which made for a classic episode that even had me young lads’ first circle.

12 Worst – Trampled Under Foot


Like a lot of sitcoms, plenty of the conversations per episode are generally the same or at least the same format. In season five’s Trampled Under Foot, the group actually admits that they no longer have anything new to talk about it.

Time to bring in a new cast member! Thankfully, it was just for the episode, but Samm Levine guest-starred as creepy kid, Lance Crawford; who Kitty forces the kids to play with. At least we got a glimpse of Fez’s room, which was just Eric’s repainted.

11 Best – Going to California


How far would you go to get the girl of your dreams back after you rejected her because you didn’t want to be her second choice? If your Eric Forman, you realize what a dum–dum you are, defy your parent’s decision, head to California to bring her home.

The season five premiere, Going To California featured the momentous reunion of Eric and Donna. But even more importantly, the often hinted at Hyde and Jackie relationship actually started taking shape.

10 Worst – Leaving Home Ain’t Easy


The strangest kid on the show, Fez had been pining for Jackie since the very early episodes. So, when Jackie finally realizes that she too likes Fez (who knows why), he rebuffs her, because he doesn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone. He even has to calm her down because whenever he was rejected, he took it in kind.

Meanwhile, Donna decides to end things with Randy, which was the only good thing that happened in the show’s penultimate episode.

9 Best – Grandma’s [Deceased]


In her third and final appearance of the show (aptly titled), Bernice Forman died. She died right after Eric chastised his grandmother and said “it wouldn’t kill you to be nice.” Clearly it would and did. We get a glimpse of Red’s brothers as well.

The episode has plenty of yucks, but it’s in the episodes closing moments that make it become not just a good episode of the show, but one of the classic sitcom episodes of all time. Steely-reserved Red doesn’t break down, but he does reminisce with Eric about his mother being the first person to call him ‘Red.’ He also gets a huge laugh out of how she died and Eric’s bad luck.

8 Best – Magic Bus


Red is still recovering from his heart attack. Fez wakes up hungover and in a dress. But what’s really important is that it’s Eric’s birthday. Even though he’s expecting the usual Kitty surprise party. But she’s looking forward to the first time in since his heart attack with Red.

Eric has to suffer one last indignation, taking Donna to the bus station so she could head off to Madison. But as the bus takes off, Eric gets the best present he could hope for. Donna’s not on it.

7 Worst – Donna’s Story


Whenever anyone, even on TV breaks up there’s always her side of the story, his side of the story; and somewhere in between is what really happened. On That 70’s Show, this was literally and literarily represented in Donna’s Story.

Donna decided to bare her soul about the breakup in the school newspaper. Eric gets mad and writes his own account of what happened. But instead of explaining to Eric that there’s a part two coming which would paint her ex in a good light, she chose to continue the dumb argument.

6 Best – That Wrestling Show


Kitty is getting tired of watching Red and Eric not get along at all. When the gang gets tickets to the big wrestling show, Red tags along. At the height of the WWE’s real life Attitude Era, stars like the Hardy Boys and Ken Shamrock came to Point Place.

But the best guest star this episode had was the current biggest action star in the world, Dwayne Johnson. Then, he was The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment, The Rock. All of the other wrestlers just played just unnamed wrestlers. But the Great One played his father, a wrestler himself at the time - Soul Man Rocky Johnson.

5 Worst – Angie


As the show was getting a little long in the tooth, it was time to introduce new characters. We meet Hyde’s real dad, William Barnett and his daughter Angie. Not only is he black (which explains Hyde’s questioning of ‘the Man’), but he owns a chain of record stores. A business that Angie has worked her whole life to take control of one day.

In the eponymous episode, we meet her for the first time and we also get the antiquated brothers and sisters have to fight trope. Oh and Eric secretly loves disco dancing as Rainbow.

4 Best – I Can’t Quit You Babe


Season five of the show saw a seismic shift in storytelling. Besides continuing the more episodic approach that had started in the fourth season, Hyde and Jackie officially became an item. Not some fantasy, not a parody skit, but the real deal. Even though they weren’t too keen on letting anyone find out.

Meanwhile, Donna has earned herself a ticket to Catholic School, thanks to her California expedition. Eric isn’t a fan of this at first, but like most men - he can’t get enough of his girl in that uniform.

3 Best – Jackie Bags Hyde


Before they became an item, Jackie had a small crush on Hyde. Hyde claimed he hated her and everything she stood for. But he also hated watching people mistreat her. Meanwhile the Formans are having their annual Veteran’s Day BBQ. Bob wants to have one also, since he’s about to lose his stores and wants one last bash before the neighborhood finds out.

After knocking out some yahoo badmouthing her and some cajoling from Kitty (shooting Hyde with her finger pistol), Hyde takes Jackie out. Although there were no real sparks between the two, this episode sets the stage for seasons to come.

2 Worst – Pinciotti vs. Forman


Breaking up is hard to do. Especially when you’re neighbors and in the same group of friends. With both Eric and Donna still reeling from their pointless breakup that Eric caused, the two fight over “custody” of their friends.

This episode only works in sitcomland, where it’s painfully obvious what the warring couple is doing and equally painfully obvious what the people in the middle are doing. It’s all fun counter-manipulation until someone feels truly hurt, which in this case was Fez.

1 Best – That '70s Pilot


The pilot for That 70’s Show sets up within the first several minutes exactly what kind of show this was going to be. Straight-laced Eric Forman is convinced to head upstairs and snag some beer from his folks’ party. “Forman stole something, to Forman!” Hyde says in celebration of Forman’s delinquency.

Eric gets the Vista Cruiser and the gang heads to a concert. Eric and Donna have their first kiss, cementing them as the couple of the show. While a lot of shows need a lot of work after their pilots, this show was pretty polished. Just some of the actors needed some work, which of course they got better real quick.

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