These 23 Animals Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You

So, you're having a bad day and you need a little pick me up? We've got you covered. These animals are going through some really dark times, and the outcomes are hilarious.

Hopefully these will put you in a better mood and make your sorrows fly away.

23 This dog that just wanted to get out of the bathroom, but for now the bathtub will just have to do.

A big old nope, nope and nope.

22 This cat that just wanted to have a nice meal after a long day, but was forced to share it with an annoying sibling.

Can you like, not pat me, please?

21 This fox that had a great idea.

But learned that maybe not all great ideas should be acted upon.

20 This lizard that didn't sign up for kitty hugs.

What is this creature hugging me, how do I escape from it?

19 This dog that hoped the new shoes would be comfortable.

Is there a manual on how to walk in these?

18 This cat that saw not only one dinosaur, but two!

Attention, attention, dinosaurs are still among us!

17 This panda that was just trying to find a comfortable spot for some afternoon meditation.

And nature had failed it.

16 This pup that was finally brave enough to let go and jump.

Only to find out that bravery doesn't always pay off.

15 This cat that got into an argument with its own leg.

I am your ruler, leg! Stay still or feel my wrath!

14 This lizard that just wanted to be cool in front of its friend.

Only to realize that coolness cannot be faked.

13 This cat that was scared to death by a British spy.

I will not answer any questions without my lawyer present.

12 This dog that doesn't trust small things with legs.

Leave me alone, OK?

11 This bunny that just wanted to go on an adventure.

That window seemed so close...

10 This dog that hoped fishing would actually be fun.

And he wouldn't get thrown in the cold water. Oh, how he was wrong.

9 This penguin that thought it knew who its friends are.

You can't trust anyone nowadays.

8 This cat that desperately wanted to get in the box.

Because cats love boxes.

7 This dog that just wanted to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach.

And nothing went as planned.

6 This turtle that just wanted to get down.

But not on its face.

5 This cat that was just enjoying a nice, quiet nap.

What is this odd smell I woke me up to?

4 This dog whose owner thought this would be hilarious.

Why would you do this to me, WHY!? Do you think this is funny?

3 This cat that hoped water might not be wet.

Only to find out that it was and then ran for its life.

2 This dog that just wanted its pillow all for itself.

Get your own pillow, tiny human!

1 And this pup that trusted its owners.

Big mistake! And nothing ever hurt as much as this betrayal.

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