"There I Fixed It": 20 People Who Tried Their Best And It Still Wasn't Good Enough

Sometimes people like to get creative and use their own skills to fix certain problems. Sometimes that works and sometimes it absolutely does not. Does that stop them from trying? Nope, it never did and probably never will. And this list of attempted fixes is proof of that. It has everything from "fixed" walls, "fixed" car lights, to "fixed" calendars. If there's something we should take away from the following "fixes", it's definitely not how to fix things, but rather how not to fix things. So maybe these fixes weren't all for nothing. At least they teach other people a lesson. Actually who are we kidding, they were definitely not for nothing as they are sure to make us laugh. Or cry at how ridiculous humans can be sometimes. Like honestly, some of these fixes are so absurd that it makes us wonder if those people were even serious. And some are so crazy that it's borderline genius. But enough rambling, let's have a look at the entries.

So here they are, 20 people who tried to easily fix a problem, but honestly just ended making a fool out of themselves. Except for the mother nature lover. That guy is my personal hero and deserves all the best in the world!

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20 Let's start with this bench fix

Via: reddit.com

Yeah, that seems totally safe doesn't it? It' not like the bench is too heavy for the bucket. No, we'd totally sit down on that... except yeah, absolutely not. Who thinks of fixing a heavy iron bench by putting a plastic bucket where its legs once were? Not to mention that the whole thing looks utterly ridiculous besides it also being pretty unsafe. But at least whoever did it kinda tried. If you can classify putting a bucket there as trying. But hey, at least the bucket is bright orange and very noticeable, which is good cause it will prevent people from mistaking that it's "fixed" and sitting down. Let's just hope no one got injured here, and whoever did this DIY fix deserves an A for effort, but that's about it. No worries, this is just the beginning, we have plenty more people who tried and it just was not good enough.

19 Then there's this letter fix

Via: reddit.com

Okay, first of all how on Earth did the person who was in charge of writing "bus stop" in the first place screw up this much? How did they finish writing without realizing they're missing a "P" at the end? Or did they simply run out of yellow paint, or break the necessary equipment, or something? Either way, using a piece of white chalk to add the missing "P" is a great joke, I'll admit, but come the first rain it will be gone. This is obviously not a long term solution, but hey, someone did try to fix it after all, we can't argue against that.

18 This genius side-view mirror

Via: imgur.com

This one is just absolutely hilarious, I just can't get over it! Honestly it makes me go "mirror mirror on the car, who's the biggest driving star?" Okay, I'll excuse myself, that joke was awful... but still, everyone gets my point.

Like, now we have so many questions for this beautiful and amazing, fairytale inspired DIY fix.

Like first of all, how did someone think of it, then how did they actually make the mirror stay on there? And last but not least, why is there a pirate rubber duck on top? We definitely need some answers for this one! And I'm not gonna lie, with this one I actually think it's even better than having a proper, boring side-view mirror. Who wan't those anyways, when you can have this one with a ducky on top!

17 This very much locked door

Via: reddit.com

I mean, the door is most definitely locked now, isn't it? So whoever did this whole chain and lock thing did actually end up locking the door, we can't argue against that. Yeah, this is a fix, just maybe not a visually pleasing one. The side of the wall has a ginormous hole in it to make sure the chain can wrap itself around the frame. So in case anyone has a broken lock, maybe don't follow this creative individual's footsteps, and just get the lock fixed, because fixing a hole in the wall will probably end up being more expensive. I bet whoever this genius is living with was not happy about this particular "fix" at all.

16 This calendar life hack

Via: reddit.com

Not gonna lie, this one is kinda impressive af. Guys, if y'all have some old 2014 calendars lying around somewhere up in your attic or down in your basement, the time has come to up-cycle them to ~sorta~ new 2018 calendars, because somehow the dates and days of the week just totally match up.

All you have to do is cross out the 2014 and replace it with 2018, as seen above.

