The Legend Of Zelda: Every Single Sword From Weakest To Most Powerful, Officially Ranked

There are some weird and wonderful weapons abound in The Legend of Zelda games. There's the boomerang, the bow, bombs, and the hookshot. Every adventure Link embarks on will grant him tools to match any challenge, but it just wouldn't be a Zelda game without a sword. Despite all his impressive gadgets, the sword will always be Link's primary mode of attack. His skill with a blade is the reason he got invited to fight over in Soul Caliber, after all. And just as there have been numerous incarnations of our favorite elf-boy adventurer, there have been just as many swords throughout the series' long history.

Not all swords are created equal, and Link would know better than most. Over 25 years of Zelda games, he's had to make use of nearly 100 different swords. Some were pretty bad, though— rusty or made of wood. Others channeled magic or the elements themselves. Heck, Link's even met people who turn into swords. So we're taking a look across the many timelines of The Legend of Zelda to give you this ranking. Even if Link always obtains the Master Sword in the end, the blades he uses along the way are worthy of attention. A sword is only as good as its wielder.

For this list, we're really only looking at main series games. So no Hyrule Warriors unfortunately, but that still gives us a list of thirty amazing and not-so-amazing weapons to rank. All the better to help you decide if you ever need to rescue a princess.

This is Every Single Legend Of Zelda Sword From Weakest To Most Powerful.

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30 Broken Sword

via steamcommunity.com

The choice for weakest sword was rather obvious. A sword in two pieces doesn't help Link much out on his adventure. Even the caption in the "Item Get" points out how worthless this weapon is. On the bright side, though, it doesn't have to stay useless.

If players can complete the Broken Sword side quest in Oracle of Ages, this old Zora's broken sword will be reforged into the Noble Sword. Once powered up, it can fire sword lasers like in the original Zelda game. That's to say nothing of its role in Ocarina of Time's Biggoron side quest.

29 Wooden Sword

via zelda.com

Everybody's got to start somewhere. The wooden sword is a staple across the Zelda series. Most often it is the first sword Link gets in the game. Most players will only use it up through the tutorial. With good reason too. The wooden sword being made of, you know, wood, isn't very strong and breaks.

To fight monsters, Link needs something with steel. We do give the wooden sword credit for being the first sword in the entire series though. Remember the old man in the cave? This is what he gave you when it was dangerous to go alone.

28 Rusty Broadsword

via kotaku.com.au

We feel like we don't have to explain this one. Breath of the Wild introduced weapon degradation to the Zelda series and there's no weapon that degrades faster than the rusty broadsword. It will break apart after only a couple of hits, but of course it will. It's a rusty hunk of metal.

The game even taunts players by sticking one in a pedestal near the starting area, tricking them into thinking it's the Master Sword. Still, a rusty sword is better than no sword all. For players about to explore a post-apocalyptic Hyrule, it's the perfect first weapon.

27 Kokiri Sword

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Now taken by itself, the Kokiri Sword is a fine sword. It's perfectly made for the people who are going to wield it. The issue comes from who those people are. The Kokiri are a forest-dwelling group from Ocarina of Time. They are all the size of children and never grow any larger.

So the Kokiri Sword, while great for tiny child Link, is useless when he grows up. In an adult's hands, it's more like a dagger than a sword. To make it even less useful, it's not even Link's sword. He's only borrowing it from the Kokiri Training Course. There's a good reason why he gets it updated between Ocarina and Majora.

26 Vicious Sickle

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We've got to show the bad guy swords some love too, don't we? The Vicious Sickle has a particularly cruel claim to fame. This is the weapon that almost ended Princess Zelda's life. Favored by the Yiga Clan, Sheikah ninja traitors who serve Ganon, a band of them wielding Vicious Sickles attacked the Princess.

If not for Link's timely intervention, Zelda might not have made it. Players can steal sickles from the Yiga after defeating them. Its lethal capability makes up for its low durability. Fun fact: Sickles are farming tools so it's also perfect for rupee hunting in the grass.

25 Traveler's Sword

via gamebanana.com

The Traveler's Sword from Breath of the Wild is an interesting case. As Zelda swords go, it's a little less than average but appears to be the most commonly used sword. By the public at large that is. Throughout the game Link encounters many NPCs with Traveler's Sword. None of them seem to use it though.

Even when being attacked by monsters, they'll just run away instead of drawing their sword. The flavor text does say it's unreliable against monsters, but then why does everybody have one? We know it's to set up random encounters, but what's the reason in-universe?

