20 Secrets About A&E's Hoarders That Remain A Mystery

If you have ever tuned into the TV show Hoarders, you know that it can be hard to watch. The stories are sad, scary, and seriously shocking. The people who are suffering are putting their lives out there for all the world to see, exposing their secrets in a way they probably never thought they would.

It is hard to imagine living a life so seemingly odd and overwhelming. Hoarding is a condition that seems crazy, but for those who are afflicted, the prospect for a positive future seems unattainable. That said, for those who appear on the TV show, there is some glimmer of hope that their lives can see a change for the better, as reluctant as they may be to do anything about their situation at the start.

Here are 20 things about Hoarders that’s for lack of a better term, messed up. We’ve got some questions that make us curious. What are your thoughts about the controversial show?

20 Do They Follow Up With The Folks They’ve Helped?

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The show usually ends on a positive note. But just because the person seems OK at that particular moment, the weeks and months that follow have got to be challenging. Do the people from the show keep tabs on their well-being? What happens after the show wraps?

These people have a whole new outlook to deal with. They can’t suddenly snap out of it.

19 Do The Animals They Rescue Get New Homes?

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Some people on the show are hoarding animals, or they have animals in the home and it’s an unsafe and unsanitary environment. Many times, these pets are taken off the premises and brought to shelters. We hope they find loving homes after living in such hellish conditions.

We’d love to know what happens to these innocent creatures after a life of clutter and chaos.

18 Do The People On The Show Get Counseling Past What We See On TV?

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The show brings in a counselor to help the hoarder cope with what’s going on in their life. That’s all well and good while the show is filming, but what about after the fact? A few sessions won’t solve much.

These folks need long-term counseling to make a dent in their new destiny.

17 Who Pays For The Cleanup?

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Cleanup crews come in and deal with the disaster area. The homes are piled high with junk and debris. It’s an utter mess and it takes lots of manpower to make the place look even halfway decent.

Who pays for this cleaning? It must cost a lot, so let’s hope it’s covered by the production company.

16 How Long Does It Really Take To Film One Episode?

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The show lasts an hour, but filming takes far longer. It’s hard to tell how long the crew is there filming. It could be a couple of days or perhaps even weeks. The messes are extreme, so the length of time to clear things out would have to be significant.

We want to know the facts and figures that go into taping one episode.

15 Why Do People Enjoy Watching This Show?

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Hoarders has been on the air for quite a while, so it only means the ratings are good. The reason people like this show is hard to pin down. Are they curious, concerned, or something else?

Perhaps people watch because the concept of hoarding is so unusual, something most people never see in person.

14 Are People Fooled Into Being Taped For The Show? Do They Think It’s For Another Reason?

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It’s safe to say that most hoarders don’t want to be on television. Then how do they wind up on the show? Do their families fool them into being taped, perhaps convincing them the camera crew is there for some other reason?

They must be hesitant to share their hoarding story on TV for everyone to see.

13 Why Not Donate More Stuff? Seems Like Most Of The Items Get Trashed.

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When the cleaning crew comes in and clears out the place, so much stuff gets dumped. Sometimes certain items are put aside for donation, but on many episodes, nearly everything goes straight into the dumpster.

Perhaps the crew should go through the stuff more carefully and give away items that less fortunate folks could use.

12 Do The Neighbors Complain About All The Chaos While Filming?

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Neighbors must not like the idea that the person living next door is a hoarder, especially if their stuff starts to make its way outside. That said, when the camera crew comes to town, it is sure to create chaos.

These neighbors might have a problem with their street being cluttered up with the Hoarders crew and all their gear.

11 What About People Who Apply To Be On The Show But Aren’t Picked?

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There are probably dozens, perhaps hundreds of people who are turned away from being filmed for the show. The team picks the people with the most compelling stories, so there are hoarders who aren’t selected for the show. We wonder if the production team helps these folks out in some way.

They can at least refer them to a specialist who can help them get on the path towards recovery.

10 Do They Film From Angles To Make Things Look Worse Than They Are?

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Like any TV show, it’s all about the filming when it comes to making the stories as interesting as can be. That said, does the team make things look worse than they actually are?

Do they rearrange items so the space looks more cluttered or film from angles that make the home look especially horrendous?

9 How Long Is The Period Between When People Are Picked For The Show And When Production Starts?

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There is a timeline as to how the filming of the show goes. First, the families are picked, then filming begins. But how long is the gap between the two? Once a story is selected, they surely don’t pop over to their place the same day. This means the person is waiting and their situation is only getting worse.

You’d think the Hoarders team would try to make this waiting period as short as possible, so they can help these folks get their lives in order.

8 Has Anyone Gotten Sick From Being Inside One Of The Houses?

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The folks who live in these cluttered homes have grown accustomed to the less-than-desirable living situation. Sometimes the place is infested with bugs and mold, even animal droppings and backed-up sewage.

When the crew comes in, the stench has got to be overwhelming. It would come as no surprise if people get sick.

7 Who Decided This Type Of Show Was Going To Be A Good Idea In The First Place?

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Don’t you wonder who the mastermind behind the show is? Who would have thought that a TV show about hoarders would be so interesting to viewers?

The concept is far-fetched, yet the success of the show proves that this person had a good idea, as unusual as it must have seemed at the time.

6 What Happens At Nighttime When Filming Wraps For The Day?

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When the crew packs up and leaves for the day, the hoarder is still home, living among the mess. It would be nice if the crew put them up in a hotel so they didn’t have to face their clutter mid-cleanup.

They may want to try to find a way to stash away their belongings so the team doesn’t dump it the next day.

5 Has Anyone Had Their Children Taken Away?

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Many episodes involve kids who are stuck in these serious situations. Their parents are putting them in harm’s way, making us wonder if any of the children have been removed from the home for their safety and security.

In the most extreme cases, the kids would be better off living somewhere else.

4 Does A&E Pay These People To Appear On The Show?

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Many reality shows pay the people who appear on them. Does the same thing go for the people who we watch on Hoarders? It is an interesting concept to think about, but we are guessing they do not make a dime.

Then again, the help the team is providing these people is priceless.

3 When The Homes Are Too Damaged To Stay In, Does A&E Help Them Find A New Place? Who Pays?

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Sometimes we see that the hoarding situation has caused great damage to the home. These homes become too dangerous to live in, so the people must move out and find someplace else to live.

If they don’t have a family member or friend to go to, does the team find a place for them to live? If they do, who pays the rent?

2 When Animals Are Removed From The Hoard, Are These People Legally Allowed To Own Another Pet In The Future?

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We’ve seen animals removed from these hoarding homes. The owners are sad to see them go, but they were living in conditions that were dangerous for these sweet creatures. Even if the people on the show get their lives together and no longer hoard, are they allowed to own a pet again?

We’d love to get more information about the laws regarding this matter.

1 Where Does The Crew Eat And Use The Bathroom When The Home Is So Uninhabitable?

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The production and filming crew spends all day at these homes while the process is underway. Surely, they’ve got to eat and use the restroom. It’s safe to say they don’t want to do either inside these homes, especially when they are at their worst.

So, where do they eat and use the bathroom? That’s something we never see addressed on the show.

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