These Giggling Babies Are Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Laughing Baby

Whether you are having a bad day or are just looking for a laugh, you have come to the right place. The old saying that "laughter is contagious" rings true when you watch these videos. These giggling babies will have you giggling right along with them!

If laughter is the best medicine these babies are doing their part to make the world a healthier place ?

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12 This gagging dad, who is attempting to change a dirty diaper, and his giggling baby make one adorable and hilarious match-up!

The more this dad struggles to change the diaper, the louder his daughter giggles!

11 There's no question that this little cackling cutie is adorable all on his own.

But what would happen if you added two more babies to the mix?

10 A sweet video of triplets laughing! It would appear that the more babies that join in, the cuter the giggles get!

Not to mention the matching pink onesies just make it all the more adorable!

9 If you thought you hit cuteness overload with triplets, wait until you see all four of these newborn brothers cracking each other up!

All of the work that comes with having quadruplet sons must be offset by sweet moments such as this!

8 These parents must save a lot of money on toys since their little one's favorite activity is playing paper shredder!

Just tear the paper and watch the laughter ensue!

7 They say "dog is man's best friend," but who said they can't also be entertainment for the little ones!

No need to call a babysitter when the family dog provides all the fun and entertainment you need!

6 The cuties in this video are having so much fun giggling that the feeling becomes contagious to those around them – and to you!

Click on the video and you will get to enjoy 22 minutes of sheer laughter and baby bliss!

5 Oh, the feeling of walking into target and finding so many amazing things you never knew you needed!

Remember that feeling when you watch this video, because if you thought you had a special love for Target, we guarantee this little man loves it more!

4 This sweet baby isn't sure whether he is terrified or amused by his mom blowing her nose, and the outcome is hilarious!

Hey, you may be scared too if someone sick was sitting that close to you and blowing their nose!

3 He likes to eat, eat, eat apples and bananas!

Thankfully the rule "don't play with your food" does not apply to babies, making this one adorable meal!

2 What's even sweeter than a laughing baby?

A baby who is laughing in their sleep! Too much cuteness to handle!

1 These cute twins can't help but look to each other for support in this video, making this interaction even more adorable!

Whether they are laughing or crying these two sisters have each others (chubby and adorable) backs!

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