24 Moonlight Scimitar

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Breath of the Wild really opened up the world of Hyrule in a way that it hadn't been before. Case in point were the Gerudo people. Where once these all-female desert dwellers were only enemies, they were now friendly NPCs. Which meant you could use their weapons.

Any players who had to fight the Gerudo back in Ocarina of Time will remember how dangerous the Moonlight Scimitar could be, and now we could wield them ourselves. It's a beautiful blade too, curved and engraved with special Gerudo markings. According to flavor text, the scimitar holds a ceremonial factor for them.

23 Soldier's Broadsword

via YouTube.com (Killtec)

There's not really much to say about the Soldier's Broadsword. It might be the most average sword on this list. When stacked up against other generic swords from Breath of the Wild, it's functional— a step up from the Traveller's Sword— but there are better weapons out there.

This blade has decent durability and attack power, so it's good for players still early in their quest, but otherwise, not much to write home about. We will give the Soldier's Broadsword this— it is the sword Link is wielding for the Epona amiibo. It's got that going for it at least.

22 Lynel Sword

via IGN.com

For what it takes to get this sword, it's really not worth it. The only way to obtain the Lynel Sword is to defeat a Lynel. You know, those giant lion centaurs that roam around Hyrule and can KO most players in a couple of hits. Yeah, those Lynels.

It's a good sword, but we don't recommend almost getting a game over to get one. Honestly, it feels weird even calling this a sword. It looks more an axe head somebody stuck a hilt onto the wrong end of. Though given how huge and low-tech Lynels are, that may just be the case.

21 Knight's Broadsword

via zerochan.net

Of all the different swords in Breath of the Wild, the Knight's Broadsword may be one of the most tragic. These were given to Hyrule's knights back in the kingdom's glory days. They were used to fight off monsters and other terrors, but by the time of the game, players will most often find them in the hands of those very same monsters.

The town ruins around Hyrule Castle are littered with Knight's Broadswords, but their legacy lives on in the flavor text, which describes this as the weapon of choice for seasoned adventurers. The knight's heroism lives on. Interestingly, Princess Zelda used it herself in Spirit Tracks.

20 Eightfold Blade


Despite being a Japanese series, The Legend of Zelda has usually drawn from more western fantasy influences. Link has never gone around swinging a katana after all. Until Breath of the Wild at least. The Sheikah Tribe got a very traditionally Japanese makeover in that game, and their weapons followed suit. Enter the Eightfold Blade, the Katana of Legend of Zelda.

Forged with ancient techniques, it's among the sharper weapons in the game. Another positive, it's one of the few weapons in the game with a dedicated respawn point. If players break one, it's easy to replace. Impa herself even uses the blade as her main weapon in Hyrule Warriors.

19 Elemental Blades

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Magic swords are not exactly uncommon in Hyrule. Every game winds up with players getting their hands on the Master Sword, after all, but the Elemental Blades— the Flameblade, Frostblade, and Thunderblade— are still something special. In addition to causing regular sword damage, they carry an extra effect.

Players can set enemies on fire, encase them in ice, or shock them with electricity. These swords even come in more powerful, two-handed varieties. They are among the rarest weapons in Breath of the Wild, though, often being the reward at the ends of shrine challenges, but what a prize.

18 Hero's Sword

via greatlucario.deviantart.com

Of all the starting swords players get in a Zelda game, the Hero's Sword is probably the best. It's not flimsy or made for children like some of the other starting swords. In fact, the Hero's Sword will see use up to halfway points of its adventure.

This is the sword of choice for the Link of the Wind Waker era. Or Toon Link, as some games call him. His swordmaster, Orca, passed the Hero's Sword down to him as a gift and Toon Link holds it dear. Even after losing the Master Sword, he held on to this faithful blade, using it again in Phantom Hourglass.

17 Royal Broadsword

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Judging a warrior by their weapon is often a mistake, but one could be forgiven if that weapon is a Royal Broadsword. In the glory days of Hyrule, these swords were awarded to only the greatest of knights. Being gifted one was like earning the Medal of Honor.

Given that the Royal Broadsword is basically an unenchanted replica of the Master Sword itself, that's a high honor indeed. These blades are still prizes a century after the Calamity. Giant Hinoxes collect them to wear as necklaces. The Royal Broadsword is not far behind the Master Sword as Zelda series weapons go.

