The 15 Most Peculiar Potato Chip Flavors From Around the World

Salt & vinegar? Boring! Salted? Too plain. Barbecue? Psssh. The chip flavors in North America are seriously lacking. Around the globe, there are chip flavors that we North Americans couldn’t even dream of. While some of them may not sound particularly appetizing, I am certainly intrigued by each and every flavor on this list.

Check out 15 peculiar potato chip flavours from around the world.

15 Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding - UK

via: approvedfood.co.uk

This classic English meal was turned into chip form because...why not? Akin to biscuits and gravy in the US, or the roast chicken flavor already existing in the UK, I’m sure this flavor is actually fairly decent.

14 Mint Mischief - India

via: eatingtheworld.wordpress.com

Mint flavored chips are a thing? Apparently so in India! Infused with the refreshing taste of mint leaves, these chips are just a little bit green (and act as mouthwash!).

13 Pigs In A Blanket - UK

via: grocerygems.blogspot.com

A chip flavor that specifically captures the essence of pigs in a blanket? I’m not sure this is possible but I suppose they can give it a shot. I’m guessing this taste like hot dogs and pastry then?

12 Borsch (Beetroot Soup) - Japan

via: sportshlok.com

I could see beetroot chips (made out of actual beets rather than potatoes) being decent, but I’m not sure that beetroot soup-flavored potato chips are the way to go.

11 Red Caviar - Russia

via: zapadnik.wordpress.com

The picture isn’t too appetizing, but for all the caviar lovers out there, I’m sure these chips are quite tasty. Besides, what doesn’t taste better with the addition of caviar, right?

10 Hot Chili Squid - Thailand

via: junkfoodguy.com

Definitely a unique flavor. According to reviewers, these chips are semi-spicy, semi-sweet and have a mild fishy taste. However, when you open the bag, the fish smell is apparently quite overwhelming.

9 Guinness - UK

via: theguardian.com

Potato-based chips infused with Guinness – is there anything more Irish than that?

8 Mushroom - Czech Republic

via: foreignholidays.net

Why someone would enjoy a mushroom flavored chip is beyond me, but to each their own! The Czechs do love mushrooms though, so I guess it’s not too surprising.

7 Carbonara - France

via: chipreview.wordpress.com

A tasty Italian sauce brought to life. These carbonara potato chips combine all the best of carbonara - cheese, egg, bacon, and black pepper. The idea of a cheese and bacon chip sounds great, but I’m not sure about the egg.

6 Seaweed - Various Asian Countries

via: frugal-cafe.com

Okay I personally am not a fan of seaweed so these do not interest me, but I bet the crunchy texture and salty taste would be welcomed by sushi lovers.

5 Lemon Tea - China

via: globalpartnersmba.com

Lemon flavored chips... really? Maybe it’s just because we aren’t used to sweet-flavored chips in North America but I can’t imagine I would enjoy lemon-flavored potato chips. That being said, I suppose a little bit of lemon juice drizzled over roasted potatoes is yummy, so you never know!

4 Cucumber - China

via: grub.gunaxin.com

I really don’t see how cucumber would translate into chips. Especially since cucumber barely has any flavor as is. At the very least, I hope these are refreshing!

3 Magic Masala - India

via: tejumal.com

I must say I’m not totally surprised this exists, but I’m also a bit hesitant about it. You can order a bag of them on Amazon, and reviews are quite positive. Apparently, the flavor is made with a blend of onion powder, chili powder, dry mango powder, coriander powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, black pepper, turmeric powder, and cumin.

2 Pesto - UK

via: fdin.org.uk

I really like pesto and I really like chips, but I’m not sure I would want to eat a chip that tasted like basil, pine nuts, and olive oil...

1 Hot Diggity Dog - Australia

via: youtube.com

This is a tad ridiculous. Shockingly this is not sold sold in America – rather it is sold in Australia. I am kind of curious to know what it tastes like, and whether it managed to capture the flavor of the hot dog as well as the mustard and ketchup, but I guess I’ll never know!

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