These Cats May Just Be Grumpier Than Grumpy Cat Herself

A few years ago, a little kitten rose to Internet fame for having the grumpiest face ever seen on a cat. Tardar Sauce, her real name, has been known for the past three and a half years as "Grumpy Cat" and she's pretty much an A-List celebrity nowadays. Tardar even starred in her own movie and even has her own Wikipedia page, so there's that.

To be fair, Tardar Sauce looks really grumpy, but that's only because she has an underbite.

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In reality, she's a sweetheart, as are the other cats that made it onto this list! They might look grumpy but they're pretty lovely on the inside. This just goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover!

18 Cat In A Hat

To be honest, I'd be pretty grumpy myself if I had a hat made from my own grumpy face.

17 Mr. Whiskers

Human, I moustache you to stop this nonsense at once.

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He looks like one of the country's founding fathers... maybe... who knows.

16 Monday Hater

That's my face every. single. Monday. It's probably your face too. Who doesn't hate Mondays?

15 Sir Isaac

Isn't it amazing that this cat's name is Sir Isaac? It just takes his grumpiness to a whole new level!

14 Grumpier Cat

Look at his angry face! The pirate eye he's got going on isn't really helping his case, either!

13 A Case Of The Mondays

Someone's got a case of the Mondays. #catoftheday #catsofinstagram #catstagram

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You're not alone, Miss Fancy B. You're not alone.

12 Happy Face

You should see her when she's really upset. You'd be terrified!

11 "No more pictures!"

This cat couldn't ever handle Grumpy Cat's fame. He hates photos!

10 After A Long Weekend

Partying hard during the weekend can be a lot of fun, except for when it comes to Monday. You slowly start regretting every bad decision you made – and every shot you had – while you wish you could sleep for a week. Of course you're gonna be grumpy!

9 Winston The Taco Cat

With a name like Winston The Taco Cat, I have no idea what this cat could be grumpy about!

8 Leave Instagram Alone

"Seriously, human, if I have to see myself in another one of your dumb Insta-posts I'm leaving forever... until dinner time."

7 The Kitty Spa

Her human says she had a good time at the kitty spa, but that's not what her face is saying!

6 Killer Blue Eyes


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And you're not even a bird or a mouse. Can you imagine if she was trying to chase you around? You'd be dead by now!

5 Freshly Shaved

"So exactly where is all my gorgeous fur, human? You better not go to bed tonight if you want to keep that hair of yours."

4 Give Me Food


3 Sunbathing

And hating every second of it. But mainly hating the dumb human and the photos they take!

2 Very Grumpy Cat

And I mean very grumpy cat. She's ready to scratch the eyes out of you!

1 Grumpy Bunny

Wait, is this a bunny or a cat? At least this grumpy creature is getting her revenge by waking up the human at 3am!

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