16 Razor Sword

via 5tea.deviantart.com

It's traditional for Link's sword to get a mid-game upgrade. Among the more unique of these upgraded swords is the Razor Sword. In Majora's Mask, Link can take his Kokiri Sword to the blacksmiths Zubora and Gabora. For 100 rupees, they'll reforge it into something more than a sword for elf children.

The Razor Sword has a sharper edge and a longer reach, but there is a downside. After 100 strikes, the blade will dull back into a Kokiri Sword. Still, its original split blade design got the Razor Sword featured in most of the promotional artwork for Majora's Mask. It's just a pity it doesn't get much use.

15 Darknut Sword

via fanpop.com

Zelda villains seem to prefer either small, slicing blades or giants hunks of sharpened metal. The Darknut Sword is the latter. This massive slab of a sword is so heavy, the Link of Wind Waker can barely lift the thing. Players can't even take it to different rooms. If they can defeat the evil knights who wield them, that is.

This sword is so heavy, Link doesn't even need sword skills to deal damage with it. He can just throw it at enemies. Interesting side note: The Darknut Sword in Twilight Princess resembles Ganondorf's sword in Smash Bros. Borrowed from a Darknut perhaps?

14 Scimitar Of The Seven

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It's not often Link gets to wield the weapon of another legendary hero, but of all the Champion's weapons from Breath of the Wild, the Scimitar of the Seven stands out. For this is the only other sword in that collection. The Gerudo Champion Urbosa wielded this blade in the glory days of Hyrule.

It was thought lost with her, but as the reward for completing the Vah Naboris dungeon, players can earn it for themselves. Like all weapons besides the Master Sword, it can still break though. The scimitar is replaceable, but that's got to be awkward for Link.

13 Royal Guard's Sword

via guirink.deviantart.com

The Master Sword is the sword all Zelda swords are judged against. It is the Hero's weapon after all, but of all the other blades, the Royal Guard's Sword may come closest to being its equal. Made with ancient Sheikah technology, these are actually replicas of the Master Sword itself. Only the defenders of the Royal Family wielded them.

The Royal Guard's Sword is one of the rarest weapons in Breath of the Wild, but it has a downside. While it has a high attack power, its durability is a joke. It breaks fairly easily. Maybe it was only ceremonial.

12 Guardian Sword

via zeldadungeon.net

Fans have been wanting a sci-fi Zelda game for years, if only so Link could get a lightsaber. Well, Breath of the Wild sort of helped scratch that itch. Guardian Swords are blue energy blades wielded by Guardians. Those frightening spider-robots roaming around Hyrule. They are among the better weapons in the game and certainly look the coolest.

To obtain them, players have to find the hidden Sheikah shrines and defeat the Guardian Scouts within. As the scouts rank up in difficulty, so do the power and durability of their swords. Maybe Link will get his lightsaber sooner than we thought.

11 Ultimate Sword

via orig00.deviantart.com

One could be forgiven for mistaking the Ultimate Sword for the Master Sword at first glance. They do have a similar design, but are two very different weapons. The Ultimate Sword is the best weapon in Link's Awakening and has never been seen outside that adventure.

Like all the best ultimate Zelda swords, it can fire sword beams at enemies when Link's health is full and it does more base damage. To earn it, Link had to collect seashells to exorcise a haunted mansion, but if you're still confusing them, the Ultimate Sword glows gold, not blue. That's the Master Sword.

10 Tempered Sword

via robojedi.deviantart.com

Despite being the series' ultimate weapon, it seems like the Master Sword can be improved upon. Take the Tempered Sword from Link to the Past. After rescuing a blacksmith from Ganon's Dark World, Link can get the Master Sword upgraded. And at a reduced fee!

The new Tempered Sword has a nice bronze sheen to it and offers all the advantages players could want. Like dealing three times the damage. Interestingly, in the GBA version of the game, the Tempered Sword can even hurt Ganon. Players had to use it with a spin attack to do that in the original.

9 Magical Sword

via gamebanana.com

Before there was a Master Sword, there was the Magical Sword. This was the most upgraded form of the basic sword from the original NES game. It began the tradition of Zelda swords firing sword beams. And like most NES games, players had to earn it.

Link needed twelve full heart containers before he could even wield this weapon. The game's second quest makes it even more difficult. Players have to move a heavy rock to uncover the Magical Sword, meaning they need twelve hearts and a Power Bracelet. It makes its return in Zelda II and fans even modded it into Breath of the Wild.