That is if you happen to have saved old calendars for some unexplainable reason. I never understood why people do that, but now it somehow all makes sense, so if you are one of those, congrats, you'll probably be able to reuse all of the years you saved at some point.

15 This creative gearstick fix

Via: reddit.com

To be quite frank, a lot of these fixes on our list are quite ridiculous, yet somehow also genius at the same time. Probably because we would not, in a million years, think of these as solutions to problems. But somehow, (and quite weirdly) most of these fixes do their job quite well. So I can't tell f these people are actually genius or just plain stupid... Like this tennis ball gearstick fix, for example. I mean, it definitely fixes the handle of the gear stick (one can even argue that it makes it more ergonomic), but my biggest question is whether this one is actually safe. Like can the tennis ball fall off at some pint during driving or did they glue it on?

14 "Screw" this solution

Via: reddit.com

See what I did there? Yeah, sometimes, admittedly very rarely, I can be pretty funny. Okay, so enough about me, let's talk about this fix. Whoever lost or broke the original faucet handles definitely came up with a pretty solid solution to the problem, didn't they?

They just put some very big screws here the handles were, and yeah, that should work!

And I bet it does, even if it looks a bit odd. Yeah, it definitely must feel a bit strange pulling those when turning the water on. But hey, it sure is cheaper than going out there and getting a whole new faucet, so maybe this fix is even worth it. At least in the short run until whoever did this decides to splurge on a proper fix.

13  This car AC

Via: reddit.com

I mean, when the actual AC in your car is broken you have to improvise. No one wants to drive with their broken down car with no AC on a sizzling hot summer day. And well, if you happen to have all the necessary equipment for this interesting DIY air conditioning setup at hand, then why not do it? I mean who doesn't have an AC just lying around somewhere in their house. Just kidding, but you gotta give it to whoever made this, it is quite creative, and well, if it actually works then they have surely fixed their summer problem.

12 This pan fix

Via: imgur.com

Okay, so let me introduce to you the pot-sofa leg hybrid. Honestly, I am totally digging this one, because not only does it solve the problem of a broken pot handle, it also kinda looks okay?

Maybe it's not as good as getting a new pot, but hey, if you have a broken sofa leg lying around

then using it as an impromptu handle surely does save you some money. The only potential issue with this one is how safe it is to have a wooden handle, especially if you have a gas stove. So let's perhaps reconsider how safe this hybrid is, especially as this is a gas stove.

11 The switch that will stay

Via: imgur.com

Okay, whoever did this fix clearly didn't want anyone to ever move that switch, and well, let me tell you, they definitely succeeded at that because nobody will ever turn that switch on unless they happen have the right equipment to actually crack this bad boy of a set up. Do you think they ever tried with just a plain sign saying "don't turn on this switch", or did they go straight to this method? Not gonna lie, it's a bit extra, but hey, if you don't want someone to touch a switch, then you probably have to go all out.

10 Gotta keep you hands clean

Via: imgur.com

Okay, so what guys? Their wall hand soap dispenser clearly broke, and they had to fix it somehow, didn't they? Besides, who doesn't like a good old rubber band hack, and this surely is one.

Also, can I just point out that in their defense, they definitely prioritized being clean and killing those germs,

and sometimes the visuals are not important. Okay now that I made myself clear, I really do hope that they eventually got a proper soap dispenser, as this does look quite ridiculous, and probably sorta falls apart as soon as you press that pump to squeeze some out. Also, hand sanitizer is not soap.

9 This hole in the wall fix

Via: reddit.com

I mean, technically the logical solution to fixing a hole in a brick wall is to stick bricks in there and make it match the rest of the brick wall, isn't it? But yeah, in practice, that clearly looks hella unprofessional, which is why this image found its spot on our list. Maybe next time they should try putting the brick in the hole right way so it matches the rest, or just leave the hole alone. An empty hole will draw less attention to it then when it's filled with a brick, especially if the end result looks anything like this.

