The Funniest Tweets About Being A Wino That'll Make You Laugh

Who doesn't love a good glass (or bottle) of wine? Twitter is a great place to uncork the joy that is life as a wine enthusiast. These zingy tweets are just a "taste" of the humor that lets the sparkling laughter flow like a fine vintage. You won't want to put these funny jokes on ice.

16 When you love your wine, you take precautions to protect it from accidental breakage. A thick, rolled up yoga mat works great on long road trips too!

15 It makes you sad when the wine has all been finished. You're left feeling like Captain Jack Sparrow, "Why is the rum always gone?" but about Pinot and Chardonnay

14 It can impact your accessory choices so your next drink is in the bag, allowing you to "clutch" your beverage of choice.

13 It can change your perspective on effective weight loss strategies

12 It can change your relationships with your pets when you recognize some of your own behavior

11 Drinking too much wine can change your perspective on popular music first think in the morning

10 Especially when you have a bad hang over

Via: weheartit.com

9 Drinking too much wine can even change your palate

8 A love of wine can make you contingency plan in new ways to avoid the inevitable

7 Enjoying wine can make you an innovator who dreams of ways to improve life for all mankind

6 It can change your life goals and the way you see yourself

5 Necessity is the mother of invention, but avoiding icky flavours is a close relative also

4 It can help you make new friends, even if they aren't real people who will help you move

3 It can help you develop and accurately describe your sense of justice. Wine makes you a philosopher. You end up like Socrates, except your asking where you left your keys and phone

2 Wine can make you predatory, with cool bottles of liquid magic becoming your prey

1 Wine can make you feel like you are part of a different era entirely. Sometimes that era is prehistoric, and not very fancy

Cheers to the wine enthusiasts of Twitter! We raise a glass to you and wish you quiet Thursday mornings after #WineWednesday.

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