The Funniest #Fail Tweets About Trying To Make DIY Crafts

What do you do when your latest Pinterest creation leaves you with fingers glued together? You tweet about it, naturally. Fitting the misery of a failed DIY into 140 snappy characters is hard. It's not quite as hard as making sure your latest project looks like it wasn't made by a toddler, but it does come close. Your results might not be Pinterest-perfect, but they just might be picture perfect as a #Pinterestfail.

20 Pinterest brings out the inner hoarder in all of us

19 It teaches us that bath bombs can be just as unpredictable as the regular variety of explosives. On the plus side, Pinterest encourages good hygiene

18 Mason jars are so hot right now. It's always great to have them close at hand. Maybe not that close, though

17 Some ideas are clearly better than others. You might actually need a stunt double for this one

16 Some outcomes are best viewed from a distance, maybe even without your glasses on

15 Pinterest is a serial killer of T-shirts

14 Some of us are realistic about our limitations and stick to what we know

13 On the plus side, it can help you meet your local first responders and give you the opportunity to redecorate

12 Fear of failure can get you all tied up in knots—as if you were arm knitting, for example

11 Arts and crafts can be overwhelming and make you rethink your life choices

10 The results can crack you up

9 And you could end up with egg all over your face. Scrambled, not stirred

8 You might need to give yourself a pep talk after. This one is filed under "kids say the darnedest things"

7 Trying to get it to turn out right can drive you bananas

6 Sometimes the left hand doesn't know what it's doing, because the left hand has been spray-painted

5 At best, you hope the results will be ornamental. It's just like Christmas when it's all said and done

4 Too many poor outcomes can make you a bit of a conspiracy theorist

3 Wondering how it will turn out can turn you into a real "basket" case

2 DIY crafts can get you into sticky situations

1 It's important to remember that your mileage may vary, as in all things

No matter how big a #Pinterestfail you encounter, DIY is an adventure you can't help but "re-tweet." Just follow the simple steps to laughs that will set your joy a-twitter.

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