These Gals Threw A "Friends"-Themed Bridal Shower And It Was Utter Perfection

Earlier this month, mega Friends fan and bridesmaid, Shamain Khan decided to team up with fellow bridesmaid Michelle Naik and create the most magical Friends-themed bridal shower for her sister. Shamain's sister, Sana Khan, is currently engaged to Taufik Chhotaini. All three of them are huge Friends fans and often watch episodes together. On her inspiration for the themed-shower, Shamain states, "We've been Friends fans forever, we'd actually watch with our mom growing up."

Their knowledge of Friends becomes abundantly clear when you see the decor and food chosen for the bridal shower. From subtle nods to episode titles to a menu even Joey would approve of, Shamain and Michelle truly planned the perfect bridal shower.

Check out a few photos of the special day:

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12 Central Perk Re-Created

via: huffingtonpost.com

A picture of Shamain Khan, the genius behind this bridal shower, standing in front of her perfect Central Perk coffee sign and main table.

11 The head table

via: bustle.com

This gorgeous food table is covered in Friends-themed goodies, from Rachel's classic English Trifle/Shepherd's Pie hybrid to Phoebe's famous chocolate chip cookies!

10 And now for a close up of the food...first up: Monica's candy

via: bustle.com

Remember how Monica used to make her own candy and stick it outside her apartment door for her neighbours? Yeah, she was clearly the best neighbour ever. In true Friends style, the candy is named in the style of all Friends episodes ("The one with the...").

9 Phoebe's "Neslé Tullhousé" Cookies

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Remember that super secret recipe that had been passed down through generations of Phoebe's family? Yeah, turns out "Neslé Tullhousé" (said in Phoebe's uncanny French accent, of course) is actually just Nestle Toll House. I kind of hope these cookies are actually from a Nestle Toll House mix!

8 The English Trifle/Shepherd's Pie

via: bustle.com

One of the best Thanksgiving episodes in existence, that year's festivities saw Rachel making the dessert for once. Of course, things didn't go quite to plan and she ended up combining the recipes for an English trifle and a shepherd's pie accidentally. At least Joey liked it! I just hope they didn't include the meat in this one.

7 The delectable cheesecake

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Rachel and Chandler loved cheesecake. So much so that in one episode, they actually ate it off the floor. This subtle nod to that hilarious episode is perfect.

6 Of course, Phoebe's guitar was lying around

via: bustle.com

If Phoebe had actually been at this bridal shower, no doubt she would have broken out in song (do you take requests for "Smelly Cat"?).

5 This adorable quote from Phoebe

via: bustle.com

So cute! Perfect for the soon-to-be-wed couple.

4 And a lobster cake to go with it

via: bustle.com

The most elegant lobster cake ever, but a lobster cake nonetheless. An ode to Phoebe's lesson about lobsters mating for life, there's no doubt that these two lobsters have found each other.

3 Pulling out the big guns... Monica's wedding vows to Chandler

via: bustle.com

BRB crying.

2 ...And Chandler's wedding vows to Monica

via: bustle.com

I can't even read this without crying...

1 And some fun signs for guests to take pics with

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Because a Friends-themed bridal shower wouldn't be complete without some reference to the infamous "we were on a break" episode!

If you want to see more pictures from the event, check out Shamain Khan's website, Instagram, and Facebook page!

Sources: bustle.com, huffingtonpost.com

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