These Are the 15 Most Popular Donut Flavors in America

We all know that Americans (and realistically, the rest of the world) love donuts. They're sweet, squishy, and with a huge variety of toppings and fillings – you can pretty much always be in the mood for a donut. America is arguably the donut capital of the world, where you can find a donut for any occasion – like these adorable-looking confections of animated characters found at Pixar Pier. It hardly comes as a surprise that Americans are among the most opinionated when it comes to their donut preferences, and thousands of Americans voted in Ranker's 2015 poll to uncover the best donuts across America. From classic glazed to Boston creme, we've compiled the data and created a list of America's favorite donuts.

Check out the 15 most popular donut flavors in America.

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15 Lemon Cream

via: bakeaholicmama.com

The Lemon Cream donut comes in at #15 with 220 votes. While this may not be the most popular donut out there, lemon is kind of an essential flavor option when it comes to baked goods. It's refreshing, tart (which goes well with a sweet and buttery baked good), and it's got that pastel yellow color that makes it perfect for afternoon tea. If you're a lover of all things lemon (lemon meringue pie, lemonade, lemon poppyseed cake, etc...), then I totally understand why you would enjoy a good lemon cream donut. Delicately dusted in castor sugar, like the picture above, makes these lemon cream donuts look utterly delectable. So delectable, in fact, that you might have to hide them from your family! All that citrus must be pretty refreshing to crack this list!

14 Apple Fritter

via: applefrittereatery.com

A donut fit for fall! The apple fritter is warm, hearty, and full of delicious apple bits and lots of cinnamon and sugar of course. While this donut's appearance may not look like much, it's the inside that counts. And I guarantee you, every bit will be as moist and full of flavor as the last. Perfect with hot chocolate, a latte, or a steaming cup of apple cider in the winter, an apple fritter will ensure you are kept warm and cozy throughout the cold months. If you're a fan of apple cake, or the scrumptious pairing of apple and cinnamon, then you can't go wrong with an apple fritter. Oh, and the icing glaze doesn't hurt either. With 291 votes, this donut comes in at #14.

13 Cinnamon

via: recipeshubs.com

This simple donut is a classic. Whether just lightly rolled in cinnamon sugar, or covered in "cinnamon crumb," cinnamon is pretty much the best spice out there. Don't believe me? Check out some of the top reviews from those that voted for the cinnamon donut. One user says, "Cinnamon donuts = BEST FLAVOR EVER! Especially cinnamon sugar. It just reminds me of those cold winter nights, where you sit in front of the fire and drink hot chocolate with your family!" That certainly sounds like the coziest picture I can image. Other users commented, "Cinnamon donuts rock they are magically fantastic, Dunk one in hot coffee- ahhhhh- to die for!," and finally, "That's a sexy donut." I think that last comment really says it all. With 368 votes, the cinnamon donut ranks #13 on this list.

12 Sugar

via: christinascucina.com

There's nothing quite as simple, or as pure, as a sugared donut. To some it may taste bland, but to 372 others, it's the perfect accompaniment to a cup of afternoon tea. And I have to say, I agree with the 372 Americans that voted for the sugared donut. The sugared donut is always there for you. It's nothing fancy, but it's something that you can find at almost every grocery store or bakery, and it's something that you're always in the mood for. Lemon cream might be yummy, but you definitely have to be in the mood for a flavor as strong as lemon. What about for the sugared donut, you ask? Well, there is simply never a bad time for a sugared donut.

11 Custard

via: foodnetwork.co.uk

Adding another dimension of texture and sweetness to a donut, the custard donut is the 11th most popular donut in the US with 419 votes. Oozing with creamy custard, the custard donut is the enemy of jelly donut lovers, and lemon cream donut lovers. Why? Because it's often hard to tell what's inside the donut. We all know it's the worst feeling in the world when you bite into what you think is a jelly donut, only to realize it's actually a custard donut (and vice versa). All of the chocolate chip cookie vs oatmeal raisin cookie people also get me! Nonetheless, the custard donut is a very popular donut and I can see why.

