The 20 Prettiest Nails For Summer

Tis' the season for flip flops and dresses. For swimsuits, popsicles, and beautiful nails!

Yes, it is the season in which our toes and fingers are on full display, so why not make them look amazing?! We have found 20 of the best and prettiest nails on Instagram, just in time for summer! Trust us, you are going to want to recreate all of these great looks! And lucky for you, we found the tutorials to send you well on your way.

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20 Tribal beauty

What is there not to love about this neon tribal design?! I love the color combinations—the pink, blue, yellow and black hues. I am also in LOVE with the design and the small gold gems. It's modern, simple, yet contemporary and fun. So really, what's not to love?!

Sonia at BadGirlNails has put together the greatest nail design. She's a Jersey girl who lives a polished lifestyle. She loves to inspire and feel inspired by new nail trends. And she also coordinates nail events in her area. So, if you're interested in learning more about her, click here. So, are you ready/dying to try this design yourself? Ready to rock it with your summer swimsuit or dress? You can watch the tutorial video now to learn how.

19 Art deco

I cannot tell you how much I am in LOVE with this design! Maybe this design reminds me of my '90s childhood/teenage years. I'm not sure, but there is a sense of nostalgia that comes over me when I see it. I am seriously in lust with this matte looking finish and POP of color.

Sonia over at BadGirlNails has created another perfect look for a night out on the town, or a day at the beach. Seriously, have you ever seen rainbow dots done so freaking well?! Me neither! If you're interested in learning how to recreate this art deco masterpiece, begin by watching the video tutorial. Sonia's advice for perfecting this matte-looking technique: "Always seal your design with normal topcoat first to prevent smudging. Once that is dry, add your matte topcoat." Roger that.

18 Watercolor dream

Another AMAZING design by BadGirlNails. This design was inspired by chalkboardnails and has many of us like, 'whoa!' Like many, I have fallen in love with the watercolor effect that has been trending now for quite some time. This design looks artistic, simple, and still somehow sophisticated and sleek. It's easily customizable, giving you the added benefit of color-coordinating it with your outfits or even your swimsuits. Perfect for summer! Honestly, I can't see this design not going with everything you own. I'm convinced that there is absolutely nothing you could wear that won't look amazing with this design. Ready to try it yourself?! Watch the video tutorial now! And for an easy alternative, check out this design using dry brush rainbow tips.

17 Queen Bee

{ @ojebeni } Crown tip nails, these nails are very cute and simple!

A post shared by 💅Nail Tutorials 💅 (@nail_tutorials) on

Anyone else obsessed with these crown tipped nails?! I think I need this, like now! And girl, don't you know that you deserve to be the Queen that you feel you are! This design shared by nail tutorials is not only perfect for every occasion, but even more perfect for trailing the beaches looking for your prince charming!

But then again, who needs a prince when you're already the Queen Bee?! You can learn how to create this look by watching the DIY video above. You can also watch this DIY video from Nails by Miri where she used orange and gold crown tips for Dutch Kingsday! And if that doesn't work, try this pretty princess crown tip design by Carissa Reese on Youtube.

16 Nail envy

I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the color red, but there is something really amazing about this color. How much do you just love this red and leopard nail design?! The color is amazing! The leopard and floral nail design is simple and colorful without being overpowering. And I love that this design leaves you with the freedom to customize the colors to a variety of choices.

So, if you don't feel like having red nails, maybe you can try white, green, or teal. Whatever tickles your fancy! Not only is this design eye-catching but it's also easy to recreate.

15 Geometric princess

There is something really cool about geometric designs. In one way, they look incredibly contemporary, modern, and minimalistic. In another way, they look simple, sophisticated, and artsy. So, if you're looking for a design that takes little work, but gives off a BIG vibe, then you have to try this out! This video tutorial (above) will not only teach you how to recreate this amazing nail look, but it will also make you feel like a damn geometric princess while doing it! And if you want a design that takes the geometric pattern to the next level, check this out and the video tutorial here! You can also customize this design with any colors you wish, matching them to your favorite summer outfit, swimsuit, or sandal.

