There Is An Actual Instagram Account Dedicated To Cats Wearing Donald Trump Wigs

I came across this recently, and felt I had to share it, because if there's something that everyone needs in their life, it's an Instagram account filled with cats that look like Donald Trump. Called @trumpyourcat, this account is completely filled with cats wearing Donald Trump wigs (AKA what looks like a cat hairball). People submit hilarious pictures of their cat a la Donald Trump and the account will regram them with a seriously funny caption – usually an actual quote that Donald Trump has said while on the campaign trail.

Check out a few of the best Donald Trump cats from trumpyourcat below.

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12 That pensive stare

Pensive? Evil? One of the two! This sassy Instagram picture features a caption not from Donald Trump himself, but clearly meant as a dig towards the Republican candidate. Oh, and the fact that Donald Trump's actual account is tagged is amazing.

11 Thoughts on Jeb Bush's endorsement

No apologies here from cat Trump for driving Jeb Bush "into oblivion."

10 Annoyed Cat Trump

Petty cat Trump at it again with his remarks about Megyn Kelly's questions at the Republican Debate. Come on, man. It's time to let it go. Even the cat version of you thinks so.

9 Raging Cat Trump

You know things are about to get real when you see this face. Calling out Bernie Sanders this time, seriously who has Donald Trump not offended?

8 This unequivocally true statement

Whatever Donald Trump says must be the truth right... even if he has absolutely no evidence to back it up. I must admit, though, if it were Cat Trump making these sort of statements I would be much more inclined to listen to him given his cute little furry face.

7 Sometimes the account also makes side by side comparisons between the *real* Donald Trump and Cat Trump

Here they are, threatening to ban Muslims from entering the country. Oh dear.

6 Another comparison, this time with a Frenchie

I must admit, this grumpy, droopy Frenchie face is much more similar to Trump's than a kitty's. Of course, they are looking equally smug after making such a statement.

5 And yet, another comparison because they seriously look so much alike, it's scary

Showing off just how opinionated he can be, the hashtag #JustDontTrumpAmerica is perfectly fitting.

4 The account also likes to put Cat Trump in real-life situations... like this event with Chris Christie

Looking super classy on Super Tuesday, Cat Trump is right at home up there on stage next to Chris Christie.

3 Or Trump's own personal office

Eating a taco bowl? What other way could Cat Trump signify his love for Hispanics? I bet he's now won a whole new pool of voters.

2 Or flying high on his own personal jet

Drafting important papers in full Cat Trump attire, Cat Trump just cannot be stopped.

1 And finally, here is an actual cat sitting on Donald Trump's head because, why not?

#CatYourTrump on #NationalCatDay 📷 via @grendel210

A post shared by Donald Purrump (@trumpyourcat) on

Walking around with an actual cat on his head would honestly be a huge improvement on his current hairstyle.

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