10 Vanilla Frosting with Sprinkles

via: virtualcheeseblogger.com

Another classic, but let's face it, a kid's dessert. While it is delicious for people of all ages, there comes a time when you're a little embarrassed to be ordering something with sprinkles on it. It's quite sad really, because sprinkles somehow elevate a donut from being boring to ridiculously fun. I mean, let's think about it. If you took away the sprinkles on a sprinkle donut, you'd just be left with a regular donut covered in boring vanilla glaze... that doesn't sound too appealing, does it? Rainbow colored sprinkles truly add a bit of excitement to your morning routine. So, if you're too self-conscious to order one at Dunkin' Donuts, just be sure to nab one when a coworker decides to bring a variety pack into the office. At 426 votes, this donut comes in at #10.

9 Double Chocolate

via: foodnetwork.com

Chocolate lovers, unite! A chocolate glazed donut isn't enough, no siree. A donut is not complete without the addition of an extra layer of chocolate frosting on top of the already chocolatey donut. In the words of one of the voters from Ranker, "Chocolate + Chocolate = sinfully delicious." This person definitely has the right idea. When you bite into a double chocolate donut, it will definitely feel like a sin. While I can't say I've ever eaten a bad double chocolate donut, if you want to step up your game, I have a suggestion. Rather than making the glaze with a typical chocolate icing, turn it into a dark chocolate ganache. The added bitterness will honestly change your life. 439 Americans voted for these beauties. If you're a fan of the double chocolate chip cookie, this one's for you.

8 Powdered

via: pinterest.com

For some reason, Americans tend to prefer powdered sugar to castor sugar on their donuts. I get that powdered sugar has a sort of pillow-like texture that is pleasant, but my issue with it is that the powder just gets everywhere! It seems that reviewers of the powdered donut agree, however, it really doesn't seem to bother them. One user commented, "Even though they're messy, they are SUPA tasty. So delicious." While another said, "Very tasty indeed, and messy." I agree with both the tasty and the messy part, I'm just not sure, for me personally, that the messiness is worth the taste. Perhaps if there was strawberry jam in there I would be more inclined... You must admit, though, the powdered donut does have a lovely texture and kind of looks like a snowy donut (and we all know snow is magical). Regardless of the arguments for and against, the powdered donut comes in at #8 on this list with 463 votes.

7 Maple

via: sugarandspiceandallthingsiced.com

Nothing quite as sweet or classy as a maple donut – and I bet our neighbors to the North love these ones too! Americans cast 473 votes in favor of the maple donut, leading it to come in at #9. Interested in hearing what Americans had to say about it? One user wrote, "Maple Glazed is amazing. I don't even know what to say it just is amazingly good and delicious. Anyone who says otherwise is joking or a hater. It is simply gorgeous and just the best donut ever!" This person clearly feels very passionately about maple donuts. Another user remarked, "Maple anything is good." This comment, I 100% agree with. Maple taffy, maple sugar, maple butter, and of course, maple syrup. Maple is freakin' delicious and should be somehow incorporated into every meal.

6 Strawberry Jelly

via: ww2.kqed.org

The best breakfast donut – a strawberry jelly donut is almost like having a piece of toast with jam... except, you  know, in donut form (AKA 10 times better). Strawberry jelly donuts can be found with a glazed, powdered, or sugared exterior. No matter which way you cut it though, they're damn delicious – 484 Americans think so too. I will admit that while I am a huge fan of the strawberry jelly donut, they too can be messy. Even if they aren't covered in powdered sugar (which would add another dimension of messy), there's always the risk of the jelly oozing out of the wrong place and landing on your clothes. But honestly, it's worth the risk. The user who wrote, "Messy, but insanely delicious," must think so too! Just make sure to get a few extra napkins at the counter.

