The Cutest Foxes You Need To Follow On Instagram

A few years ago, a catchy song asked us, "What does the fox say?" These days, the fox says "Follow me on Instagram." The digital universe where cat and dog once reigned supreme now celebrates a more unconventional animal: the fox. These are some accounts that are making people "crazy like a fox" for their cute little faces.

8 Rylai And Her Friends (@rylaithefox)

Via: instagram.com/rylaithefox

Rylai's Facebook page explains that she is a white marble red fox, purchased from a licensed breeder to be a pet. She is projected to grow up to 12-15 pounds and will retain her coloring, which was selectively bred in captivity. Her account currently has over one hundred thousand followers.

7 Penny The Fox (@penny_the_fox)

Via: instagram.com/penny_the_fox

According to her Instagram biography, "Penny is a 2 year old red fox who lives with her family of four humans. Her favorite things include naps, ear rubs, blueberries, and catching bugs. She has over sixteen thousand followers and is shown with her family doing things like eating ice cream cones, interacting with other animals, sleeping, and generally looking both adorable and exotic.

6 Juniper The Fox (@juniperfoxx)

Via: instagram.com/juniperfoxx

Meet Juniper, "The Happiest Fox," according to her Instagram bio. She has over three hundred thousand followers of her photo and video collection. She can be observed bathing, playing with other pets, and even drinking from mugs. Her owners have a hashtag #livingwithjuni that helps them tell her life story.

5 Riot the Red Fox (@kristenspack)

Via: instagram.com/kristenspack

Riot the Red Fox has nearly twelve thousand followers of his collection of over two thousand images. Riot's owner describes the pet fox as being like "human toddlers, only on hard drugs, but with sharper teeth and nails." While she cautions against entering into fox ownership lightly, she shares freely snapshots of her life with Riot.

4 Chester The Fox (@chester_the_fox)

Via: instagram.com/chester_the_fox

Chester is a handicapped pet fox who has over ten thousand followers and a best friend who is a Border Collie named Spike. There are nearly two hundred photographs of Chester's adventures with his family.

3 Murphy The Fox (@murphy_the_fox)

Via: instagram.com/murphy_the_fox

Murphy is a fairly new kit, born in January of 2016. While his following is under 100 at this time, it is likely to grow as quickly as this photogenic creature. Murphy enjoys cuddling with his stuffed ducky and being incredibly handsome.

2 Nanook The Pet Fox (@Nanookthepetfox)

Via: instagram.com/nanookthepetfox

Nanook is a Shadow Arctic Fox who only has three legs. His Instagram bio describes him as "a tornado wrapped in love when indoors or out." He has just over one thousand followers and a number of animal siblings, including a fox brother, Akane, who has an account of his own.

1 Akane (@arcticfoxakane)

Via: instagram.com/arcticfoxakane

Akane is an arctic fox who has over sixteen thousand followers. His name is pronounced "uh-kah-nay." No matter what you call him, though, Akane is an adorable bundle of fur and joy.

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