The Office: 20 Things That Actually Happened On Set (Even True Fans Didn't Know About)

'The Office' is easily one of the funniest shows to ever air on television. If you haven't dived into this pot of gold yet, you are in luck, because it is awaiting your arrival on Netflix! The show is a "documentary" style production that showcases the lives of a group of paper-selling office workers at a company called Dunder Mifflin.

The show, which is notorious for incorporating a lot of improvisation, has brought so much joy to our lives, so much that many of us have watched the series more than once! Whether you're a fan or not, you must admit, the cast did a spectacular job and truly sold each and every one of their parts.

Despite having seen the series a few times, there are always things that viewers miss! Here are 20 things that actually happened on the set of "The Office" that even true fans don't know!

*SPOILER ALERT* Many plotlines are revealed throughout this article, so please be cautious before reading.

20 The opening Sequence Secret

Believe it or not, but the opening sequence to this iconic show wasn't filmed by the show's producers, but by our very own Jim! When John Krasinski found out he had been cast as Jim Halpert, he took a trip down to Scranton, Pennsylvania to learn about paper selling, and shot the footage while there. It was later used for the opening sequence for all nine seasons!

19 The Steve Carrell Problem

In the early days of filming 'The Office', Steve Carrell has very overactive sweat glands that would cause him to sweat uncontrollably onset due to the lights. For this very reason, the set had to be kept very cool to prevent Carrel from sweating too much, which sounds like a very Michael Scott problem.

18 Dwight and Jim's Unscripted Scene

During Season 4 in the episode titled "Money'', Dwight breaks down in the stairwell. Luckily, Jim comes to comfort Dwight with his words. If you remember the scene well, Dwight turns around to hug Jim, but he had already fled the stairwell. This was completely unscripted and planned by the director filming the scene. Dwight's reaction to Jim being gone was completely authentic!

17 Jim's First Kiss

Although Jim kissing Pam for the first time wasn't his actual first kiss, it was, in fact, his first on-screen kiss. Jenna Fischer, the actress who plays Pam, asked John Krasinski if he had ever kissed on camera before. He lied to Jenna at the time, saying he had when really, this kiss was going to be hist very first on-camera smooch!

16 The $250,000 Proposal

During the scene that viewers had been waiting for forever, Jim proposed to Pam at a halfway point rest stop between Scranton and New York City. Although the rest stop appeared to be real, the crew had to create a replica from scratch. This fake rest stop cost nearly $250,000, making it one of the most expensive setups for a single scene!

15 A Hospital Emergency

During the "Beach Games" episode, things didn't go as planned and landed one of the cast-members in the emergency room. Rainn Wilson, who played the hilarious Dwight, accidentally kicked sand into the eye Leslie David Baker's character, Stanley. Baker had to be rushed to the hospital to find out he had a scratched cornea. He underwent a cleaning procedure and was back to normal shortly after.

14 The Truth Behind The Office's Screensavers

In this hilarious episode of 'The Office' when Michael Scott fell into a koi-pond, one aspect that die-hard fans probably didn't notice was that each and every cast-member changed their desktop screen savers to fish tanks! In this shot, we can see Jim Halpert's computer screen set up as a fish tank.

13 Karen's Firing Fear

In one episode during Karen's appearance on the show, Rashida Jones, who played Karen Filipelli, could not stop laughing at Steve Carrell's improvisations. Jones was laughing so much that production had to stop a few times. This led Jones thinking that she would actually get fired if she didn't pull it together!

12 Pam's Painting

Pam is and forever will be our favourite receptionist/saleswoman. Although she killed at her desk, Pam was also a talented artist. She had painted the exterior of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch, which was later hung up on the office. One thing fans might not know is that the painting was replaced with an inspiration quote poster for most of season 6, and was later put back afterward.

11 An Improvised Kiss

In the episode 'Gay Witch Hunt', Michael Scott shows that he is okay with colleague Oscar Martinez being gay, so much that he kisses him! Although this is public knowledge, what you might not know is that the kiss itself was not scripted. Scott kissed Martinez without anyone knowing, so the reactions you see off of the rest of the cast, are totally real!

10 Andy Saved Himself

We all remember Jim Halpert's stint at the Dunder Mifflin Stamford branch for a brief moment in time. This is where Jim adopted the 'Big Tuna' nickname from co-worker Andy. When the two branches combined, executives had it planned that they would all be fired and written off the show. Although the plan was set in stone, Andy Bernard's character, played by Ed Helms, was so funny that he was kept on permanently.

9 The Production Shutdown

'It Is Your Birthday', is easily one of the funniest posters ever made for a party on 'The Office'. When Jim and Dwight were left in charge of the party planning committee, Dwight put together a rather interestingly decorated conference room. When Krasinski's character first walked in, he was so amused by the half-blown balloons, that the two could not contain their laughter. It lasted so long that production actually had to shut down for quite a while before the actors could return composed.

8 Fake Work

During the earlier seasons of 'The Office', none of the desktop computers had internet or even functioned! With that being said, in scenes where cast members had to work at their desks, they were asked to bring in some of their own personal paperwork, magazines, newspapers or things to keep them occupied while filming, so that they would not get bored in scenes that didn't involve them.

7 Dwight's Donations

When it came to the non-functioning desktops, the set eventually got internet. This could have easily become a distraction, however, one character, in particular, Rainn Wilson, pledged that if a camera ever caught him doing something unrelated to the script on his computer, he would donate $100 every time to Meals on Wheels.

6 Jim's Real Signature

When Michael Scott ran over Meredith and fractured her pelvis, she had to wear a cast to work. When it came around to getting some of her co-workers to sign the cast, she got Jim as her first volunteer. Although it was missed by many, John Krasinski didn't sign his character name, Jim Halpert, but signed his actual name!

5 Video Game Pals

We love hearing storied about cast members being friends off-set, and we love this one even more! According to Krasinski, when it was time for lunch, he was jet off to castmate Brian Baumgartner's trailer to play video games. This became a daily occurrence and the two would spend nearly every lunch together.

4 The Office's Original Name

We all know 'The Office' was based on the original UK version, however, in pre-production, the show was meant to be called 'The American Workplace', and a documentary after the series was made was meant to be called "The Office", in homage of the show. Luckily, that didn't pan out and the show was called its rightful name.

3 Angela's Secret

Angela is one of the most special characters on the show! She loves things done right, in a tame manner with a very conservative execution. With that being said, Angela Kinsey, who played the character, was pregnant during season 5. She would be skillfully hidden behind boxes, printers or seen covering her stomach in a lot of scenes!

2 off-screen besties

In addition to Kinsey's pregnancy during season 4, it may come as a surprise to find out that Fischer and Kinsey were off-screen besties. The two are incredibly close and are even godparents to each other's children! Although the two didn't get along all the time on-screen, they have remained friends during the pre-production of the show all the way to this day.

1 The Airport Mystery

In a sad episode of 'The Office', Michael Scott heads off, but not before having an emotional moment with Pam. The two shared several touching moments together throughout the series, but this one was ultra special. Jenna Fischer entered this scene only being told to "say goodbye" to Carrell's character. Although that was the plan, Scott whispered something into Pam's ear that got her very emotional. Fans have been dying to know what Michael Scott said, but to this day, neither of them has revealed the emotional message.

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