18 Disturbing Things In People’s Cars Caught On Camera

Our cars aren’t always used simply for transportation. They become a place for us to eat, they’re mobile offices, and let’s face it – our vehicles are basically storage containers on wheels. There’s so much stuff that we shove into our cars and not all of it finds its way back out again! There are fun stories from across the globe about all the things people have found inside the cars they buy or rent. Mechanics are among the rare few that get into other people’s cars to drive them or test drive them, and they see way more than they bargained for sometimes. No matter what the story or circumstance, it’s clear to see that many of us have some really strange things stored in our cars! Let’s take a look at some of the most bizarre items that were found in cars, and captured on camera.

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18 Raccoon Ruckus

Via BadDogNeeds

Sometimes when you hear a strange noise under the hood, it takes some work to figure out what the cause is. This is not one of those times! Mechanical know-how wasn’t required in order to isolate this car-problem. The raccoon looks scared and we hope he got out as quickly as he managed to get himself in!

17 All Tied Up

Via Pinterest

It’s very safe to say we’d rather walk than go anywhere in this car. Talk about a scary, strange thing to find wrapped around the rear-view mirror! For those who are not afraid of snakes, we think you’d still be a bit hesitant to jump in and go for a ride!

16 Chucky!

Via Pinterest

If you see a driver strap in a Chucky doll for sheer laughs and giggles, run….run very, very fast! This cute prank feels really creepy and is freaking us out! Does this gain you access to drive in the HOV lane though? We would consider riding with Chucky to save a few bucks, lol.

15 Problems Under The Hood

Via Pinterest

No. Just….no. This is horrifying and chances are, this car will never drive the same again. Even more accurately – nobody is going to be brave enough to get close this car so it will never be driven. This is one of the scariest things we’ve ever found in a car – that snake is massive!

14 Delicates On Display

Via Pinterest

Leaving “delicates” on display in your car is strange and makes everyone uncomfortable. Although we can appreciate that this is a fabulous bikini, it’s not useful in the glove box on display for all to see! A little bit of discretion would have gone a long way here – all they had to do was put it in a bag!

13 Meat Stench

Via Pinterest

This car must have had a terrible, stinky stench! Pounds of meat were found in the back of a vehicle that seemed abandoned – probably because nobody could handle the odor. It’s so gross to imagine how quickly this would rot – we hope nobody ate any!

12 Stop Clowning Around!

Via Morristown

Finding clown masks inside a rental car is really scary! Were they used for a robbery? Is this a prank? It’s not Halloween! It’s safe to say if we rented a car and found these masks inside of it, we would abandon it. We would very quickly and happily just adjust to using public transit instead

11 Cash Stash

Via Netmarkers

Yes! This is the strange car-find that we would like to sign up for! Imagine opening the trunk of the used car you just purchased, and finding this massive cash-stash. This is the thing dreams are made of! Finder’s keepers, folks….no refunds or take-backs! They even left a calculator so you can easily tally up your findings!

10 Ashes To Ashes...

Via NetMarkers

This is a super strange car-find that we could do without. This lady purchased a used vehicle and found human ashes in the back of the trunk. Actual human ashes. The proud new owner of this car doesn’t even know who her unknown passenger is, but they have definitely come from the after-life with the intention of tagging along!

9 Machete Under The Floormat

Via NetMarkers

This guy seems really excited to have just found a machete in his rental car. It’s a strange, yet cool thing to find. The machete itself is a cool-find but we’re not sure we want to know what it was previously used for, or why it was left behind.

8 Bullets And Capsules

Via CarThrottle

Who knew that buying a new Jeep would provide a bonus gift of bullets and capsules? We’re not sure what happened with the original owner of this Jeep, but we’re a tad bit worried about his safety. Used cars carry all kinds of surprises, and it’s not rare to find some change, or a lipstick that had rolled under the mat, but this definitely a caught us off guard.

7 Back-Seat But In Full Control

Via ImagJoke

So many questions! Let’s start with – how did he even get into the car? Someone must have placed this critter into the vehicle. We don’t need to know why or how, we just want to make sure this isn’t happening to our car! Yikes!

6 A Fish Console!

Via Visiontimes

This is the first time we’ve seen a fish console! The back-seat passengers were definitely top priority for the person that designed this car. That looks like a very relaxing car-ride experience. If this is real, we want one too! It’s definitely strange to see though, and caught us off guard!

5 A Fishy Experience

Via Livefish

Talk about a Fishy experience!! This car is no longer drivable. We are not really sure what they were trying to do here, but this has become an aquarium on wheels! This is definitely one of the strangest things we’ve seen in cars. It will be even more strange to look at in a day or so , when these fish start floating!

4 Chillin' With A Cheetah

Via BadDogNeeds

Imagine driving down the road, looking into the car next to you in traffic, and seeing a Cheetah staring back at you! That’s exactly what happened, and here’s the photo to prove it! The cheetah looks very calm, and the driver seems un-phased. We’re pretty sure nobody would have believed this without the photo evidence!

3 Dolphin Love

Via ModernFinds

Someone is probably tearing their house around looking for this. This adorable dolphin-ring was found in a car and the mechanic’s shop had no way of establishing who the rightful owner was. We’re sure they miss their ring, it looks like it holds a lot of sentimental value.

2 Hello, Kitty!

Via CarThrottle

We all love our felines, and this cat sure is cute, but ….why is he on the dashboard? This poor little kitty looks upset to be staring out and not getting out! The look on his face is priceless, and he seems just as confused about being there as we are.

1 Locking Up The Car!

Via EZBaumsworld

This is definitely strange to see inside a car! Does the driver realize that he hasn’t actually locked anything? This is a pretty useless and futile attempt at locking the gears, and we feel sorry for the person who was responsible for this. It must have been embarrassing!

Sources: Entertainment, Modern Finds

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