5 Chocolate Frosting with Sprinkles

via: krispykreme.com

Once again, sprinkles are a little childish, but they do make for a scrumptious donut (and exactly 500 Americans agree). A chocolate donut with sprinkles is practically an American institution at this point. Krispy Kreme sells them, Dunkin' Donuts sells them, and for those in the northeast, Tim Horton's sells them. You can find them anywhere and they're guaranteed to be pretty cheap. My only issue with these guys is, because they're everywhere, sometimes they can be low quality. But if you can find a yummy and fresh chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles, you have hit the jackpot, my friend.

4 Chocolate Long John

via: culturepie.wordpress.com

I don't know what it is about a chocolate long john... but it won the hearts of all 590 Americans that voted for it. They're so simple, and yet, the shape makes it more appealing than your traditional circle-shaped donut. The worst, however, is when you think you're buying a chocolate long john only to realize later that it's actually a weirdly shaped Boston Creme donut. Signs need to be much more explicit about donut fillings! All kidding aside, these donuts are damn good. Hence why they came in at #3 on this list. According to one American voter on Ranker, chocolate long john donuts are so good, they can change his mood. He writes, "These doughnuts are god-sends. When I was younger I would go to the Shell gas station every day and get one of these Long John's and it would give me enough energy to get through the day. If I'm ever depressed or in a non-social mood, give me one of these babies and I'll be the life of the party." If only a donut could solve all my problems!

3 Boston Creme

via: dessertnowdinnerlater.com

Boston Creme is where it's at. Topping this list at #3 with 660 votes, Boston creme donuts combine one's love of custard with their love of chocolate. What could be better? Two American voters commented, "GET IN MY MOUTH BRUH!," and "Yummy in my tummy." These may not be the most eloquent comments, but they certainly speak to the power of the Boston creme donut. Unlike any other donut out there, the Boston creme donut is kind of like a hybrid between a custard donut and a chocolate frosted donut. Yet, somehow, when you put them together, it has 10 times the power of your average custard or chocolate frosted donut. Be sure to buy these bad boys by the dozen!

2 Chocolate Glazed

via: runningwithspoons.com

A simple, hassle-free donut for all the chocaholics out there. This donut garnered 695 votes. Just make sure to do it right, and eat it alongside a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The chocolate glazed donut nabs the #2 spot on this list and for good reason. It isn't messy to eat, it's got the perfect sugary exterior, and it will satisfy all of your chocolate cravings. Plus, it tastes good both warm or cold. Check out what one voter had to say: "I love this. You need to eat them in the cold with some hot chocolate." This user is correct. A chocolate donut dipped in hot chocolate, or even a mocha latte, sounds like the best afternoon treat in the winter.

1 Glazed

via: recipeshubs.com

The ultimate donut. Coming in at #1 is the glazed donut with a whopping 856 votes. Glazed donuts can be found in almost any donut shop in the US. While some refer to them as the "vanilla ice cream" of the donut world, there's so much more to a glazed donut than that. Even though you might not expect it, I guarantee you every bite will be tastier than the last. Don't believe me? Check out a few of the top comments for the glazed donut below (and if you don't think Americans take their donuts seriously, you definitely will after reading what the voters had to say). One voter writes, "GLAZED for the win! Glazed donuts bring a sensational flavor that makes the world wanna eat them! Their unique flavor tastes like heaven to the people of the USA! GO GLAZED!" Another commented, "None of this fancy sprinkle crap! Give me a glazed doughnut please." And finally,"The glazed donut rules over all when it comes to donuts. This donut doesn't feel the need to cover up what it really is with sprinkles and frosting. The simplicity of the glazed donut is admirable, and inspiring. We should all respect this donut for not being afraid of who it really is." That is truly deep stuff. And here you have it, the top 15 donuts in America!

Source: ranker.com, thetoptens.com

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