15 Mysterious Things Found In Forests That Keep Us Up At Night

In the daytime, the forest is our friend. It houses beautiful plant life, tall trees that shade us when we're warm and animals that are better to admire from a distance. The forest is an amazing place to become one with nature and gain a new perspective on life. The forest is seemingly less scary during the day and people feel more safe than they would, say at night.

When it's dark, everything is different. The night has a habit of putting a drape over everything that once was inviting and bright and is now ominous and dangerous. The dark is a friend to bumps in the night, indistinguishable animal sounds and all manner of threatening things. What kinds of things? Things that people would see and run away from. Things that lurk in the dark, inviting you in. Basically, the forest isn't somewhere a person would want to be after sundown unless they know where they're going or have a really big flashlight. Take a look at these 15 photos below and after, you'll probably want to stay clear of your local forest.

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15 Definitely not an uplifting sign

Sometimes, we come across plaques or signs in the store that convey an uplifting or positive message. We've all had a home décor item that's borderline cheesy and it probably heightens our moods when we really need it. But the forest is not our home and it would be kind of surprising to find any type of home décor in a setting like that. Apparently, this person decided to explore in the woods and they definitely found something. This sign isn't positive or uplifting, it's very unsettling.

Imagine stumbling upon this sign all alone in the forest and having no idea how or why it's out there. Maybe it's a movie prop, maybe it's a sick joke or maybe it has an entire backstory that we'll never know about. All we can hope is that this person picked it up and got rid of it.

14 A different type of shrine

When Halloween rolls around, we aren't really surprised at the decorations we see. Fake blood, hooded figures and cheesy skull shrines like the one above are all apart of the holiday. At this point, we've probably become desensitized to all that we see...around Halloween that is. Some poor soul walked up on this thing and even in the daytime, it's totally spooky. It could be an old Halloween decoration someone decided to string up, but it could be something entirely different.

The forest is a weird concept because it can shock us in all its beauty, but it can also show us an entirely different side to it. Just change the circumstances a little bit, walk up on this thing and tell us that the forest is harmless, we dare you.

13 A forest with a reputation

At first glance, this looks like a random forest that needs to be cleaned up a bit. On any given day, people like to explore and to camp in a forest just like this and rudely leave items behind. But this isn't an ordinary forest and people definitely would be out of their mind to stay overnight here. This is a shot taken of Aokigahara, a forest Northwest of Mount Fuji in Japan. It's known for its thick foliage, uneven terrain and for other things much more sinister. People wish to visit it, but many don't wish to come out alive.

If you look closely, there is a fair amount of trash. If you look at the main tree, you'll see something hanging in the shape of a noose. This probably isn't a place you'd want to go sightseeing at.

12 Those aren't normal

If we could travel back in time and see the world around us, it'd look quite different. There would be less of everything, including condos, high-rise buildings and stores. As time goes on, things advance and unfortunately, untouched land gets used up. With overpopulation in some areas, it's hard not to use up any kind of land that has potential for something. At the same time, if we were to walk into the woods, something that isn't well, natural, would stick out like a sore thumb. We're used to seeing trees, plants and animals and not exhaust pipes sticking up from the ground like the picture above.

We're sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for these, but at the same time, what are they doing out in the middle of nowhere? Is it a WWII bunker? Is it an old underground home? We'll never know.

11 The missing

Gone are the days of when a missing person would be found on the back of a milk carton. Although that was a clever placement, technology has given us the chance to advertise unfortunate situations like this in other ways. But here and there, there are still missing people posters that will be posted up on a store's walls or on a public board. We've heard of people that have gone missing in the woods, but we've never seen something quite like this.

A man trekking through the woods in Long Island, NY came across this and had to report it. It wasn't just one person on those missing people posters; it was dozens. Who knows the reasoning why someone would do this, but we're not thinking it's for the good of finding these people.

10 Say no to hugs

A picture can speak a thousand words, but a couple of words can also do that all on their own. If we were to eliminate the creepy content, this might be kind of a artist photo. But the words are there and they are screaming danger. We're sure it was just a couple kids looking for a scare and honestly, they did their job. Any old building still standing definitely has the look of being haunted and we blame movies for that. By the look of this little hut, we can't really tell how far back it goes or if there is a basement, giving this structure a whole different dimension.

Anyone who's tremendously brave or maybe hasn't seen enough horror films, would probably decide to check this out and see if there's anything worth seeing inside. For those of us that know better, we'd walk the other way, casually looking behind our shoulder the whole way out of the forest.

9 The stairs to nowhere

It's perfectly normal for a building to have stairs leading to nowhere. There might've been revisions done to the building and the stairs were no longer needed. But when you come across ominous-looking stairs in the woods? That's a whole different situation. There's no other hint of a building being here besides these stairs so we're really confused. Plus, by the looks of them, they've been here for quite some time. When something is so out of place that there isn't a valid reason, that's when things start getting weird.

