20 Things Farrah Abraham Wants To Keep Hush Hush

To say Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham is controversial is putting it lightly. Since the moment Farrah first entered our lives in 2009 when MTV aired her episode of “16 and Pregnant,” she’s probably had more negative media coverage than any other OG Teen Mom.

We’ve seen some really great moments come from the reality television entrepreneur, like running her own businesses. But, even more often, we’ve seen Farrah run her life like a train wreck, full of crashing and burning.

The media really likes to take Farrah and drag her through the dirt on most of her life choices. Be it her relationship with parents, how she raises her daughter, and what she does to make her money, Farrah can’t hardly catch a break. With a life in the spotlight, there are quite a few things Farrah wants to keep quiet.

20 Her Pre-Plastic Surgery Self


It’s no secret that Farrah Abraham has had a lot of plastic surgery procedures over the last ten years. She’s had her nose done, her lips and her chin, among several other parts of her body.

Farrah has no regrets with her many procedures. Images of her before-surgery self are probably not something she wants the world to remember her as.

19 When She Had To 'Face The Truth'


An episode of the daytime talk show, Face the Truth featured Farrah and her mom Debra Danielsen. They were there to find some common ground with their year-long conflict.

However, Farrah was asked to prove she does abuse illegal substances. The reality star reluctantly agreed, but the results showed she tested positive. Farrah was in disbelief and complete denial.

18 Her Private Relations With Ex-Boyfriend



Farrah dated her on-again-off-again now-ex-boyfriend, Simon Saran for two years before they split up for good. Since the split, Simon has had several things to say about Farrah that she probably wished he would keep to himself.

Simon once admitted that Farrah has no problem getting her “satisfaction,” according to Radar Online. She apparently gets pretty rough behind closed doors.

17 Anything To Do With Her Estranged Sister, Ashley


We know all about Farrah’s parents, Michael and Debra, but we hardly ever hear anything about Farrah’s half-sister, Ashley. The sisters had a falling out after a bad night out together in 2013.

Farrah was arrested for a DUI and placed the blame on Ashely. Now, they rarely talk or see each other. Farrah isn’t too keen on building a relationship back up with her sister.

16 That Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction


Given a quick look at Farrah’s IG, it’s easy to see that she enjoys showing off her assets. But when wardrobe malfunctions occur, it’s pretty embarrassing for the victim.

In September 2019, Farrah had a mishap during the Venice Film Festival. Her dress had a very revealing slit up the side, and Farrah was going commando. Now, that’s all anyone can talk about.

15 Being Dissed By Her Daughter, Sophia


Farrah’s only child, Sophia Abraham, is now 10-years-old and has several opinions about her famous mother. While filming on IG live, Farrah was discussing Sophia’s acting classes, and Sophia didn’t like what she was saying very much.

In the background, you can hear Sophia shouting, “You just like to lie on social media, and you like to gossip about me on live all the time!”

14 Being Called The 'Worst Mom Ever'


Farrah became a mother at a young age and hasn’t always had the best luck with parenting. Fans and critics alike have always slammed Farrah for her unconventional and sometimes controversial parenting methods.

She can easily be seen as treating Sophia like an adult best friend rather than her young child. Farrah has been called the “Worst Mom Ever,” over and over again.

13 That She Was Actually Fired From Teen Mom


In October 2017, Farrah Abraham was fired from the show that ultimately launched her fame. Teen Mom OG’s decision to let one of their original stars go was one that many expected to happen long ago.

After getting fired, for her poor treatment of producers and participation in the adult film industry, Farrah went off on MTV bigtime, calling them “hateful” and “horrible,” according to People.

12 That She Cut Sophia's Dad Out Of Her Life Before He Died


Sophia’s father, Derek Underwood, passed away before she was born. Farrah has been completely open with Sophia in letting her get to know who her father was and build a relationship with his family. But she actually completely cut him out of her and Sophia’s life before he died.

