18 Fails In Walmart’s Toy Section That Probably Got Someone Fired

There really is no place on earth quite like Walmart. In fact, we'd argue that it's right up there alongside Machu Picchu and the Great Wall of China as one of the Wonders of the World. With a whopping 11,368 stores worldwide, each of which stock different items from time to time, you never really know what you'll find around any given corner when walking through your local shopping paradise.

While we've definitely seen some strange foods and household items dotted across the stores over the years, not to mention strange people, where Walmart's quirkiness really shines in within its toy sections. Sometimes the toys are ironic, sometimes funny, sometimes downright disgusting, and other times flat-out creepy, but hey, that's Walmart for you.

18 Big Hug - even if you don't want one

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Now, we all love Elmo, right? He's a friendly, furry Sesame Street character that loves to hug. What's not to appreciate about that? Well, when you're trapped in a teenie-tiny box with him, the idea of a hug turns a little more sinister and menacing. It doesn't look like this poster boy is having the best of times at all.

17 Watch that tongue, boy.

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No batteries required? Wow! Just pull my leash for a magical walk? Sounds like a great time! Despite these toys being rather cute, and forgetting about the fact that people don't really take unicorns for walks, let's just take a moment to scour whichever Walmart employee thought it was a good idea to create their own version of a Human Centipede.

16 Bro, have you even seen Star Wars?

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Nothing says Christmas time quite like a five-foot Chewbacca outside your front door, right? The thing is, this is clearly lacking a substantial amount of fur to resemble the beloved Star Wars character, and to state the obvious, it's clearly an inflatable reindeer. Who got fired for this one then?

15 Keep it in your pants

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Ah, Walmart... While sometimes you can be great, you can just as easily be gross and immature. Believe it or not, this fake set of number twos was actually found in the chains toy aisles. We can't imagine that parents would be too thrilled with the idea of their kids playing with the brown stuff, just for fun.

14 Well, good for you, Mrs. Unicorn!

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While rainbow number twos might be a little more appealing to the eye, the concept is still a little flawed, especially considering that this toy is clearly marketed toward children. Rainbow poop aside, by far the most unsettling thing about this product is the fact that the person playing with it has to actually lift the unicorn's tail to help it do its business. Please, Mrs. Unicorn, keep it to yourself.

13 Does it come with a mini sink to wash our hands at least?

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Please, enough with the damn toilet toys, okay Walmart?! Clearly there was a handful of staff members who either had incredibly small bladders or terrible IBS, because it seems that all they could think about when creating the latest toys were toilets. We just hope that they washed their hands before packaging...

12 Please, stop with the toilets!

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Alright, Walmart people, this has gone way too far. Seriously, why are all of your products toilet-related? Do you not have access to toilets in-store? If so, should we call someone? This toilet seat sticker, while it does serve a good purpose of encouraging children to do their business, is just too darn creepy. Its teeth are the same size as its eyes and personally, we'd rather go number-one in the sink if we saw this.

11 Think before you discount

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Perhaps a disgruntled staff member was trying to make some sort of silent statement or put out a comment on their views of society, or maybe this was simply a case of poor stock coordination, but either way, this shouldn't have happened. Just imagine how people would feel seeing these two styles of dolls side by side! We're confident someone got a vicious scalding for this one.

10 Does it come with an eggs-scented beard?

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While this certainly isn't the most offensive item that we've seen so far, it certainly falls into the category on darn-right ridiculous. Judging by the packaging, it seems as though this product is tailored at adult men, which doesn't really make sense considering that most of them can grow their own mustache for free. It seems like a waste of shelf space, and the scent would probably bring on a headache.

9 Lame wings? Sounds fun!

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There's nothing quite like strolling down the Walmart aisles when Halloween is just around the corner, because you never know what hilarious, creepy or idiotic products wait around every corner. The issue with this one is a simple misspelling - it should have read lamé (meaning metallic threads), but clearly, the marketing department was too lame to realise that.

8 No wonder I can't cook...

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Cooking isn't the most simple of tasks, but it certainly isn't a puzzle. Do we have to scour the countless pages of word searches to find a hidden recipe? Or did a low-level trainee simply mess up and put these books in the wrong section? We'll never know for sure, but if they are recipe books in disguise, it's a pretty stupid idea.

7 Come sit with me... I have cup holders...

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Look, we're all for child safety, especially when it comes to driving around on the road. Cars might be safer than ever these days, but the little guys and gals are precious, so a car seat makes perfect sense. What we can't quite get on board with, however, is the creepy forever-smile of this Dora. Are you 2D or are you 3D? Make up your mind!

6 Nice pickle, but does it yodel?

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Society is divided clearly into two groups: those who love pickles, and those who can't stand them. But then, way out of left-field, there's a tiny group of people who prefer pickles, so long as they can yodel. Yep, this vocal vegetable (or is it a fruit? Who knows these days...) can actually be bought on Walmart's toy shelves, and we literally are clueless as to why.

5 Redneck mode, activate

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Alright, let's be honest here. The only parent who would actually buy what is essentially a 'how to be a redneck' kit, would already be one. Therefore, the product renders itself obsolete. Whichever Walmart employee was responsible for adding this to the shelves should have done more (or any) market research.

4 Creep level: 100

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There are two things clearly wrong with this Barbie doll-type toy. Firstly, it's embedding the stigma that women need to use facial masks and look after themselves with beauty routines. Secondly, and more importantly, it's super freakin' creepy. We'd stay away from this toy, but hey, at least it's not poop.

3 Starfish Princess

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Is this supposed to be a starfish or a Disney princess? Yeah, we're not entirely sure either. Regardless of the idea behind this toy, the execution is clearly lacking a touch of finesse. The crown is also clearly different from the one on the packaging. Overall, it's just a bit of a mess, and we wouldn't be surprised if it was quickly recalled.

2 What's 20% off zero?

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What's better than playing with water balloons and water pistols on a hot summer's day? Doing so when you've paid diddly-squat for them, of course! This display was evidently the error of a staff member, and since the advertised price needs to be upheld by the store, the location would have lost a fair chunk of cash. Was someone fired? We think so.

1 Do cats go 'woof' too?

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Do cows have wings? Do spiders wake up at dawn and yell Cock-o-doodle-dooo? No, clearly not. Just like hippos clearly don't have giant ivory horns. A parent who chooses to buy this for their child is just asking for a call from the principal after the kid's head has been dunked in the toilet. Animals aren't that difficult to learn, as long as we keep them away from Walmart.

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