8 Tape always works as a fix, doesn't it?

Via: imgur.com

No, no, no! It most certainly does not. And this is pretty much the ultimate example of how not to fix a hole in a cobblestone street.

Tape might be always the easiest solution, but it surely doesn't work on everything.

Especially not outdoors on a public pavement. So let's hope whoever placed this tape here meant it as a joke and hopefully plans to actually properly fix this wobbly stone because it is definitely a walking hazard. Some people (read: me) can't even walk on perfectly flat surfaces, let alone a stones put in place with a piece of tape.

7 This propped up building

Via: imgur.com

To be honest, I don't even know what exactly is going on in this picture. Seriously, what's happening here? It seems like they are trying to tear down the building but then also keep it up straight? Or was there an earthquake and are they now trying to recover the building? Because if that's the case it doesn't look like it's gonna turn out well at all. Let's just hope that no one was injured during this very improvised attempt at fixing a building. And hopefully they somehow miraculously managed to achieve their goal, whatever the heck it was in this case.

6 This hilarious clock update

Via: reddit.com

Quite frankly I think this one is pretty genius, just because it is so ridiculously out there that it almost seems smart. Like I wish I had thought of this at some point when my clock stopped working.

Just tape another clock onto it and voilà, a pretty quirky and totally unique new clock.

Just kidding, I would not do it, but hey, as a funny prank it totally works. Besides, it totally fixes the initial problem of the clock not working, so this is some A+ fixing skills. I can't argue with that. Now, I think it says it's time to move on to our next entry.

5 Gotta help mother nature

Via: reddit.com

Honestly, I'm not even sure if this is an actual tree or just a wooden pole, but I like to think it's a tree and that some very nature conscious individual went out there after a horrible storm to tape the tree down and try help it survive. Because that right there people, fills my cold heart with hope and makes me think that humans do care about mother nature more than they like to admit. But yeah, chances are that even when taped together, this tree most likely still didn't survive. However I would still like to clarify that this fixer belongs on our honor list because his intentions were so pure.

4 Gotta keep the oven closed

Via: reddit.com

This fix is definitely one of the ones I look at, thinking how it's actually pretty freakin' smart.

Until I think about it a little more carefully,

and realize it would definitely annoy the frick out of me on the long run. The fact that you can't open the microwave without removing that bungee cable must be extremely annoying. Also adjusting that setup every time you have to use the cupboard or microwave would drive me insane. But yeah, as an emergency fix this seems to totally work, let's just hope they got it properly fixed eventually. Or they must have just stopped using that part of the kitchen.

3 This perfect cut

Via: imgur.com

Honestly, this seems like such an annoying place to place a lightbulb, like who thought of this when they were designing the place? Obviously you have to be able to open your door without smashing your light bulb, so how did this situation even come to existence? Someone should have definitely gotten fired... But hey, thankfully a genius mind figured out how to fix this problem. Instead of paying an electrician to move the light to another spot on the ceiling, they just skillfully cut out the piece of door that was putting the light bulb in danger. How do people think of these solutions?

2 Have a broken light on your car?

Via: diply.com

No worries, this hack has got you covered, Just stick as many flashlights as you can find in place of your car's light, and it's basically like it was never even broken. Well, if we look over the fact that it will be a pain to turn all those flashlights on manually...

but hey, at least it's cheaper than fixing the light.

Just make sure that you don't blame us when the police stop you for having that unique light setup. In fact, maybe scratch all that I've said, and please don't try this hack out! It's on our list for a reason.

1 And lastly, this person who tried to fix the "over or under" debate

Via: reddit.com

Genius! If you put it like this on the toilet paper holder, then no one can argue anymore if it's supposed to go over or under. This definitely is a fix that deserves praise. And puts an end to the eternal debate.

And there you have it, 20 fixes that hopefully put a smile on your face. If not, well then they at least showed you how not to deal with similar problems. Honestly, just don't do it. Tape doesn't fix everything, and sometimes it's just better to call a professional than to DIY it. This list totally proves it.

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