Farrah likely wishes people would quit bringing that tragic fact up.

11 How Much Money She's Really Worth


Farrah has made a ton of money over the last ten years, but she’s also spent a lot of it. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Farrah is estimated to be worth $1 million.

But just this year, she’s experienced serious financial troubles. Farrah likes to live a big life and doesn’t want people talking about how much she’s really worth.

10 Sophia Forgetting Farrah Went To College


Farrah wants people to know that she’s worked really hard to get to where she is today. It’s important for her that people know of her accomplishments.

So, when her daughter, Sophia “forgot” she went to college, Farrah had a breakdown. She admitted that she lost it when Sophia said she didn’t know how her mom got here and forgot she has multiple degrees.

9 Her Confusing and Secretive Dating Life


Farrah has been tied to a couple of different men over the last few years, but nothing lasted. It seems she may now be in a new relationship but doesn’t want people to know about it.

According to her social media post, she was on vacation with “one of the best people ever.” Fans assume this is a new beau but don’t have high hopes.

8 When She Basically Disrespected An Entire Culture


Farrah recently posted a seemingly innocent video to social media of herself in a bikini in Dubai.

Many of her fans were quick to point out that wearing that type of swimwear may have been totally inappropriate and possibly offensive while in Dubai during a religious holiday. Farrah likely didn’t know she was being disrespectful.

7 Her Fans Think She Is A Horrible Influence On Sophia


Farrah’s relationship with her daughter is unique, to say the least. She takes Sophia on extravagant relationships and shares every aspect of her life with the 10-year-old, including her social media posts.

Many of Farrah’s post are for a very mature audience, but that doesn’t stop Sophia from commenting on most of her mom’s posts. Fans feel Farrah is a bad influence for Sophia.

6 Those Blow-Ups On Celebrity Big Brother UK


Farrah has enough bad publicity to her name for a lifetime, but that didn’t stop her from having some public blowups on the reality show, Celebrity Big Brother UK.

During her time on the show, Farrah got into several over-the-top arguments with other loud-mouthed celebs. This wasn’t a good look for Farrah, who had been trying to make a better name for herself.

5 When She Got Arrested


In 2018, Farrah was arrested after getting into an altercation with a Beverly Hills hotel employee. She was ultimately charged with a misdemeanor count of battery.

According to People, Abraham struck a security guard in the face, grabbed his ear and pushed him in the face as he attempted to prevent her from re-entering the hotel. This was a low point for Farrah.

4 The Lip Implants That Went Wrong


Farrah’s plastic surgery is something she is proud of and doesn’t regret, but that time she had a botched lip injection is something she would probably like to forget.

Farrah shared the photos as a warning to other women considering this type of injection. She said the experience was a wakeup call, but she is still considering more surgeries in the future.

3 Her Fans Creating #SaveSophia


It’s clear the population does not think Farrah is an excellent mother, so it shouldn’t have come as any shock when #SaveSophia was created.

The popular hashtag started popping up on Farrah and Sophia’s posts. Farrah has been accused of neglecting Sophia and exposing her to adult situations. Sophia, on the other hand, has come to her mom’s defense telling haters to back off.

2 Almost Getting Hit With A $101K Lawsuit


Toward the beginning of 2019, Farrah was hit with a huge lawsuit for allegedly failing to pay rent when her two stores closed down. Farrah managed to evade receiving the legal documents, causing the plaintiff to seek permission in serving her father on her behalf, according to Radar Online.

Farrah’s money troubles wouldn’t get any better with this $100k lawsuit.

1 Her Relationship With Her Mom


Farrah’s relationship with her mom, Debra, has never been smooth. Many of their fights have been recorded for Teen Mom and received a lot of attention.

The tension has escalated to breaking points on more than one occasion, with many accusing Farrah of being seriously cruel to her mother. It’s still her mom, though, and Farrah probably wishes people would stop talking about their private problems.

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