We would understand if there were wooden stairs going to a tree fort or some sort of building that's meant to be there; but alas, there is no explanation of why these very cold, concrete stairs are standing here.

8 The valley of the dolls

Depending on who you ask, dolls can be a symbol of innocence and childhood memories. Some of us grew up playing with them and others were absolutely creeped out by the sight of them. Either way, dolls are meant for children to play with and to cherish, not to see on trees. This is another ode to Aokigahara in Japan and we couldn't resist because of the photo above. By the way of films such as Chucky, we are forever scared of seeing them around; especially in a forest. As we've gotten older, dolls might've became something we're not too fond of.

There's no reason for these dolls to be here other than for the scare factor. This is a forest that doesn't have a flowery reputation so it kind of makes sense.

7 The concrete boxes

Finding one of these in a forest wouldn't be that shocking. Finding two in the forest would be a little concerning, but finding four is downright odd. These could be a part of a water pump system or they could be electrical boxes, but they just seem too out of place to be anything normal. Come to think of it, these kind of look like concrete tombs and that would only mean one thing: death. We can't really see what's on the other side of these concrete boxes, but we're sure it's nothing good.

There may be doors on the other side that lead people down to the abyss which doesn't seem inviting. Again, these could very well be something totally innocent, but there is something about them that just isn't right.

6 The cabin in the woods

We've seen them around Halloween, we've seen them in movies such as The Blair Witch Project and in real life. Abandoned houses or cabins aren't really a new thing, but they'll never stop being creepy. Usually, they're left empty after people leave and go elsewhere or if they were only living their temporarily. There really are a ton of reasons why someone would come across a little shack like this in the woods. At the same time though, that doesn't take anything away from the creepiness of it all.

This broken down cabin resides in California. A resident of that particular area said that he came across it and it had food and belongings inside. Days later, the cops came back and everything was gone. Guess whoever was there didn't want any more guests.

5 Things left behind

Whether it's now or in the past, every city, country and continent has experienced hardships. One of the most notorious and unfortunate events in history is easily the Holocaust. It's a touchy situation in time that can still rattle people to this day. They may have heritage from there or even family members that witnessed these horrible moments in time. To remember history, we cling onto certain items that came straight out of that era.

Flash forward to current day Poland and you can find what remains of the concentration camps that were used in that time. In a part of the woods that surround a particular concentration camp, someone stumbled upon various items such as prisoner uniforms, belts and shoes. They were all over this specific area and were never found before.

4 Big ball of something

Taking a hike will be fun, they said. Let's all get a breath of fresh air, they said. What they didn't say was that an alien-like pod would be waiting for us out in the thick of the woods. We're not sure how many of you have actually walked around in the woods, but this big heavy-looking ball isn't supposed to be here. While we've gone down the list of things that shouldn't be in the woods, this comes up to the top.

We're wondering if the guy in the picture should even be that close and if there's some sort of door that will pop open and unleash... something. This reminds us of all the alien movies we've seen and in most of them, they don't come to our planet to say hi.

3 No roads leading here

Cars break down all the time for various, but this case is a bit different. Leaving a car abandoned in the middle of the woods isn't normal and just the thought of it reminds us of the beginning a scary movie. Something always bad happens when the vehicle is discovered and in this situation, luck was on the driver's side.

Two local boys were playing around in the woods and came across this vehicle. It looked like it had already been rifled through so the boys thought it was OK to take a peek inside. They didn't find much, but they did find the owner's name and got the police involved. Turns out, this vehicle belonged to a 92-year-old judge and was found alive nearby. The real kicker is that if the man wasn't found, a large storm days later would've brought him to his fate.

2 Random gravestones

Now, we know that it's not that uncommon to find a gravestones or gravestone markers in a desolate area, but that doesn't take away from the fact that this is creepy. Gravestones signify an area of where loved ones have been put to rest and saying it that way makes it OK. But movies and television shows have engrained in our minds that finding an old and run-down gravestone or cemetery isn't a good thing. That usually means that it's dark, spooky and someone or something is about to pop out.

So, people have the option of doing one of two things. Do they take pictures and deem this finding as cool or do they get spooked out and head the other direction? We'd probably pick up a brisk pace and leave.

1 The shape in the background

If you've hear of Slenderman, this photo will remind you of the lanky, fictional character. In movies, you'll find monsters and villains creeping around, masking themselves at night; in this case, it's different. Here are three friends enjoying a stroll in this eery and foggy forest, probably not thinking twice about it. Of course to commemorate this day, they take a few pictures for later. We know that pictures don't lie (unless Photoshop has anything to do with it) and anything that is in a camera's vicinity will pick it up. In this case, it's the mysterious person in the background.

This isn't actually something found, per se, but it's definitely a finding for later on. These three probably had no idea what else was out in those woods and the proof is in the picture.

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