20 Dumb Things About World of Warcraft Everyone Ignores

In the world of MMORPGs, World of Warcraft is the undisputed king. It has dominated the genre like no other game with millions of people taking part in the adventures in the land of Azeroth. It has inspired comics, books and even a big-screen movie that was a surprise hit overseas. Every expansion pack has made the property bigger and improving it for fan enjoyment.

But WoW is not perfect by any means. It’s not just the debates on the storyline and various plot holes of each expansion, there are also general dumb things about the game that range from how it works and is presented to some story points that just can’t be glossed over. Most players are able to ignore  these details in order enjoy the experience, but newbies can see them for what they are. Here are 20 dumb things about WoW that gamers just ignore but are present in this experience.

20 Sometimes There's Nothing to Do


The key issue of MMORPGs is being able to get enough players with you to take part in the same adventure. That’s good if you have enough friends to join you at the same time to play along. Sadly, many gamers find themselves logging onto WoW and realizing there’s really little for them to do at the time. They can just wander around checking out villages, the occasional interaction with an NPC but not much else. Blizzard acts like WoW is a non-stop adventure when many players can just waste time on nothing.

19 Lack of Class Balance


This has really come up with the recent “Classic” version of the game. There’s always been complaints on how some classes are just far superior than others in the game. The Tanks are good in major battles but not as much in magical conflicts while the types of warriors vary greatly. It’s not helped by how each expansion pack shifts the classes up all over again and makes the imbalance between them more striking.

18 The NPCs Are Inconsistent


The scores of players involved in WoW mean you run into a lot of intriguing characters. Yet the actual NPCs of the game can be very inconsistent. Some can be energetic and engaging, often pushing the plot along. Others are just dull and serve as a huge distraction. A few can be engaged in long talks while others are totally silent. Given the huge world and all the people in it, the fact some NPCs differ majorly robs from some of the WoW experience.

17 The Looting Is Luck-Based


The looting in WoW is a major part of the game. Some of it is the classic “looting fallen enemies,” while other times it can be stealing from a treasure trove or a living player. However, the players have long gotten used to the fact that some of the looting is nothing but pure, blind luck. There’s often no rhyme or reason to what you end up getting as you can get amazing treasure from a low-level player but nothing from a huge horde. There are even potions meant to increase the luck factor to help as the looting in the game can be real roll of the dice.

16 There’s a Spaceship?


It’s one of the single biggest creative mistakes of WoW. The Burning Legion is shown with spaceships meant to teleport around the planet and even go to other worlds. Gamers turned on this with a vengeance as pure sci-fi does not fit into WoW. Rather than becoming a huge part of the lore, the ships have basically been dropped and never mentioned since. Many new gamers don’t even know about them as players prefer writing this off as just a brief flight of fancy that was thankfully grounded quickly.

15 The Endless Horde Vs Alliance Debate


This is a debate that has raged since WoW was created and doesn’t look like it will simmer down anytime soon. At first, it looked like it was clear cut with the Alliance as good guys and the Horde as monsters. As time has gone by, players have not only enjoyed the Horde more but actually see them as the true heroes of the game. Thus, every WoW board is filled with endless debates on which faction is better, which can get pretty heated. It determines how a lot of players handle the game and turns some WoW games into true war.

14 The Pandaria


It’s as if someone at Blizzard watched Kung Fu Panda too much. Into this mostly standard fantasy world comes a mysterious kingdom, long hidden by mystical mists, that is home to talking walking warrior pandas. Some may like them but really, the whole expansion seems a huge waste of time and potential. This is a world of evil kings, massive dragons, and more and now it has a pack of characters straight out of a kids cartoon in it. They’re the Ewoks of WoW, but you can’t even hunt them.

13 You Need to Read So Much


There are two kinds of WoW fans. Most just play the game and that’s it. The others take in the various multimedia of the franchise and will often learn far more of the events there. Scores of novels have been written that flesh out everything from the Lich King’s history to the various conflicts of this world. It often seems that only by reading these books can you get the full experience of some of the adventures and understand the world better. It’s fun this mythology is so deep but also annoying gamers have to read dozens of books to get the full scope of WoW.

12 They Keep Retconning The History


The mythology of WoW is so huge that there’s a full-scale guidebook to the world. However, as with any complex mythology, the developers keep retconning their own history. The Horde go from pure evil to “noble warriors” on the wrong side. Deathwing’s appearance goes from very rare to commonplace, and the draenei change from pacifists to magical warriors. It also shifts the backgrounds of major characters and that’s without the entire alternate reality stuff. It’s a bit hard to get into the game when the history keeps changing.

