These Hand Painted Desserts Are Nothing Like You've Ever Seen

Meet Alisha Henderson. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Alisha is "a chief baker and designer of sugary things," according to her Instagram page. Her Instagram account has amassed over 159,000 followers, a true testament to her incredible baking creations. Going above and beyond the average cakes or cookies, Alisha hand paints all of her creations with edible watercolours. Check out some of her rough sketches below:

Beautiful, am I right?

The perfect mix of art and baking, Alisha's hand painted baked goods will leave you mesmerized. To check out more of her original bakes, visit her official website here. And to scroll through some pictures of Alisha's amazing creations, check out the pictures below taken from her original Instagram account.

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17 Winnie the Pooh Cookie

pooh bear x

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

Perfect for a young child's birthday, this Winnie the Pooh cookie is absolutely adorable.

16 Romantic Heart Cookies

Alisha offers cookie painting classes and demos at her store in Melbourne. I would kill to be in one of her classes! These cookies are made with a gorgeous mix of gold and pink paint. And the heart-shaped cookies are perfect for Valentine's Day or a date night.

15 Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake

good morning bunnies 🐰 @glisteningoccasions_ x

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

This Peter Rabbit cake is stunning. Delicate, hand-painted, and perfect for a birthday party or Easter event!

14 Subtle Swish

blue x

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

Simple as anything, and yet, these sugar cookies with white frosting are brought to a whole other level with the addition of a rough brush stroke of green watercolour.

13 Zoo Animal Cake

These animals are true works of art!

12 Bunny Balloon Cake

🐰💕 x

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

I don't care that I'm a full blown adult, I want this to be my next birthday cake.

11 Bacon & Eggs

Because there's no better combination than bacon and eggs. These cookies are romantic without being over the top.

10 Woodland Creature Cookies

woodland friends 🌲🌸 painted with #edibleartpaint by @sweetsticksau x

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

Quite possibly the cutest cookies in history. These cookies feature woodland creatures like adorable foxes and tiny bunnies.

9 Woodland Creature Cake

woodland babies 🌲 x created with #edibleartpaint by @sweetsticksau

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

What's better than woodland creature cookies? A giant woodland creature-themed cake! This looks delicious, but I almost wouldn't want to cut into it.

8 Vibrant Two-Tiered Cake


A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

This bright and summery one-of-a-kind pattern looks absolutely stunning on this two-tiered floral cake.

7 Millennial Cake

Full of emojis, ombre, and text slang, this cake is perfect for all of the millennials out there. Seriously, how do I hire you for my next birthday?

6 Beard-tastic Cake

floral beards are for cakes too x

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

This beard is literally three tiers long...and I love every bit of it (including the blue and white flowers).

5 Palm Tree Cookies

golden palms 🌴

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

These gold-flecked palm tree cookies are perfect for a summer party. They would also do nicely for a winter party as these cookies can remind you that the warmth will come eventually!

4 Kate Spade Cookies

These floral spade-shaped cookies are the epitome of Kate Spade.

3 Cacti Cookies


A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

These would make gorgeous house plants but I wouldn't be able to resist eating them.

2 Sleepy Cloud Cookies

snoozing clouds ☁️ enjoy your monday x

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

These cloud-shaped cookies are as sweet as can be. With their little rosy cheeks, tiny mouths, pink bows, and generally pillow-like exterior, I would devour these (after taking a picture obviously).

1 Milk + Cookies = Love

thank you for the 70K love ❤️

A post shared by Alisha Henderson (@sweetbakes_) on

Milk and cookies in cookie form may be Alisha Henderson's finest creations. These are too cute.

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