'The Office' Lives On In Evil Jim Meme

It's safe to assume that most people who have seen The Office love James Duncan Halpert. Regardless of personality differences, political affiliations and opinions of sports teams, people can generally agree that paper salesman Jim is an all-around good guy. What's not to love? He's funny, loves pulling hilarious pranks, does spot-on impressions, has impeccable comedic timing and he seems to have a heart of gold to top it all off.

But wait. It seems that people are out there who wish to soil the good name of our friend, Jim even though The Office has been off the air for around five years now. Fictional character Jim is no longer around to defend himself!


Mashable found a whole host of memes that are perfect to describe "running from responsibility or watching something go down in flames" featuring... evil Jim.


We know what you're thinking... evil Jim? What a contradiction! How can that be? The image is Jim watching something from the window of the office kitchen, presumably. The window's blinds are down but not pulled tight so Jim's face is completely visible... exposing his giant (but kind of terrifying) smile.

We know Jim isn't an evil character, but we've got to hand it to whomever came up with this idea because if you didn't know the one they call "Big Tuna," you might think that this person is truly evil. His smile combined with the distinct look in his eyes lets you know that he definitely likes what he is seeing and what he is seeing is probably not good at all.

All that he is missing here is raising his hands near his face, pressing his fingers together and cackling an evil laugh. But since this is Jim, we know that this is just a photo taken out of context.

Mashable says that Know Your Meme explained the photo, and that it was initially used in 2014 as a reaction image to a string of racist comments on 4chan. From there, it caught on like wildfire on Reddit.

What do you think of the Evil Jim meme? Will you be using it any time soon? Or do you prefer to keep Halpert's name respectable? Let us know!


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