The GT40 Replica From Ford vs Ferrari Is Up For Auction

The real star of the new movie Ford vs Ferrari, the GT40 driven by Christian Bale as Ken Miles, will be going up for auction this January from Mecum Auctions.

The Christian Bale and Matt Damon movie about Ford's attempts to beat Ferrari at the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans became the number one movie in the country this weekend. At the center of that movie is the Ford GT40, the Lola-derived NASCAR-powered car that defeated the Italian sports car giant. Now Car and Driver reports some lucky bidder will take home the hero car driven by Bale in the role of racer Ken Miles.

3 Superformance Replica

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Real GT40s are hard to come by these days and are precious pieces of racing history, so for the rough work of making a movie the filmmakers turned to GT40 replica specialists Superformance.

Superformance has been making visually accurate GT40s for years. This car is one of two they built, the other being the race winning black car of Bruce McLaren which won't be sold.

2 Vintage Looks and Modern Go

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The exterior of the car is a highly detailed and period accurate recreation of Ken Miles' Le Mans dominating GT40 MkII.

Underneath, however, things are a little updated. It has a galvanized steel unibody that hosts a 511 cubic inch 600hp Roush V8 in place of the original's 7-litre NASCAR engine.

1 Signed Edition

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Just to make the car extra special, it's also been signed. Star Christian Bale autographed the car along with Ken Miles' 1966 crew chief Charlie Agapiou and Miles' son Peter. The car was driven by Bale in the movie, who had to take race driving classes to help him better portray the legendary sports car driver. There's no word on how much it's expected to go for. Regular replicas start at $125,000.

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