14 Lemon dream

Is there any other fruit that is more summer than the lemon?! Well, maybe the watermelon, but we honestly don't know how you could not fall in love with this unique and colorful design. I'm allergic to lemons and I still want to wear this! This design posted by Mvargas_Nails was actually inspired by a dress that Eva Mendes wore for her spring collection for NY&Company.

This nail is perfect for all of your summer events, especially for the wedding and BBQ season. You can also coordinate it with a little wine lemonade and call it one fashionable afternoon!

13 Modern chic

Reverse stamping is a nail trick that has a sophisticated and contemporary feel to it. And you can wear it with mostly everything! Heather Bliss with BlissfullyHeather loves stamping and believes that nail art is therapy. One look at this and I can see why! Not only does Heather create awesome nail designs, but she also shares the details with you. Are you feeling inspired yet?! Ready to make this design and customize it with your favorite colors? Well, hop on over to her page to learn how! In the meantime, you can also learn how to reverse stamp by watching this video tutorial.

12 Magical AF

Just like the description says, this design is magical AF! Right?! Heather Bliss with BlissfullyHeather has done is again with this double stamped mani.

Now, don't be scared or feel discouraged. This design looks a lot harder than it actually is. And trust us, it's not at all difficult and it's so worth the time! You can customize this look with your favorite colors or favorite design. To learn more, you can watch the video tutorial and learn various combinations of this look now. And to find the stamp used for this look, visit Uber Chic Beauty. You'll need stamp 6-03, which also includes many other amazing stamps to use. So, get started now! Your newest obsession is waiting!

11 Neon nightlife

One look at this and we were in love. Was it love at first sight for you, too?! This neon nail video tutorial by Madam Luck is so easy, even I could do it! And trust me, that is saying something because I am horrible at nail design.

If you're one of those people who would rather read the directions than watch them, click here. This design is so much fun to recreate and perfect for your summer days and nights! The polishes used by Madam Luck were made by Pretty Serious Cosmetics. The specific colors used in this design were Fluffykins, Peachie Poo, Bunny Foo Food, and Little Duckling. You can order those colors through their website now and get creating!

10 Water marble

Easy to recreate?! Yes! Easily customizable?! Yep! Stylish AF?! Hell yes! So, what exactly is water marbling? Weirdly enough, it's a rather simple technique. And chances are, you have already created a DIY project with this technique. Water marbling happens when you put nail polish in cold water. The nail polish will stay on the surface of the water. Then you dip your nails in and voilà! Done! Seriously, there are no excuses; this nail tutorial is super fun and simple! And you can use this technique for the entire summer, coordinating it with each outfit or swimsuit! This video tutorial from Suzie at Nail Career Education is incredibly easy to follow and shows you some awesome tricks from the trade.

9 Tropical oasis

This look has it all: the pink nail, the tropical floral print that doubles as modern art, all of it to make your nails just POP with the feeling of summer! Go ahead, it's OK to fall in love with this design because we sure did! Sanna over at Nikteis may have used her creativity and Sharpies to create this one of a kind nail, but that does not mean that you can't recreate it yourself! Want to rock this look?! Learn how to make it now!

Also, make sure you check out the other amazing designs by Sanna. She seriously has so many amazing summer inspired designs that you could do a new design each day of summer! You go, girl!

8 Simple and sophisticated

For those of you, like me, who want a bit more simplicity and sophistication from your nail design, you have to check out this! Sanna, a self-proclaimed nail polish addict and tattooed cat lady, gives us an absolutely memorizing look that is perfect for any summer occasion. Sanna at Nikteis uses OPI nail lacquer in Alpine Snow, Do You Take Lei Away, and Going My Way or Norway. She used a Essie polish and a stamping plate from Uber Chic Beauty (6-03). And she used small gold gem stones to give the design a little something extra. We think you could substitute that for a small gold jewel, or leave it off completely. The design is already so beautiful—you don't need any extra flare! So, all in all, this design is super easy to recreate and won't break your bank!

