The Legend Of Zelda: The 15 Best And Most Worthless Items, Officially Ranked

The Legend of Zelda is a franchise with decades of history and nineteen entries. Throughout these nineteen entries, Link has had an ever-changing arsenal of tools and items. Whether it be a magical rod that shoots fire out of it, an instrument that can control time or an actual stick, Link always makes sure to arm himself with the best of the best. I mean if he's gonna use a stick as a weapon it sure is going to be the most powerful stick you've ever met.

However, Link has had some items that just really don’t live up to items like his famous stick. Throughout nineteen adventures, there are sure to be a few duds here and there. And I count fifteen because in this article we will be definitively ranking Link’s best fifteen and worst fifteen items of all time. My subjective list has been proven to be 100% accurate by scientists, so there is no arguing with this one. Make sure to sound off with your list down below, and let’s jump into it.

30 Worst: Slingshot

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The slingshot takes the lowest spot on the worst list because, I mean, it's just not good. It's not good, but it isn't the worst. The thing about the slingshot is, how often do you actually use this item?

Why use a slingshot when you can use a rod that shoots fire out of it?

Besides some light puzzle solving, this thing serves no purpose late game. I mean, grass is more useful than the slingshot.

29 Best: Horse Call

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I truly wasn't lying! Despite literally being a piece of grass, this Twilight Princess item is actually very handy.

It allows you to summon Epona from… anywhere? At any time??

She just kind of shows up instantly. In the depths of the underworld? Find some grass and Epona will be right on her way. This little tool helps to streamline keeping track of the horse, and makes horseback traversal a quick and easy feat.

28 Worst: Book Of Mudora

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The Book of Mudora, from A Link to the Past, is honestly so boring.

It can translate three things in the game, ooooh.

This really just isn’t an item that is needed at all. Rather than having this book in your inventory for the entire game, it could have been substituted for an item that had more of an effect on the entire game, rather than a few select places. Also Link kind of just stole this from the library?

27 Best: The Wind Waker And The Ocarina Of Time

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The Wind Waker can, hold onto your chair, wake the wind. Not what you were expecting huh? Surprising as it may sound, this item can do just that, oh and also summon the Gods, amongst other things. That too.

The Ocarina of Time, on the other hand, does not ocarina the time.

However, it can complete a variety of different actions such as warping, slowing down time, and opening doors of time. You know, general stuff like that. Both of these instruments are incredibly powerful MacGuffins, and I wish I was talented enough to wield them, let alone a maraca.

26 Worst: Bomb Bags And Wallets

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You know what I really don’t have time for? Upgrading my capacity for bombs throughout my adventures.

I need to carry 4,000 bombs with me at all times.

You know what else I also don’t have time for? Upgrading my wallet. I might not have any money to put in there 100% of the time, but on the off chance that I do get some money, I don’t want to have to turn some away because I can’t carry it. The whole wallet and bomb bag upgrading aspect of older Zelda games really didn’t add anything to the game, and at most took away from the overall experience. Luckily, it seems the most recent titles have cut that out entirely.

25 Best: Zora Flippers

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Swimming is hard, and sometimes, you just need to buy a pair of expensive $500 flippers from a very large royal fishman/lady. A recurring item in Zelda titles, the Zora Flippers allow you to do a variety of different things such as dive into deep water, warp through whirlpools and pretty importantly, swim. They often allow you to enter various new areas, and can be combined with other Zora items to increase your aquatic abilities even further.

24 Worst: Roc's Feather

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I mean Link really must be out of shape if he needs an actual feather to jump. Combined with the Pegasus Boots, the Roc’s Feather allows you to jump… even further. Wow you’re so cool. Honestly, this item just doesn’t really need to exist. We could have allowed Link to jump without it, and in a game like Link’s Awakening, any free item slot that you can have is absolutely essential. It makes sense, but it really just doesn’t have any need to be in the game.

23 Best: Ancient Arrows

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I remember the first time I saw a guardian. I was walking to my first ever shrine.

I screamed. It was midnight.

But, now I’m not afraid anymore, because I have ancient arrows. These powerful items can take down almost any creature in Breath of the Wild in a single hit and are essentially free if you have a stupidly enormous amiibo collection like me. This is basically the only way I can take anything down at all in this game. Yes, I am very much so ashamed.

22 Worst: Compass

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Does anybody ever use the compass? I sure don’t. Looking back now I just realized that might be why I can’t solve dungeons to save my LIFE, but let’s ignore that for a moment. The compass does two things, it highlights where hidden chests are and where the boss is in dungeons. Does anybody really need that? Those are two things you really don’t need help on, and I find it kind of a waste of time when progressing through a dungeon.

