15 Things About Stephanie McMahon That Triple H Doesn't Want Us To Know

WWE wants us to forget many things, and they also keep a lot on the DL. However, when you’re a part of the WWE, and your wife is Stephanie McMahon, the daughter of the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon, it is hard to have some privacy.

Triple H, who is Stephanie’s partner, might be lucky one day as she may take over her father’s company. Being with Stephanie and her bumpy past, things were not always smooth sailing though. The macho man has stuck by his wife’s side and her journey with the WWE, but that doesn’t mean he condones all she did.

Since her debut in the WWE at 23 years old, she’s had a noteworthy role and a lot of power, but that has not come without drama and rumors. Vince’s baby girl is surely no angel, and Triple H knows that. So, in case you were wondering what really pinches his nerves about his stunning and entertaining wife, read on.

15 Stephanie’s Involvement With Randy Savage

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In the entertainment industry, when it comes to dating, there are various urban legends, and one happens to be between Stephanie and Randy Savage. It is a rumor that has gone on for years, although the WWE has kept quiet about it. If the affair is true, Triple H and papa Vince certainly won’t let that get to our ears.

14 That Russo Created Her Role

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Some fans loathe him, and some fans love him, whether you do or not, it is Vince Russo who brought Stephanie to life. Russo is the man that suggested Stephanie go in front of the camera, instead of lingering behind it.

Thanks to his smart decision-making, Stephanie is the star she is today. Why would Triple H want the world to know that though?

13 That Time She Smooched Eric Bischoff

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WWE is known for their witty and clever storylines, aren’t they? We’ll keep hush-hush about that. However, this is another storyline that got thrown away and mixed up. During a SmackDown episode, Stephanie ended the episode locking lips with Bischoff – brilliant.

However, the following episode made no mention of the stint; just like Triple H hasn’t.

12 And That Time She Got Someone Fired

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When you’re daddy’s little girl and daddy is in charge, you can get away with just about anything, right, Stephanie? Stephanie had no problem watching wrestler Chyna’s life go down in a blaze of glory when she made her father dismiss her.

All this because of a love letter that Stephanie wrote to Triple H that Chyna found – how terrible of them.

11 When She Needed A Personal Trainer

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When Stephanie won the champion in 2000, she was not in the fittest shape; at least not as fit as most female wrestlers. We could assume she just won by fluke. However, she then decided to bring in a personal trainer named Muffy on-screen to distract people.

Why? Because she wasn’t in shape and wanted people to focus merely on the trainer. Unfortunately, that didn’t last very long.

10 That Awkward Dark Wedding That Was Supposed To Take Place With Undertaker

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We could ask ourselves many times what the heck the writers of the WWE was thinking, that is certain. During Stephanie’s first huge storyline, she was placed with The Undertaker in a very odd way. The Undertaker had a feud with Vince, so he stalked and abducted Stephanie.

It continued with him tying her to a cross while trying to marry her. What the…? Triple H must not want to be associated with that.

9 That Time She Was Running SmackDown

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Although she was the GM, her run was quite unforgettable, which is probably why Triple H does not want to remind fans. If there was anything wrong with her run, it was everything.

They basically used Stephanie’s appeal to win over the audience, hence her many revealing outfits. Men will remember that, but not much else.

8 Oh, Her Infamous Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Stephanie wore very little clothing in the 2000s while on WWE – what a surprise – not. Even though she was high up in the company, she still threw on revealing outfits that Triple H probably wishes his wife hadn’t ever worn. What is more embarrassing than your bottoms and tops showing off your assets unintentionally? Stephanie would know.

7 She Was A Part Of The First Main Women’s Event

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What are the odds that when Stephanie had her first SmackDown match, her hubby was in her corner? Back in 2000, Stephanie went at it with Jacqueline, and that was all her father’s doing. Since when does any wrestler win during their first stint in the ring? Vince wanted to punish his daughter, and Triple H surely wants this moment to be forgotten.

6 When She Gave Linda A Smack

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“Do you talk to your mother with that mouth?” is what most say when a person uses foul language. In Stephanie’s case, she did not have a potty mouth, but bad hands. All because of Vince’s whacky ideas, Stephanie had to slap out her mom on numerous occasions. Vince may have taken it too far, even if he wanted his entire family on television.

5 She Also Went Against Company Police

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Speaking of mother Linda, just like in any other workplace, you’re usually not permitted to date a colleague – well, neither was Stephanie. The rule in stone was that she was not allowed to date any of the wrestlers, as it would affect both her and the other wrestler’s career. Clearly, Stephanie was too in love to care.

4 It Was Steph’s Fault Hollywood Writers Came Along

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Wrestling is an entirely different ball game than anything else on television like sitcoms and reality shows. Lately, time has past and the WWE has received backlash and poor rates because of their dingy storylines, and Stephanie is to blame. Why? She made television writers responsible for the scripts. Would Triple H want avid fans to know that? Heck no.

3 That Time She Made A Comparison We Wish We Never Heard

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Today, there is a reason that Stephanie has the power she has, and that is mostly because of her exceptional work at branding. However, she was not always the brightest apple when it came articulating her opinion on subjects. After 9/11, she compared what happened to the feds trying to bring down the WWE with speculation. If we were her husband, we’d want to forget that, too.

2 When John Cena Touched Her Behind

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Why would any wrestler want the world to know that another wrestler laid hands on his wife? John Cena, a very popular figure, though it was alright to give Stephanie’s tush a tap on national television. It is the kind of incident that would never happen today, as Triple H would smack him down if he did.

1 The Odd Relationship With Her Father

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We are sure Triple H thanks the angels above every night that Stephanie turned down an unlikeable storyline from her father. If it happened, it would have probably haunted Triple H and avid WWE fans ‘till the dawn of time. Vince wanted to be relived as the father of Stephanie’s child – yes, we’re thinking what you’re thinking.

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