9 Rules Cardi B's People Have To Follow On The Road (And 6 Cars She Owns)

Every industry has its Diva, and in the world of rap, Cardi B certainly takes the crown. Recognized as one of the most highly paid and equally highly controversial female artists of our time, Cardi B makes her presence known at every turn. Topping the charts with her tough-girl tunes is just one of the ways she has made the headlines. There’s never a shortage of drama that ensues when Cardi attends an event or make an appearance.

Cardi storms every room and every stage with her undeniable presence. It takes an entourage to get her ready, get her going, and keep her in line. Or shall we say, to “try” to keep her in line... Let’s take a look at the rules her staff must abide by along with some of the car she rolls around in.

15 Rules - Don’t Let Anyone Get Too Close

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If anyone gets too close to Cardi, well – they aren’t supposed to. This is one of her biggest rules and her security agents will stop at nothing to enforce them. Arguably, this doesn’t always work in Cardi B’s favor.

There was an incident at the MET Gala in 2018 where a man approached her for an autograph and ended up getting escorted by Cardi’s traveling security team. It not only sounds like they got a bit overzealous when assessing this situation.

14 Rules - Make Sure 6 Dozen White Roses Are In Her Dressing Room

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Every diva needs a pretty dressing room, and Cardi B is no different! One of the big rules her staff has to follow when on the road is to ensure that her dressing room looks the way she wants, and contains the elements that she deems to be critical.

Compared to other artists, her rider is actually quite reasonable, and we can’t really blame Cardi for wanting 6 dozen white roses to surround her back-stage space. We’d probably want the same thing, given the opportunity.

13 Rules - Provide Endless Patties and Chicken

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We all want what we want, and if you’re Cardi B, then you can actually get what you want. What she seems to demand are Patties and Chicken. She argues that these items are for her team, but let’s face it; she’s ordering some food for herself here.

Her team has to ensure that there is an ample supply of chicken and patties available for her backstage and in her room while on tour. As quirky as it seems, it’s one of the more “normal” requests when assessing other celebrity’s rider rules!

12 Rules - Ensure Protection Of Her Nails

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Card’s nails are a treasured work of art. They apparently mean a lot to her, because if you’re getting paid to be part of her entourage, you’re on nail-watch too! Her nails must be perfectly-perfect at all times, and if something happens to them, the agenda is halted so that she can have them repaired, instantly!

Those who guard Cardi should also guard those nails if they value their time, otherwise, there will be a significant delay associated with each nail-chip!

11 Rules - Gillette Razors Have To Be Stocked Backstage

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Body shaming is a real problem and we don’t condone it. Although we can’t be certain, we think this may have had something to do with the fact that Cardi B demands her road staff to stock Gillette Razors backstage for every performance.

At the 2018 Grammy’s, Cardi wore a stunning two-piece Moschino outfit which showcased something other than her talents. Visibly noticeable was a long patch of hair on her stomach, and the media tore her apart. We can see why this rule is so strictly enforced now.

10 Rules - Always Defend Her

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Cardi’s staff has to follow a strict defense rule by making sure they always run to her defense, even when she is in the wrong. The infamous red stiletto attack on Nicki Minaj was a glaring example of this. Upon leaving a party during New York Fashion Week, the two artists got into a verbal argument during which time Cardi B thought it would be a brilliant idea to attack Nicki physically.

Her team rushed to her defense and stopped her from hitting Minaj, but she managed to launch a stiletto at her instead. We feel sorry for their mandatory intervention.

9 Rules - Do Things On Her Time, Then Wait For Her

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Cardi B demands to have things done her way, on her time, and everyone has to abide by the schedule she sets. This seems relatively reasonable in the celeb world, but when you factor in the well-known fact that she is notoriously late for everything, it complicates the matter.

Essentially, Cardi B’s crew has to agree to be readily available to do what she needs, according to her timeline wishes, and then, of course, be flexible and accommodating when she doesn’t meet her own deadlines.

