The Makeup Look He's Attracted To Most (Based On His Zodiac Sign)

Makeup is not something new, it has been around for centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians had a way to paint their face. Makeup is used for many reasons. Women use it to make themselves feel better, to enhance features in movies and TV and to get the guy.

If makeup is done right, it can accentuate the natural beauty of a woman. Make her features pop and really catch the attention of the guy she has been eyeing. Sometimes, it can be hard to determine what makeup look is right for that perfect guy.

To make this easier, all you will need to know about the guy is his birthday. If you know his birthday, then you can figure out his zodiac sign and that is all the information you need. You will know what kind of makeup look is going to make him look twice.

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20 Leo: Think Bright & Bold


Everything about Leo’s is bright and bold. They thrive under pressure and love being the center of attention. If you want to catch the attention of a Leo man, then bright and bold makeup is sure to attract them to you.

Be wary with this one though, because it can have the opposite effect, they may worry that you will outshine them.

19 Aries: Fiery But Appropriate


Aries is a fire sign, so they are attracted to anything that appears to burn and glow. You want to think of fire when you apply your makeup. Something that will catch their attention and draw them closer to you.

However, an Aries also needs things to be appropriate. This means, you don’t want to actually draw flames on your face. Be bold, but blend in.

18 Sagittarius: Think Of Actual Fire


Sagittarius is another fire sign, so it makes sense that they would also be drawn to flames. The good news is, you don’t need to be afraid to experiment a little bit.

Sagittarius tends to be inspirational, so they are looking for inspiration everywhere. This means that makeup is a great way to capture their imaginative mind.

17 Aquarius: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment


If you want to impress an Aquarius than you can’t be afraid to experiment. You want to try new looks, so get in front of a mirror at home and play around with different looks.

An Aquarius will appreciate all the effort you took to get the perfect look and they will definitely be drawn to you like a magnet.

16 Gemini: Be Unique


It is kind of ironic that the sign that is represented by twins is all about being unique. A Gemini is unique, and they will be pulled to someone who appears to be as unique as they are.

Make sure your makeup look is all you, and you are not following anything you have seen in magazines or on the street.

15 Libra: Purple And Blue Are The Right Colours


Most people base the colours they choose on their eye colour and their complexion. However, if you want to catch a guy, you may want to use colours that he is drawn to because of his zodiac.

A Libra will be drawn to purple and blue, so make sure those colours are in your makeup bag.

14 Taurus: Needs Everything To Be Practical


Taurus is an earth sign, and an earth sign tends to need everything to be practical. They will be drawn to people who think practical and make sure their look fits the situation they are in.

That means to catch a Taurus guy, you need to make sure that your makeup is incredibly practical.

13 Virgo: Keep It Natural


Virgo’s are also earth signs, so they need a natural look. The earth is natural, it is the most natural thing you are going to find, so they are going to be drawn to a natural look.

To catch a Virgo guy, don’t be afraid to go natural. Make your makeup very minimum, and you always want to make sure that if you are wearing makeup it doesn’t look like you are wearing any.

12 Capricorn: Earth Tones Is Where It Is At


Capricorn guys are all about the earth, and they are going to be drawn to looks and colours that remind them about the earth. You want to stick to browns, greys and even greens to replicate the colours you see around you.

To catch a guy, you need to remind him of the things he loves.

11 Pisces: Just Look Like You Are Crying


Pisces are water signs and they are drawn to water. A Pisces is also known for being a bit emotional, and they are attracted to the emotions in others.

You may want to have the look of crying about you when you want to impress a Pisces guy. They will be drawn to your vulnerability that you are showing through your makeup.

10 Cancer: Sensual


Cancer is also a water sign, so they are going to be attracted to anything that has a sensual appearance to it.

You want to make sure that when you do your makeup that you are trying to get that sensual look to it, and you are bound to catch any Cancer guy you want to.

9 Scorpio: All About Reflecting Light


To catch a Scorpio, you may want to go on a shopping binge and buying only products that are meant to illuminate your face. Scorpio’s, being a water sing, are attracted to reflecting light.

Look into an illuminating highlighter or face cream. This will help to illuminate your skin and make it look like light is just reflecting right off of you.

8 Aquarius: Don’t Be Afraid To Sparkle


An Aquarius is also unpredictable and adventurous, so an Aquarius guy is going to appreciate when a girl steps out of her comfort zone and does makeup that pushes the envelope a little bit.

Don’t be afraid to bring out the glitter and make yourself sparkle just a little bit. This is going to catch the Aquarius guy, and make him appreciate your sense of adventure.

7 Leo: Don’t Forget The Cat Eye


A Leo is known for being the King of the Jungle, and that is because their symbol is the mighty lion. The ferocious beast is a natural-born leader, and they are going to be attracted to another feline’s out there.

If you want to catch Leo’s eye, then make sure your eyes have a wicked cat eye high liner going on.

6 Virgo: Less Is More


The sign for the Virgo is a virgin and that is because one of the biggest attributes of a Virgo is their innocence. Their purity.

This means that if you want to catch a Virgo guy, you probably want to tone down the makeup. They aren’t going to be pulled by bright and out-there makeup. You are going to want to be as natural-looking as possible.

5 Libra: A Balanced Look


There is one thing that is important to a Libra and that is a balance. No matter what the makeup, it is important to make sure that the look is balanced.

The symbol that represents the Libra, is a scale. A Libra guy is going to be balanced in both his emotions and thoughts, and he is going to be drawn to a balanced look.

4 Scorpio: Focus On The Eyes


The Scorpio is not afraid to use their eyes. They know that they have power and they are very calculating, so their eyes are where they hold all of their power.

They are also going to pay a lot of attention to the eyes of those around them. The best way to get a Scorpio guy is to put all the focus on your eyes. Make sure your eyes pop, because he is going to look at those first.

3 Sagittarius: Don’t Skimp On The Liner


A Sagittarius is a hunter, and they are always looking for a new adventure out there that they can get involved in.

If you want to catch a Sagittarius guy, then you need to make yourself look like a hunter, which means focusing on the liner. The liner is everything, on both the eyes and the eyebrows. Do not neglect the eyebrows.

2 Capricorn: Bring Out The Gold


You may be worried that you need to draw horns on your head to capture the attention of a guy whose symbol is a ram. Luckily, the solution is much simpler. You need to stock up on gold makeup.

Gold makeup is the perfect way to catch the eye of a Capricorn guy. It doesn’t need to be overboard either, just a touch of gold and sparkle is going to catch the attention.

1 Aries: Focus Is On The Lips


An Aries guy is always ready for battle, which may be intimidating, but they are also always children at heart. Aries are also known or having a killer smile, and they know it.

They want to see lips that are just as perfect as theirs, so make sure your lip makeup is on point and it is sure to catch their eye.

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