The First Flying Car Is Up For Sale And It's Only $895,000

If you’re still looking to own a vehicle that’s half car and half plane and have $895,000, you can now own a driving and flying example of the Aerocar One.

While some have been waiting for the promise of flying cars, that promise was actually fulfilled all the way back in 1954 with the Aerocar One. Unfortunately the concept wasn’t as popular as the company anticipated and they weren’t able to get the 500 initial orders to start production so only six were ever made.

3 Evolution of Design

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The Aerocar was the brainchild of Moulton Taylor. Taylor met the designer of the Airphibian, another flying car that failed to make it to market, and developed a folding wing concept as an improvement over the Airphibian's detachable wings.

2 Five Minutes from Car to Plane and Back

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The result was a tiny pod car with small tires poking out of it like landing gear. It was powered by a Lycoming 0-320 engine good for 143 hp. When attached to the front wheel drive transmission it could pull the car to a 60 mph cruising speed.

Fold the wings out from the attached tail that operates like a trailer in car mode, attach the push propeller and the car is now a plane that can reach 100mph.

1 Workhorse

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While it never reached production, N103D ended up being put into service as the traffic plane KISM AM 910 in Portland, Oregon.

The one that’s up for sale is N101D that’s been living its life as a driving and flight capable museum piece in the Golden Wings Flying Museum in Minneapolis. The Aerocar One is listed for sale on the Controller.com website.

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