10 Pop Culture-Inspired Theme Parks We Wish Existed

There are some amazing theme parks out there, and many people spend their time and money chasing the thrills. While there are unique and interactive lands, fast and terrifying roller coasters, and vast and expansive amusements... there are not the 10 parks that are listed below.

With the right resources and energy, some or even all of these parks could come into existence, and then, dreams could come true. New possibilities would arise. More fun would be had. Fans of theme parks would not have to be sad about the fact that these 10 parks don't exist! Until then, though, we remain upset by the fact that they are just dreams right now.

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10 Wonderland

Via: Albawaba

While there are a couple of Wonderland amusement parks out there (two in Texas and two abandoned ones in Asia), there needs to be a new Alice in Wonderland-themed park (one that is more advanced than the kid-friendly park in the UK). With all the quirkiness found in this classic tale, this fun place could have trippy rides, colorful buildings, and even a giant hedge maze! We wish this one existed so we could visit it right now. 

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9 Halloweentown

Via: Shiny Creations

Every October, St. Helens, Oregon – which is where many scenes from Halloweentown were shot – turns into an actual Halloween paradise. But there needs to be a year-round theme park that celebrates all things Halloween. Some parts would be fun and zany, like in this Disney film, but other parts of the park would bring horror films to life... in the scariest and most amusing way possible!

8 Toy Land

Via: Unreality Mag

Now, several amusement parks feature toy-themed areas and rides, like Disney’s new Toy Story Land. Here is the inspiration for a full Toy Land, though: Remember the larger-than-life Lego blocks in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids? Well, this park would have giant versions of all the greatest toys and rides built into all of them. Sounds amazing, right? 

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7 Poseidon

Via: Qatar Living

There are Poseidon-themed rides and Atlantis-focused attractions and Sea World... but the world needs one giant ocean playground, full of waterworks and water rides. It would have some serious thrills – such as some underwater portions – but it would not be as scary or as deadly as the movie titled Poseidon! Maybe they could even set up a giant pool filled with mermaids and a scuba section. The possibilities are endless. 

6 Barbie’s Dreamhouse

Via: Le Garage TV

There are life-size Dreamhouses in Florida and Berlin (and there used to be a pretty neat one in Times Square, but Toys "R” Us stores are closing), but Barbie fans deserve more than just the house. Think of the VR-based rides that could put stylish guests into fashionable scenarios! Think of a pink roller coaster! We need this. Plus, the possibilities for merch are filling up our imaginations as we speak. 

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5 Land of the Dead

Via: CGSociety

An Indiegogo was started to create Z World Detroit, an apocalypse-style park, but it only received 6 percent of its backing. So, let's get on this or start again, all to bring the world a creepy-cool amusement park that is filled with zombies. That is right... Walking Dead fans rejoice! Those who aren't fans of all things spooky, maybe stick with Barbie World, as discussed above. 

4 Welcome To Clue

Via: Blogspot

Clue is a board game and film centered around a murder mystery. There are murder mystery dinner theaters, TV shows, and books...but no theme park. It could start on a train, like Murder on the Orient Express, and take guests to a grand mansion. There would be rides and thrills to enjoy all while trying to figure out who done it! 

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3 The TV Park

Via: Creativity Online

There are lots of rides and parks dedicated to movies, but what about a television series? We propose an amusement park full of rides based on TV shows! The one for Friends could feature seats that look like their couch at Central Perk, and there could be a Game Of Thrones Ferris wheel with seats made of fake swords! Imagine if all of these parks were connected with a road system that featured all of our favorite famous cars like the Mystery Machine or anything from Speed Racer. Want, want, want. 

2 Westworld

Via: Seeing Stars

Speaking of TV shows, there, of course, needs to be a real Westworld... just without the androids that turn on and kill all the humans. The train, the saloon at Sweetwater, the option to pick a white or black cowboy hat, the different groups of people in their lands... Yes!

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1 Jurassic Park

Via: Wikia

Last but not least, give us a real Jurassic Park! We could live without real dinosaurs escaping, and we don’t even need the Universal Studios version. But we do want to ride in those green Jeeps, through those big gates, into a park that allows us to view some dinos, though – and maybe Chris Pratt, too.

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