The 15 Most Hilarious 'Pennywise The Clown' Memes on the Internet

When Stephen King's It was released in a two-part miniseries way back in 1990, it instantly became a cult-classic. Fast forward to 2017, and It will be making it's big screen debut in Andres Muschietti's iteration of King's horrifying novel, with Swedish actor Bill Skarsgard taking on the role of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. With a new era of It coming to movie theaters across the world, it's only natural for the internet to respond. Although they've been a part of meme lore for quite some time now, Pennywise memes are starting to make a big-time comeback because of the new film, and it's pretty hard not to be overwhelmed by joy. We decided to rank the top 15 It memes in honor of the new horror film that’s got everyone on their toes. And although It has always given us the heebie jeebies, these memes will do quite the opposite. Prepare to LOL.

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15 There's Dogs Down Here!

via. Sizzle

Although this meme totally exploits our love for dogs, it's still pretty hard not to crack up laughing. It was always a bit of a mystery as to why kids (mainly Georgie) were so ready and willing to follow Pennywise the clown down into the sewers, so naturally the questionable move spawned an awesome collection of dank internet memes. Usually, if I hear dogs are involved, I'm all-in. But if I'm getting this information from a clown in a sewer, chances are I'd at least give my mom a call and see if it's ok. Or at least google it. Either way, it's hard not to relate to this meme in some way, unless of course you're a total sociopath. Or you just prefer cats.

14 The Creepiest 'Bring It On' Yet

I like cheerleading movies as much as the next average 24 year old male, so naturally this meme appealed to me. I mean come one, who seriously wouldn’t want to see a movie mashup with Pennywise the Clown leading a group of high school dancers to ultimate glory? I think it’s safe to say no one, but the real question remains whether or not Tim Curry would reprise his role for such a weird film. I guess I’ll have to come to terms with the fact that this movie will never actually come to fruition, but the title is just so damn punny that it’s hard not to yearn. Anyways, this It meme is definitely a Hall of Famer, and we can only hope that 2017’s IT can match the potential of this fake Oscar-worthy film.

13 This Guy's Got the Good Stuff

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Rick and Morty season 3? Say no more Pennywise, say no more. Although the third season is already underway, most of us are more subscribed to binge-watching television shows these days rather than patiently waiting weeks and months for the finale. With only the second episode just being released, why emotionally invest yourself in something for months when you can get it over with in the span of 15 hours? That’s where Pennywise comes in to play. Would you actually go down to the sewers with an inter dimensional clown being just to watch Rick and Morty? I mean it does fit the overall theme of the show, right? Regardless of your decision, just appreciate the meme for it’s humor, not it’s underlying question of ethics.

12 Maybe It's a Murderer?

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How do those Maybaline commercials go again? Maybe it’s… mildew? Not that’s not it. Maybe it’s… Mufasa?! Nah, no way. Oh yeah, Maybe it’s a Murderer! Because that is exactly what Pennywise is, and in this dank meme, he’s the flawless cover-clown for the notable brand of skincare products. I’ll give it up to you, Jessica Crandall, whoever the hell you are— this is a pretty solid meme for your first. Although, it’s almost difficult NOT to make a gem when you’re working with Pennywise the Clown, I’ll give credit where credit is due. And with the clever slogan at the top, it’s almost hard to differentiate it from an actual Maybaline ad upon first glance. But once you see that sadistic clown makeup and cleverly placed ‘It’ in the headline, it’s not hard to spot the dankness.

11 Pennywise Considering a Career-Change

Hey, we’ve all been there before. Dead-end job, in a dwindling field, it’s all WAY too familiar. But who would have thought luring kids into the sewer and murdering them would ever go out of style? While obviously it hasn’t, which is why we’re going to see a new iteration of ‘IT’ this year, this meme is still priceless. We get a look at Pennywise in a way we’ve never seen him before— his human side. I know I personally can relate, as I smoke cigarettes in the rain by myself on a near-daily basis. While this picture surfaced on the internet years ago, it still remains funny to this day. Only one question remains, however— what’s with this guy’s obsession with floating?

10 It's Always Sunny in Derry

Mac's fat phase in 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' was a phase that no fan of the show will ever forget. However, it only lasted a season, and I think we all feel a little empty inside now that Mac's back to his normal body size. Fortunately, there's the internet, so Mac's enormous figure will always be available to us through glorious memes. Luckily, when you pair Mac with Tim Curry's creepy iteration of Pennywise the clown, it creates just the perfect storm of dankness. Since there’s no denying Mac would do just about anything for a slice of cake (and so would most of us), it’s pretty hard not to crack up at this one. Unless of course, you’re hangry from not eating cake.

9 The New Pennywise Gets in on the Action

Although legendary actor Tim Curry popularized the inter-dimensional demon Clown with his stellar performance in the original mini-series, Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård looks like he can give Curry a run for his money in the upcoming 2017 big screen version. Although he's relatively unknown, everything we saw in the trailer thus far leads us to believe he will be just as creepy as we all hope. Back when an odd image of Skarsgard's iteration of Pennywise first cropped up in December, the internet proceeded to have a field day with the strange picture of Pennywise in a sewer pipe. While there were dozens of memes to choose from, it's hard to say which one was the funniest, but it's pretty hard not to love the image of Pennywise coming out of a warp pipe from Super Mario Bros. Literally perfect.

