The Microwave Challenge Is The Latest Bizarre Viral Trend

Throwing cheese at babies is so last week. The latest internet craze to go viral is known as the microwave challenge, in which people sit on the floor and spin like a microwave plate. Participants have to sit on the floor with their legs stretched and turn in a circle without moving their limbs, which seems physically impossible.

The perfect microwave spin should be as smooth as humanly possible. Some use one hand to effortlessly spin around, while others are seemingly spinning magically. Experts recommend performing the feat on a slippery hardwood floor since attempting this on the carpet will undoubtedly result in rug burn.

The trend is believed to have started on TikTok, a media app for creating and sharing short videos. There is also an online rumor that the craze was started in 2016 by K-pop band, EXO, who do a similar dance move on stage. Also, members from K-pop boy band BTS were filmed doing the microwave spin back in 2017.

Lately, videos of the challenge have begun to appear on Twitter and Facebook, and most feature the song Slow Dancing in the Dark by Joji playing in the background. The song includes a dinging bell sound similar to the one a microwave makes when your food is ready.

Social media users are amazed by the number of people who are able to complete the physically challenging move. One user named Chanel wrote, “The microwave challenge has me confused yet satisfied.” Some have suggested that the microwave challenge is fake, and that people are actually sitting on spinners or using thin fishing wire to slowly spin themselves round.

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There have also been parody videos of the challenge, such as the one in which Lana Del Rey appears spinning in an actual microwave. We’re going to assume this one is not real, though it’s not a bad idea for a music video. The new viral sensation follows the cheese throwing trend where people filmed themselves throwing slices of cheese at babies' faces. At least this time around, no babies were harmed in the making of the videos.

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