8 Rules - Manage Her Attire While She Moves

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Be ready to manipulate her wardrobe and help Cardi B walk in it if you want to remain part of her road-team! At the 2019 Met Gala, Cardi showed up in a massive red Thom Browne gown that required an entourage of 10 people to manipulate it.

It was a feathered gown that she couldn’t walk in alone. Her team had to follow the “attire rule” and fuss over the dress to get her up the stairs and to aid her while she was in motion.

7 Rules - Always Look Out for Her Best Interests

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This means letting her love interest sneak on stage in the middle of a performance if that’s what it takes. The controversial moment when Cardi was mid-performance, on a stage in Los Angeles during her “Rolling Loud” set is one we won’t soon forget. Her road crew coordinated for Offset to rush the stage just as her performance was set to begin.

A few flower arrangements and an emotional moment later, the whole thing was over and done with. She went on to praise and credit her team for doing the right thing by looking out for her best interests.

6 Garage - Matching Aventador With Offset

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Why stop at one Lamborghini when you can buy a his and hers set? Cardi bought her Aventador in cash, dropping a whopping 500k for this royal blue beauty. This was a perfect match for her hubby’s green one. “Blessed and Gifted” was her tagline when she bragged about these rides on IG. And brag, she shall.

The price of the car was original $399,000 so she spent a ridiculous $100k customizing her supercar.

5 Garage - Bentley Bentayga

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Cardi B made a social media production of this new car purchase. One quick visit to the dealership and a cool $240,000 later, she was the proud new owner of a stunning orange Bentley Bentayga that she can’t even drive.

That’s right folks, for those of you who don’t know – Cardi B does not know how to drive a car, yet she has a collection of luxurious ones, inclusive of this fabulous ride. This 2018, 626 hp beast is driven by her entourage, and she rides along. Sigh. She has no idea what she’s missing!

4 Garage - Lamborghini Urus

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Some of us can only ever wish to own a Lamborghini; meanwhile, Cardi B has a Lamborghini Truck. To top that off, she was given one Lamborghini Urus, by her husband, Offset, and proceeded to trade it in for another Urus.

With a minimum $200,000 investment before upgrades, we can’t imagine what it was she didn’t like about the first one, but in true Cardi fashion, she got her way and has yet another vehicle in her fleet that she is not able to navigate on her own.

3 Garage - Mercedes AMG G63 – For The Baby!

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When the world discovered that Cardi B was expecting, we all knew this would be a very spoiled baby. The extent of this was publicly displayed when Cardi decided to purchase a 2017 Mercedes AMG G63 for baby Kulture.

For those who are keeping track: mom doesn’t know how to drive, the baby obviously cannot drive, but this new car, customized to the tune of $340,000 is now proudly owned by Cardi B’s infant. Only in Hollywood, folks! Most of us spend our childhoods with HotWheels miniatures!

2 Garage - Lamborghini Huracan

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Sure, why not. A few more cars couldn’t hurt. Cardi also has a Lamborghini Huracan, you know – for – daily stuff. She was featured on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, joking about how many cars she has and how she lost count and can’t drive them anyway.

We’re not sure she fully grasps the incredible features and top speeds that can be attained in these cars. It’s hard to imagine someone not knowing how to drive with all these amazing machines parked at their home.

1 Garage - Maybach

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Another revelation that came about during her Carpool Karaoke adventure, was the fact that Cardi B owns a Maybach. Another impressive car to add to the fleet of vehicles she owns yet cannot operate. She seems to be an avid car collector, so we’re baffled at how she doesn’t take a few moments out of her life to learn how to operate the incredible machines she owns.

Needless to say, this gorgeous luxury car comes with the First Class Cabin Pack features, inclusive of a mounted champagne fridge. You know, for Cardi to sip on while she’s being chauffeured!

Sources: HotNewHipHop, Mercury News, Allure

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