8 It's Time For Me To Re-Introduce Myself

It was always a little strange that Georgie was so willing to listen to Pennywise's pitch to get him to join him in the sewer, but luckily one internet user made a meme to help clear things up... sort of. Georgie's mom always told him not to talk to strangers, but technically he's not one after a proper introduction! Makes sense, or at least in Pennywise's head. The scene was by no means funny in the movie, it pretty laughable when you read it in the form of a meme. And although the quote is slightly different from the actual one in the movie, it still reminds us how much of a smooth-talker Pennywise truly was. I mean come on, the guy should have been a salesman for crying out loud. Obviously selling used cars isn't exactly what one might consider a 'dream job', but it sure beats murdering children.

7 We Could All Use a Little More Lovin'

I think it's safe to say we can all use a little more TLC in our lives, and I think this next meme proves just that. I mean seriously, what rational human being wouldn't want a little love and support? --even if it is from a maniacal shape-shifting clown. Although it's sort of hard to tell if this meme was even supposed to be a joke, considering the name of the Twitter handle is 'Respectful Memes', but it's still pretty hilarious nevertheless. I for one think it actually makes it even funnier if this meme was intended to be 100% serious, especially considering the poor editing.  A for effort though.

6 Paranoia Alert!

via Pinterest

I don't think there's any item more highly sought-after then a significant other's phone, so naturally this meme is relatable AF. Most of us would sell our souls to find out the content inside of our partner's phone, so climbing into a storm drain to retrieve it from a deranged clown isn't THAT crazy. That's by far a better haul than a paper boat and a lousy balloon, so right there is a solid justification to just hop right in. Although, I would ask for some proof of said phone, as Pennywise is clearly not the most trustworthy guy in the neighborhood. It's kind of weird how much I'm analyzing this clearly fictional scenario, so just enjoy the meme for what it is-- a freaking internet gem.

5 Gotta Catch Em All!

via. Facebook

During the rise of the ultra-addicting app 'Pokemon GO’ over the summer, both children and adults alike would go to great extremes to catch a rare Pokemon, even flooding Central Park just to find a rumored Vaporeon. This exact dedication by Poke-fans across the globe make this meme actually somewhat believable. If people are willing to go out in the dead of night and get mugged just at the chance of owning a virtual Pikachu, I think they'd be more than willing to hop in a storm drain with a clown if the Pokemon was rare enough. Like, imagine if Pennywise said he had a Mew floating around down there? I'd be down there quicker than you can say "And you'll float too!"

4  And I Would do Anything For Rings....

via. NBA Memes

Even if you're not a fan of the NBA, it's hard not to see why Kevin Durant caught so much flack after switching from the team that drafted him, the Oklahoma City Thunder to a stacked Golden State Warriors team. Durant's Thunder was up 3-1 to the Warriors at one point last season, but ended up losing three straight to the Dubs and were knocked out of postseason contention. Instead of re-upping with the Thunder to avenge his team's loss, Durant decided to sign with the enemy-- a pretty big no-no in sports. Obviously, the internet had a field day with his decision, and of course Pennywise got into the action. If Durant wants a ring bad enough to join the Warriors, he must also be willing to hang out with a murderous clown as well. It's a no-brainer, really.

3 Pennywise is Down in the Dumps (Again)

via. WeKnowMemes

Judging by a few of the meme's circulating the internet, Pennywise doesn't seem to be nearly as happy as we once thought. Granted, it must not be easy dwelling the sewers day in and day out, but that's sort of what he signed up for right? Either way, we've all hit crossroads in our lives, and sometimes like Pennywise, we hit the bottle to numb the pain. Like a wise man once said, we don't drink to remember, we drink to forget. And Pennywise definitely has A LOT to forget, considering he's been at it for hundreds if not thousands of years. This meme really brings a gritty realism to the trials and tribulations of an inter-dimensional shapeshifting clown, so it's pretty hard not to include this gem on the list.

2 Keep it Simple, Stupid

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This next meme serves more as a public service announcement more than anything, and for that alone it's funny AF. It pretty much reads as a complete no-brainer-- 'Never take colored balloons from evil clowns that live in sewers trying to give you advice', but it wasn't such a no-brainer for poor Georgie-Boy. And apparently it wasn't such a no-brainer to It fans everywhere, because the mini-series became a cult-sensation and one of the scariest forms of entertainment from the mind of Stephen King. In a way, this meme makes us all feel a little more stupid for loving a movie with such a simple premise. But once you watch It again, you'll remember why it made you stop walking next to storm drains.

1 Acid? Say No More...

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LSD from a crazed clown in a sewer? Count me in. While the meme itself is funny for this girl's willingness to crawl into a storm drain so she could trip balls, the meme could even be interpreted on an even deeper level (trippy, I know). What if everyone in Derry was just tripping HARD all throughout It, and all of these clown sightings were just figments of their imagination? What if all of these kids weren't even kids, but adults who were stuck in a crazy trip and saw everyone else as kids?! I know it sounds like I'm tripping on some LSD as I'm writing this, but I think this is a fan theory that could work... in a sense. At the very least, Stephen King had to at least be tripping when he conceived and wrote the book It. I'd put money on it.

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