8 Great Fairy's Sword

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The fairies of Zelda appear pretty non-violent, but this big daddy may make you reconsider. Etched with black roses, the Great Fairy's Sword is a huge claymore that deals four times the damage of a normal sword. It's so big, Link needs two hands to wield it.

Because of how huge the darn thing is, players can't use a shield with the Great Fairy's Sword. Don't worry though, you can still bat things away with it. It may be the second most powerful weapon in Majora's Mask. Ironically, the Great Fairy of Kindness gave Link this monster. Yeah, Kindness.

7 Phantom Ganon's Sword

via zelda.gamepedia.com

Ganondorf has had more than a few swords over the course of this series. We're partial to Ghirahim, the one that's actually a flamboyant demon, but we're giving a spot to the one Ganon Sword players can wield themselves: the sword of Ganondorf's dark minion, Phantom Ganon.

Also known as the Beast's Blade, players can win this sword in Wind Waker. They'll just have to defeat the mini-boss battle first. This blade has an intriguing design with its square shape and curl at the corner. Plus, seeing tiny Link wielding a sword taller than him is just adorable.

6 Goddess Sword

via YouTube.com (HuskySerpant)

The Goddess Sword has some mystery to it. Introduced in Skyward Sword, it is chronologically the weapon of the very first Link. Dialogue in game refers to it as "the sword that seals the darkness." So is it the same sword as the Master Sword? The answer is a resounding "probably."

Breath of the Wild references "an ancient voice in the blade," which could mean the spirit of the sword Fi. The Goddess Sword also shares a resemblance to the Master Sword. Like the latter was reforged from the former. Intriguing to be sure, and the evidence is honestly stacked, but until Nintendo tells us outright, it's mere speculation.

5 Golden Sword

via thegamer.com

The craziest thing about the Golden Sword from Link to the Past is its appearance. Despite being an upgraded form of the Master Sword, the two look nothing alike. It's not like Link reforged the blade or anything either. He tossed it into a Mysterious Pond at the base of the Pyramid in the Dark World.

He found it worth his while though. The Golden Sword deals eight times the damage of the game's starting sword. It's also the only weapon that can harm Ganon with normal attacks, but what magic was in that pond that changed it so much?

4 Gilded Sword

via zeldadungeon.net

Like most things in Majora's Mask, the Gilded Sword is weird. Oh, it seems normal at first glance. It's just that game's most upgraded sword. The blade is a bit longer and it causes more damage, but in context, it's eyebrow-raising. Like how it's immune to time travel.

Yeah, unlike the Razor Sword, the Gilded Sword will stay upgraded after Link reverses time. It stays as sharp and unbreakable as before. Then there's the fact that the blacksmiths give it to Link for free, despite charging 100 rupees for the Razor Sword. All they wanted was gold dust. What is this sword?

3 Biggoron's Sword

via youtube.com

Link doesn't seem to have much luck with claymores. The Zelda series has a few of these huge, two-handed swords, but Biggoron's Sword is probably the best of them. Featured in Ocarina of Time, players earn this sword after a lengthy side quest. After giving the eponymous Biggoron some eye drops, it takes him three days to forge this masterpiece.

Too bad it's not more practical. Needing two hands means Link can't use his shield while using it, leaving him defenseless. Despite that, it is useful during the battle against Ganon after he knocks the Master Sword away.

2 Fierce Deity's Sword

via pinterest.com

Hands down, the Fierce Deity's Sword wins top prize for most unique design. The double-helix look is still remembered by those who played Majora's Mask back on the N64. It was also the most powerful sword in that game. Like all ultimate swords, it even fires sword beams, but aside from that, this sword is very mysterious.

We know little about the Fierce Deity. The game hints that he was a god or hero much like Link, and that he was trapped (possibly by Majora) in a mask. Link can only wield this sword while wearing that mask as well.

1 Master Sword

via minecraftpl1997.deviantart.com

Like it was going to be anything else. The Master Sword has been a staple of The Legend of Zelda since A Link to the Past. Each game since has added to its significance and power. Skyward Sword revealed it as a gift from the gods. Ocarina of Time made it the key through time. Twilight Princess had it break Link's wolf curse.

It's sealed Ganon's power away numerous times. In fact, the Master Sword is the only weapon that can deal a finishing blow to the King of Evil. It is, and will always be, the most powerful sword.

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