20 Of The Most Attractive LPGA Golfers On Golf Course

The world of sports is massive, but only a small number of sports are played on a truly global scale, and golf is one of them. Believe it or not, golf can be played anytime during the year in certain places, as long as there is a decent course, and you come equipped with some clubs. As far as professional golf is concerned, a season usually takes up the entire calendar year, but most people do not realize this because the main focus has always been on the Majors.

Men and women compete at these Majors on their respective Tours, with the men's PGA Tour usually getting more of the coverage, despite the fact that the women are also very skilled. When it comes to the women though, their appearance plays a role in their notoriety as well, and with this article, we will be ranking twenty of the most attractive female golf players who currently grace the courses of the LPGA.

20 Natalie Gulbis


Since qualifying for the LPGA in 2002, Natalie Gulbis has accumulated nearly $5 million in earnings, mainly from finishing in the top-10 of multiple Majors. Gulbis has not had an easy career though, as she has had four major back surgeries this decade alone, which is why she has gone through several semi-retirements.

19 Minjee Lee


Prior to turning pro in 2015, Minjee Lee was the top ranked amateur golfer, which means that people had some pretty high expectations of her. Since turning pro, this Aussie has won 5 LPGA tournaments, while finishing in the top 15 of several Majors, and that is why she has already made over $2 million in earnings.

18 Jaye Marie Green


Jaye Marie Green fell in love with golf when she was 11, and she has accumulated over $1 million in earnings since joining the LPGA in 2014. The Florida native credits her dad as her inspiration, and when she is not on the course, she enjoys cooking and paddle boarding.

17 Brooke Henderson


As of right now, Brooke Henderson is Canada's most accomplished golfer, as the Ontario native is currently ranked 7th in the world. Since turning pro in 2015, the reigning Canadian Women's Athlete of the Year has won 9 Tour events, including a Major, and that is why she has already made over $6 million in earnings.

16 Paula Creamer


Paula Creamer joined the LPGA in 2005, and she has been quite successful since her debut, as she was at one point ranked 2nd in the world. Aside from that, Creamer has won 10 tournaments, including a Major, which explains why she has made over $12 million in earnings, and when she is not playing, she enjoys music and all things fashion.

15 Maria Verchenova


Russia is known for its cold weather, which is why many of its athletes play winter sports, but Maria Verchenova has managed to pave the road for herself in golf. The former ballerina is the first Russian to make it onto the European Tour, where she has had several top-10 finishes.

14 Jessica Korda


As of now, Jessica Korda is ranked 16th in the world, and since joining the LPGA in 2011, she has made over $5 million in earnings while winning 5 tournaments and finishing in the top-10 of multiple Majors. It can be very lonely for players on the Tour, but Jessica does not have to deal with that too much as her sister is an accomplished pro in her own right.

13 Brooke Pancake


After completing her senior year at the University of Alabama in 2012, Brooke Pancake decided to turn pro, and she has been on the LPGA ever since. So far, Brooke has not won a single event, despite being a three-time All-American in college, but she has still managed to make just over $250,000 in earnings.

12 Kathleen Ekey


Kathleen Ekey first turned pro a decade ago, and although she has not won an LPGA event yet, she has won 2 events on the LPGA's Developmental Tour. The Cleveland native was actually the Developmental Tour's top earner in 2011, and she accomplished that while earning a bachelor's degree in communications studies.

11 Sandra Gal


Thanks to her dad, Sandra Gal started playing golf at age 6, and by age 14, she was already playing professional rounds. Over the course of her career, Gal has 1 Tour win, and over $4 million in earnings, and during her free time, she enjoys playing the violin, wakeboarding, and painting.

10 Carly Booth


Scotland is the birthplace of golf, so it makes sense that it produces a fair amount of players like Carly Booth. Booth turned pro in 2009 when she was just 17, and although she has not had much success in the LPGA, she has won 3 events on the European Tour.

9 Alison Lee


Not many Tour players can say that they are able to juggle their golf game with their college studies, but Alison Lee has shown that it is indeed possible. Alison entered the LPGA in 2015, where she has earned over $1 million thanks to a dozen top-10 finishes, and she has done this while attending UCLA.

8 Veronica Felibert


Veronica started playing golf at age 7, but did not join the LPGA until 2012, and so far she has accumulated over $150,000 in earnings, and more than a dozen top-10 finishes. When she is not playing golf, this Venezuelan beauty loves to work out, and when she is not doing that, she enjoys dancing, shopping, and watching movies.

7 Michelle Wie


Michelle Wie played her first round of golf when she was just 4 years old, and she later qualified for the Tour shortly after turning 16. The Hawaii native is one of the LPGA's most recognizable faces, and she has won 5 tour titles, including the 2014 U.S. Women's Open,  resulting in over $6 million in earnings so far.

6 Sydnee Michaels


After graduating with a bachelor's degree in history/sociology, Sydnee Michaels finally made her LPGA debut in 2012, and since then, she has made nearly $1 million in earnings while winning 2 tournaments. When she is not on the golf course, Sydnee enjoys playing guitar, cooking, doing yoga, and taking in new cultures while travelling.

5 Cheyenne Woods


Since entering the LPGA in 2015, Cheyenne Woods has not won a single Tour event, but she has still managed to amass just over $315,000 in earnings. Cheyenne is actually Tiger Woods' niece, which means that the game is literally in their family's blood, but when she is not playing it, she enjoys hiking and playing ping pong.

4 Paige Spiranac


Paige Spiranac began her professional play back in 2015, and since then, she has failed to win an LPGA title, which is odd seeing as she was a great player in college. Paige is a former gymnast who has managed to put together quite the following on Instagram, but that is to be expected when you look as good as she does.

3 Anna Rawson


Anna Rawson was born in Australia, and she has been on the Tour since her debut in 2004, but she has had very little to celebrate during her playing career as she still has not won a single event. Aside from golf, Anna is the co-founder of a food supplement company, but she also makes a living as a professional model.

2 Lexi Thompson


She may have played in the Women's U.S. Open when she was just 12, but Lexi Thompson did not actually turn pro until after her 15th birthday. Since her 2012 debut, Lexi has won 11 titles, including a major, giving her over $10 million in earnings and the current 9th spot in the world rankings.

1 Sharmila Nicollet


India has been waiting to have a high profile female golfer for some time, and it seems as though Sharmila Nicollet is willing to step into that role. She turned pro in 2009, and she is still the youngest Indian golfer to ever qualify for the European Tour; and she also happens to be a former National Sub-Junior Swimming Champion.

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