21 Best: Swift Sail

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Wind Waker is by far one of the most unique Zelda titles out there, partly due to its interconnected Great Sea. While the first 1,300 times you travel from island to island is an exciting experience, after a while, it gets to be a known quantity. Luckily, Wind Waker HD added the Swift Sail to alleviate this issue. This item allows you to sail quickly in any direction in the sea, regardless of the sway of the wind, allowing for faster navigation around the Great Sea, speeding up the game to a consistently fun pace.

20 Worst: Green Rupees

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Does anyone actually get any joy out of finding green rupees? They really just aren’t worth anything. You know that thing where the U.S. government considers getting rid of pennies every few years? Hyrule needs to get on that. In the grand scheme of things, green rupees really don’t do a thing. Then again we’ve definitely all done that thing where we need just a few more rupees for that one item and we cut down that same grass patch for every scrap we can manage, so maybe don’t get rid of them.

19 Best: Bow Of Light

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Whether it’s Zelda herself (better princess than Peach yeah I said it) or Link wielding this powerful weapon, the Bow of Light is something to be feared. In most of its canon incarnations, the Bow of Light is used to take down Ganon or another end boss such as Yuga. In Twilight Princess, Zelda shot it at Ganondorf to stun him, while in Breath of the Wild, she provided weak spots for Link to shoot at with the bow in the Beast Ganon phase. Couldn’t she have given us that bow a little earlier on? I mean at least in the first Ganon phase, come on Zelda.

18 Worst: Raft

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Rafts in the Zelda franchise didn’t become real baddies until the Wind Waker era. Previously, they were kind of boring, I’m looking at you, NES Legend of Zelda. The idea of these just seemed kind of half baked, and only being able to launch from the docks made sense, though it did limit your sense of freedom. They just didn’t really do anything to enhance the gameplay experience, and thus, they really only served to make the game more interesting in the 3D titles.

17 Best: Fairy

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Who needs to not be alive when you can just be alive instead? You truly cannot argue with that logic. And that's exactly why the fairy is one of the best items in Zelda. With a fairy in your inventory, Link is able to instantly revive if he is to lose all of his hearts. This is incredibly useful in tight situations, such as a tough boss fight. It's only drawback is needing an empty bottle to use (which we all have 20 of by the end of the game) and their incredibly sad faces in Wind Waker that make you question every single one of your actions.

16 Worst: Stepladder

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You can cross one tile now, look at you. That’s exactly what the stepladder item allows you to do in the original Legend of Zelda title for NES. Similarly to the Roc’s feather, its only function is to cross a tile that Link wouldn’t normally be able to, which seems a little, unnecessary? It doesn’t really serve that much of a point to make the game more fun in any way. The most mileage you can get out of this item is Sheik using it as a harp in Hyrule Warriors, which is kind of fantastic.

15 Best: Ooccoo

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The unsettling creature that is the Ooccoo appears on this list mainly because literally who came up with this? Functionally, Ooccoo acts as an item that allows you to teleport in and out of dungeons from whatever room you’re in, which is a great benefit.

But I seriously beg the question, who came up with this design, and why?

It could have just been a regular old item. Crafting this ridiculous bird monster was completely unnecessary, and I am so thankful they did it anyway.

14 Worst: Spinner

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The Spinner itself is not a bad concept. What puts this item onto the worst list is its lack of usage and functionality. Throughout all of Twilight Princess, you only use this device in three dungeons, and sparingly for the most part. This item really just seemed like it had a lot more in it than these few appearances, and it’s a shame that it didn’t get the chance to show itself off a bit more.

13 Best: Fierce Deity’s Mask

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I mean, come on. Did you not see the Fierce Deity’s Mask coming? In Majora’s Mask, you must trade in 20 (all non-transforming masks) of your masks in order to obtain the Fierce Deity’s Mask. The powerful item is said to hold as much power as Majora’s Mask itself. The mask transforms Link into a powerful being that is far more capable than his regular form and can only be used in boss battles.

12 Worst: Wooden Sword

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HYAH! While Link might still shout those words as he swings this sword around, you know his heart isn’t really in it. This man does not have time for a wooden sword. You think he’s saving Hyrule with this?

The wooden sword is an item that is often given to Link as his first weapon in his journey and is usually quickly traded out for something a bit better almost immediately. I mean I’ll take Skyward Sword’s practice sword over this any day.