7 Blue envy

This is another simple design that takes minimal time and looks absolutely gorgeous when applied. This design, shared by Lovely Hair Nail Style, uses three coats and a top coat, and reverse stamping with Uber Chic Beauty. No worries. Although that may sound like a lot of work, it's not at all difficult to do. Our favorite part about this design is that you can color-coordinate the polish with a variety of summer outfits, swimsuits, and it's perfect for special events!  It really doesn't get any better than that! Ready to try it on your own?! Hop on over to the page for a quick how-to and get started! Also, you can watch Mishra's Youtube video now to check out all the amazing colors for summer 2016!

6 Exotic princess

Summer is all about bright neon colors, soft, or bold floral designs, and taking chances. Which is exactly what we love about this design shared by Nail Polish Society. Just one look at these nails and I am instantly transported to a time and place of beaches, tropical and exotic locations, and the perfect blend of summer fun!

This floral print by @nicolediary2016 is a water decal, so it's super easy to apply. Also, this design can be done boldly using bright neon colors, as shown here. Or, you can opt for softer tones such as white or a soft coral pink, to give it a sophisticated touch. The finishing touch on this design, though, is that amazing gold jewel! Watch the video tutorial now to DIY!

5 Watermelon frenzy

Usually, whenever I see a watermelon nail design, I want to hurl. It's usually too much—too bold, too bright, and too gaudy. But do you know what I LOVE about this design?! Unlike many other watermelon nail designs, this one doesn't incorporate the usual colors: red, green, and white. Instead this design uses contemporary colors and gives off a modern approach to a simple design. Elena, a nail technician and blogger, has shared this design by Sassy Pants Polish. If you're in love with this design, like me, learn how to make it now! And if watermelon isn't your thang', head on over to their page, anyway. They have some amazing designs based on your favorite summer fruits and desserts!

4 Flower power

If you're looking for something that is uber simple, yet colorful and freaking adorable, then look no further! This design by Nail Polish Society is beyond easy to recreate and can be color-coordinated with your summer outfits. Personally, we adore this floral design by @prettyandpolishedllc called, 'March With Me.' It's soft and subtle, yet very eye-catching. To change up the design, try substituting the dark blue polish with a light blue polish, just to give it a softer look. You can also do the same with the red, opting for a soft coral color, as well. This design is not overpowering, so if you wanted to wear it on all of your nails, you could do so beautifully! Learn how to make it now and start your new obsession!

3 Feathers and frill

Serene over at Copy Cat Claws is a self-proclaimed 'nail polish lover and addict.' And with over 30,000 followers on Instagram, we can see why many people flock to her page and copy her designs. She really has an eye for amazing, unique, and stunning nail designs! We were instantly taken away by this gorgeous design, reminiscent of peacock feathers. We adore the gold highlights, the teal backsplash, and that navy blue that gives the look a bit of depth and sophistication. This is a must for summer! Check it out now and get started on your very own! And if this doesn't quite tickle your summer fancy, head on over to Serene's Instagram page to check out all the amazing designs she has!

2 Pop wash

Tracy at Oliva Jade Nails has over 50,000 followers and some of the most amazing nail designs I have ever seen. It was a little difficult to chose one of her amazing designs over the others, but when we found this design, we knew that we had found the perfect design for summer! This pop wash polish design will be the envy of all your friends and family. It's simple and chic, without being overpowering, or too colorful.

The stamping design from @uberchicbeatuy has a Hawaiian feel. You won't need to worry about customizing this design or color combination, as it literally goes with everything. Ready to try it out?! Learn how to make it now!

1 Heavenly

This look has it all, combining many of the nail techniques identified in this article. There's the stamped gold, white marble watercolor in the background and the black floral outlines that give the nail a level of sophistication and contemporary flare. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that this design was SUPER easy to recreate. Well, thanks to nailpolishsociety and their step-by-step online tutorial. The best part about this design is you can customize your marble watercolor hues to match all your favorite summer outfits. I don't know about you, but I want it now. On all my fingers and all of my toes, just in time for summer!

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