11 Leveling Just Takes a Really Long Time


It’s pretty obvious how WoW wants fans to keep on playing it for some time. Yet it’s also clear how they blatantly keep the “leveling up” going in order to have folks online more. Even getting to the lower levels can take the better part of entire days and it often seems as if the game is deliberately trying to block the next level as much as it can. The entire point of WoW is to get your character to a major level in power and skill, yet fans underestimate just how many weeks of playing it takes to achieve that.

10 The Long Respawn Times


Respawns can often be the bane of WoW players. The problem is that the actual times can vary wildly. Some of the newer expansion packs can be fast although the Panderia can still take an impossibly long time. The worst are the mobs as players have become used to a bare minimum of five minutes for a new mob to respawn. That’s if the servers are working fine as it can easily be longer, especially with a lot of people playing at once. Fans just seem to put up with it despite how it can be a serious hassle.

9 The Maps Won’t Allow Tracking


Given WoW takes place on a massive world, having maps is critical. But unlike standard RPGs, the maps lack the tools players need to handle the game. There’s really no consistent way to track on them to find certain goals or hidden places. In fact, some tracking is blocked unless the character is a certain class or profession. A few players use special hacks to get past that, but the recent “Classic” relaunch lacks many of those features. It’s annoying how such an epic RPG can’t handle one of the standards or the genre.

8 The Difficulty Is Inconsistent


WoW isn’t for everyone as some not used to MMORPGs find it far too complex to get into. Others are able to handle it better but there are frequent complaints on how the difficulty level seems to bounce all over the place. Some adventures can be nearly impossible and drive players into fits of rage. Other missions are so easy that they’re barely worth any effort. There’s also how difficulty ranges wildly from dungeons to raids to other experiences. It seems long overdue for WoW to have a set difficulty level rather than the constantly shifting one.

7 The Alternate Timeline


The WoW lore was already wild, but then they decided to shift it up with the Warlords of Draenor pack. Garrosh goes back in time to prevent the Horde from being corrupted into the Burning Legion. Instead, an “Iron Horde” goes on the attack This leads them to attack the “prime” Azeroth in the present day. Suddenly, gamers have to handle a bizarre mix of alternate realities and time travel which adds a major sci-fi bent to the fantasy world. Some love it, but it really muddles the already complex history of the game’s world.

6 Some Achievements Are Just Useless


While WoW can be a great experience, it’s clear a lot of the game is made up of “padding” to keep folks interested. The achievements are meant to be a huge deal for players yet some of them are just downright dumb. There’s fishing which leads to the sight of a massive armored figure using a reel by a lake. There’s shooting a leader with a BB gun, opening certain gates, and what amounts to some mindless mini-games. Sure, some fans may like them, but most will find them just a huge waste yet somehow needed to beef up their character levels.

5 So Much Talk On Peace


There’s a serious contradiction in WoW that many of its fans seem to ignore. That’s how the entire thing is based on huge conflicts between races and alliances yet you’ll have characters talking of how this world needs to be at peace. It can’t be counted how many plots revolve around “enemies join together against a mutual threat” then go right back to fighting each other. The fact is, when something is called “World of WARcraft,” trying to push a “peace is better” message tends to fall pretty flat.

4 Blizzard Caving Into Demands Too Much


Listening to fans is important for a video game company. On the one hand, Blizzard has a good track record with listening to complaints on WoW and finding solutions. However, it can be argued that they often cave into demands far too much. While it happens a lot with Overwatch, WoW can be just as bad as Blizzard seems to overreact to fan complaints and does everything from making games easier to fixing some characters even if it ends up hurting the game’s storyline or gameplay. Sometimes, not catering to every fan nitpick can be better.

3 Too Much Focus On Gear Rather Than Players


The gear has become a vital part of WoW. It’s so huge that there have been actual instances of someone trying to hack another player to steal their stuff. Blizzard makes a huge deal out of the gear in every game and expansion pack. Too much so as often it ignores the actual skills of the players and how well they handle the game. True, the gear is a big deal but some players can complain the emphasis put on it overwhelms the rest of the game.

2 The Graphics Really Aren’t That Good

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The opening cinematics for each expansion pack are absolutely beautiful and better than many animated movies. Too bad the actual game looks nothing like that. True, they have improved over the years so they’re not as bad as they once were. Yet the fact remains that playing WoW today means graphics akin to a PS2 most of the time. That’s if the connection is good. If it’s bad, they look even worse and can be hit by bugs. It’s a good thing WoW has good gameplay.

1 Several Characters Are Really Bad


There’s no denying WoW boasts some truly amazing characters. Sadly, for every great one, there’s another that is just absolutely horrible. Jaina has long been reviled for her flip-flopping in character from noble to evil and Varian isn’t much better with most seeing him as just annoying. Dezco, Taran, and Priscilla are all also seen as characters who just aren’t well developed with fans often hating them. It’s a sad truth that too many of WoW’s characters are just terrible in many ways which hurts the overall adventure.

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