11 Best: Master Sword

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On the other hand, the Master Sword is uh, pretty good.

The Sword That Seals The Darkness is not a name that is given to any ole girl.

This weapon has been shown to consistently be the bane of Ganon’s evil plans. It also seems to be Link’s most powerful and most used sword out of his many he has used in his years. Also, it’s the only weapon that doesn’t break in Breath of the Wild, so that fact alone should push it into the #1 position.

10 Worst: Deku Stick

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This is the gift that you have to act excited to recieve when everyone knows you wanted an Xbox. Why would anybody need a stick? Only appearing in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, this item can be used as a weapon and a torch.

Okay, you could do that, or you could also, get this, use a weapon and a torch to complete those tasks.

Crazy, I know, but try it out. The results might alarm you.

9 Best: Magic Mirror

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The magic mirror allows you to transport yourself to and from the Dark World as you please in A Link to the Past. The necessary tool also allows you to teleport to the front of a dungeon as well. This item is imperative to completing Link’s Journey and allows you to find many different secrets hidden around Hyrule and its dark counterpart. It is a bit of a shame that it doesn't allow you to transform into Link’s superior bunny form if you so choose, though.

8 Worst: Telescope

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The telescope is literally a normal telescope and that is all it is. The only time that this item is relevant in the game is to see Tetra being taken (a small scene that literally unsettled me as a child) and then you never need to use it again.

Its only value is that it is Aryll’s most treasured possession, but do any of us really care?

If it isn’t a horribly sad fairly lamenting over her capture, I don’t want it.

7 Best: Hookshot

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The Hookshot, and its various different incarnations, are a staple in the Zelda universe, and it isn’t hard to see why, the items are incredibly fun to use. Besides being a versatile part of Link’s arsenal to fight and traverse, it just feels cool to use. And then upgrading to the Double Clawshot, forget about it. Even just uttering that name feels powerful. A trusty standby in Link’s ever-changing inventory, the Hookshot has latched itself to all of our hearts.

6 Worst: Magic Armor

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The Magic Armor is stupid and I dislike it greatly. Besides the unnecessarily long sequence to even get this item that I won’t go into, the magic armor allows Link to take no damage. That sounds amazing but it is truly horrible. The price for this item is two rupees per second, and 12 every time he is hit. Excuse me? So instead of losing health, you’re just losing your life’s savings, even when you aren’t taking damage. I mean that is how insurance functions in the real world, and who likes paying for that?

5 Best: The Four Sword

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Hot take, the Four Sword is way cooler than the Master Sword. Besides the fact that they're both generally considered to be swords that can seal evil, the Four Sword has the added benefit of allowing the user to split into four copies of themselves. Um, yes?

Besides the actual battle functionally of this, think about how much work you could get done?

That is awesome. Honestly, I'd probably just make them play Four Swords with me anyway.

4 Worst: Circus Leader Mask

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The Circus Leader Mask is by far the worst mask in Majora’s Mask, because it doesn’t do a thing. That is, it doesn’t do a thing except for making the sidequest to retrieve the mask easier to complete. What kind of twisted developer came up with this? At the very least, the title’s 3D remake on the 3DS added a bit more functionality to the mask, but it doesn’t save the Circus Leader Mask in any significant way.

3 Best: Master Cycle Zero

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You cannot argue with me when I say that the Master Cycle Zero is one of the best items in all of Zelda history. Link gets a motorcycle. YES.

This motorcycle can take Link throughout almost all of Hyrule, and is far easier to control than your standard horse. This weird horse looking motorcycle is probably the best update that we could have ever received for Breath of the Wild, and I am eternally grateful.

2 Worst: Hestu's Gift

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The absolute worst item in all of Zelda history is without a doubt Hestu’s Gift. After collecting all 900 Korok seeds from around Hyrule (why you would torture yourself like this I don’t know), you are gifted with this. It is Hestu’s poop. How dare he?

I’m suing everyone in that forest because this is completely unacceptable.

I found all 900 of your seeds and you treat me like this? Urbosa is my lawyer and she is here to win. Get ready.

1 Best: Sheikah Slate

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Also coming from Breath of the Wild, the best Zelda item of all time is the legendary Sheikah Slate. The fantastic tool allows Link to interact with towers, use the map and most importantly, use his runes. Without this tool, Link’s travels throughout Hyrule would have been absolutely impossible. This incredible item has limitless power, which is why it easily ranks as the best Zelda item ever. It also can just hold your horse motorcycle inside of it, so I mean, that’s pretty awesome.

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