15 Things Erin Andrews Wants To Keep On The DL

Perhaps the most popular sports host in all of North America, Andrews has really seen it all throughout her lifetime. Clearly, controversy hasn’t eluded the sportscaster. We’ve seen some cringe moments during her time on television, some that we’ll cover in this article.

Her personal life also took some rocky twists and turns, of course, we’ll take a look at situations from the past like her stalker incident and so much more that she likely would rather keep on the DL. These days, however, at the age of 41, her primary concern is staying happy and healthy after a recent health scare.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Here are 15 things Erin Andrews want to keep on the DL. Let’s get started!

15 Had To Do Sit-Down Before Returning To ESPN

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During her controversial court battles, Andrews took an extended amount of time off from ESPN. As if that wasn’t hard enough on the sports anchor, she was forced into a sit-down interview with the network prior to making a return.

And as a matter of fact, those were the only conditions that would allow the popular reporter to return on the network.

14 Awkwardness With 50 Cent

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Erin was at the crowded NASCAR pit lane during this cringe moment. She was looking for Danica Patrick but instead, Andrews would encounter 50 Cent.

Things took an awkward twist when 50 Cent when it for a kiss – one that Andrews basically brushed aside. It made for an uncomfortable moment, to say the least.

13 Bumpy Proposal

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A marriage proposal is a day all couples remember forever. According to Nicki Swift, Andrews and partner Jarret Stoll won’t forget the day due to how nerve-racking it was.

The two enjoyed the day at Disneyland, however, Stoll clearly didn’t think things through as he had the ring in his jacket pocket while going on numerous rides with Andrews. It would lead to one too many close calls on the day...

12 She Initially Turned Down Her Future Husband

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Close friend Michael Strahan was the one that tried to set the two up initially. Via text, Stoll asked about Andrews wanting the NFL player to arrange a date between the two. Here’s the real kicker, according to Nicki Swift, Andrews turned down the proposal claiming she wasn’t in the right headspace at the time.

Persistence would payoff when Stoll finally met Andrews in person and would lock in his future wife for a date – one we can say went pretty well.

11 Failed Reebok Endorsement Deal

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Erin made quite the net worth throughout the years not only for her involvement with the likes of ESPN and other television duties – but she also made a big part of her fortune on various endorsement deals.

One of her biggest took place with the sports apparel giant Reebok. Unfortunately, the relationship turned sour when Andrews endorsed a pair of Nike shoes on the air unknowingly.

10 Trial Viewed As Publicity Stunt

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As if the trial wasn’t hard enough on Andrews, the perception at the beginning of the trial was that Erin was trying to get as much exposure as possible out of the experience.

Of course, she wants everyone to forget about this given how bizarre such claims really are. Given some of the footage from the court battle, it is quite clear that Andrews had other personal and emotional motives behind her – not fame.

9 The Leaked Tape

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The darkest and most forgettable moment in Erin’s personal life took place in 2008 at the Marriott over in Nashville. Stalker Michael Barrett set up a peephole in her room. It would lead to several photos and videos featuring Erin wearing absolutely nothing at all.

Andrews would sue the stalker once she was made aware of the videos – it would start a controversial and emotionally taxing process.

8 Not So PG Dancing With The Stars Moments

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Dancing with the Stars can turn into an opportunity of a lifetime for a celebrity, especially in terms of exposure. At the same time, it also puts the person in the spotlight, making them that much more susceptible to not so PG moments.

Compilations and photos exist of Andrews and some of her steamiest moments on the show – a reality she might want to keep on the DL.

7 Stoll’s Problems With The Law

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Entering a pool party at the Wet Republic in Las Vegas, Stoll once again took the route of hiding something in his attire – this time what he was trying to hide were two banned substances. Security caught Stoll with the drugs and he was brought to prison.

It was a tough moment for the couple – though thankfully they would bounce back. Stoll would even get a job with the LA Kings as a pre-show panelist.

6 TMZ Knew About The Video

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Michael Barrett actually contacted TMZ months prior to the footage getting released. During the courtroom battle, Michael admitted this information claiming he shared a 15-second teaser clip with the gossip website. He would receive an email back getting asked who the celeb was – in which TMZ would decline the offer once he revealed it was Erin Andrews.

What makes things a little more troubling is the fact that TMZ waited additional months before finally giving the authorities Michael’s IP address.

5 Keith Clinkscales Lawsuit

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We can add Keith Clinkscales’ name to troubling lawsuits that took place with Erin Andrews in the mix. This was another disturbing story that accused Keith of having a little too much on a plane while next to Andrews.

The ESPN Executive would take these allegations to court, filing a lawsuit. It is just another story Andrews wants to keep on the DL.

4 Twitter Beef

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Her biggest kinds of beef happen to take place online via Twitter. She had more than a couple of battles on the social media platform. Some that instantly come to mind include one against Marshall Henderson along with Katie Cassidy, who went on a Twitter rant against Andrews.

Disturbingly enough, Erin also received several threats in the past on the platform from anonymous users.

3 The Aaron Rodgers Rumors

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Erin doesn’t have the most extensive dating history – though she has admitted in the past that she prefers hanging around boys especially during her younger days – she’s a Tomboy at heart.

She dated Chace Crawford and Josh Hopkins in the past. Among one of the more noticeable dating rumors linked Andrews to Aaron Rodgers back in 2010, according to Famous Fix.

2 Stalker Did The Same Peephole To Others

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According to E Online, Erin’s stalker would use the peephole tactic on ten other women. Disturbingly enough, the peephole took only five minutes to install.

According to Barrett, he came up with the idea from another hotel employee that was using a similar tactic – pretty cringe details.

1 Not So PG Pics

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Like everyone else with a massive following on television, Andrews has her fair share of steamy not so PG pics.

To her credit, most of the shots are candid pictures and not from revealing photoshoots – something we’ve seen with so many others in the sporting world especially with platforms like Sports Illustrated.

Sources – ET Online, Famous Fix & Nicki Swift

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