20 Things No One Knows About These Wrestlers' WAGs

Behind ever pro wrestler, there’s a WAG that’s tough as nails. Instead of showing their prowess in the ring, however (although there are certainly WAGs who are also divas in the ring as well) their domain tends to lie outside of it, in social media, interviews and behind the scenes drama.

While the spotlight doesn’t shine as brightly on the WAGs of pro wrestlers, many of them possess just as much a magnetic personality as their husbands and boyfriends. This often elevates a wrestler’s profile, as the more drama there is in the WWE, the better.

Instead of always focusing on the wrestlers themselves, we’re taking a look at WWE WAGs and things that are not widely known about them. While not all of the points below reflect all WAGs across the board, they relate to particular individuals.

Don’t forget to find out which WWE Stars Vince McMahon forces to use fake names.

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20 They Date Wrestlers To Raise Their Profile

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One WAG who didn’t get much love from fans for loving a wrestler was Michelle McCool. She dated The Undertaker—one of the biggest stars in the sport—which led to those within the WWE throwing shade on her for it (411Mania).

There are rumors she dated The Undertaker because it would help raise her profile.

19 They Spread Rumors About Their Significant Others

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WAGs have opportunities to author books; the juicier the details they spill, the better sales will do. The former wife of legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan, Linda Hogan, said some unflattering things about her husband in the 2011 book.

Huff Post reports that on The Wendy Williams Show, Linda talked back some of her claims and admitted, “When you're mad and you're going through a divorce, you say things you just don't mean.”

18 They Cheat Others Out Of Money

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Some WAGs—who are also Divas—are just as vicious outside the ring as they are inside it. One of the more notorious figures to come out of the sport was The Fabulous Moolah. Uproxx reports, as per Georgia Brown’s account, that she had her own schools where she trained and groomed other girls who could stay on the premises and used it as an opportunity to drain them of money.

Mad Maxine said, “The girls went into debt to her and she controlled their lives” (Uproxx).

17 They Idolize Their Wrestlers Long Before Dating Them

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Kim Kessler and Randy Orton have been happily married since 2015. Kessler admits that she was into Orton before they even met each other.

She shared on Unfiltered with Renee Young, as per the site Heavy, “In my brain, way before I met him, he was my boyfriend.” It sure sounds like she knew she wanted to be with Orton for a long time.

16 They Have Secret Relationships

via FanSided

One of the most well-known relationships in WWE was that of Randy “Macho Man” Savage and Miss Elizabeth.

According to The Daily Beast, the two tied the knot but kept their marriage a secret from the media. With their hush-hush marriage, they continued to play out their roles in front of fans.

15 They Pick Up Bad Habits

via Twitter user @WWE

A caveat for this next one is in order, as it applies to Miss Elizabeth, who was not just a WAG but a pro wrestler herself. According to The Tuscaloosa News, as per Google News, Miss Elizabeth's autopsy revealed she passed away from an accidental overdose in 2003.

Technically though, The Daily Beast reports that she and Randy Savage had split up by this point.

14 They Hide Things From Their ‘Crazy’ Fans

via WWE Super ShowDown 2019 Results

Many WAGs go to great lengths to maintain a private life away from prying fans. The Daily Star reports that Sasha Banks got married in secret to former wrestler Sarath Ton, justifying the move as a way to keep fans from ruining the moment.

“I just hide it because our fans are so crazy sometimes, you know?” she said.

13 They’re Part Of Fictional Storylines That End Up Reflecting Reality

via Eyes on the Ring

There’s nothing like a love triangle to boost interest in pro wrestling. The one that played out between Edge, Matt Hardy and his girlfriend Lita in 2005 may have been realer than it seemed.

According to The Richest, even before the feud occurred in the ring during SummerSlam, Lita supposedly cheated on Hardy with Edge, which led the WWE to incorporate the storyline into the ring.

12 They Take Advantage of Their Pupils

via Wrestling-Inc.

Mary Lillian Ellison, also known as The Fabulous Moolah, was a WAG and pro wrestler. The site Uproxx sheds light on some of her unseemly practices, however, which looked at accusations by Luna Vachon and Mad Maxine that suggests Ellison took advantage of pupils under her wing.

This paints the iconic female WAG in a complicated light, with many fans torn about how they should look back on her legacy.

11 They Compete With Other WAGs To Elevate Their Celebrity-Status

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It’s not enough for WWE WAGs to focus merely on their own lives. They’re locked in an ongoing competition of one-upping fellow WAGs.

According to Wrestling-Edge, they’ll even go so far as to strategize about their next moves in order to keep up with fellow WAGs and a rich and fancy lifestyle.

10 They Pose For Playboy

via wrestling-edge.com

To be clear, the following WAGs were also Divas who showed up inside the ring. According to Bleacher Report, Torrie Wilson—who got hitched to former wrestler Billy Kidman—posed for Playboy in 2003; so did Maria in 2008, who's married to Mike Bennett.

These are just two examples of WAGs who were willing to bear it all.

9 They Bring Out The ‘Cuddly’ Side Of Wrestlers

via WAGS Related

WAGs have a power over wrestlers the public doesn’t see.

Randy Orton himself admitted that his wife, Kimberly Kessler, brings out the “cuddly” side of him. Known for being a tough world champion inside of the ring, it’s surprising for fans to learn about the kind of hold his wife has on him.

8 Can’t Just Look Good, Have To Be Entertaining As Well

via Page Six

Not everything for a WAG revolves around their pro wrestling husband. A large part of being with a wrestler, however, entails dressing nice, showing up to events and being willing to be his arm candy for an evening.

This part tends to come naturally for WAGs though, so it’s especially important they stand out from others with a one-of-a-kind personality.

7 They Put Little Credence In Rumors Spread About Them

via Sports Illustrated

It takes thick skin to be a WAG. While there’s plenty of fans that adore them, there are others who aren’t so fond and will even go so far as to say some negative things about them. This doesn’t get to WWE Diva Melina though, who’s dated wrestlers like John Morrison and Dave Bautista, the site Who’s Dated Who? reports.

In a quote on Cageside Seats, Melina said, “I always choose to ignore rumors and lies. The sad thing is people like to stir up trouble and sensationalize drama.”

6 They Have To Find Creative Interests Outside Of Wrestling

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Many of the wives and girlfriends of wrestlers have found platforms where they can step outside of their significant other's shadow and into the spotlight.

Take Bess Wight, for example, who according to Celeb Spouse hosted The Dish Show, which allowed her to showcase her love for all things cooking.

5 They Keep Their Bodies In Shape

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WAGS tend to have just as good—or in some cases—even better bods than their pro wrestler boyfriends and husbands do. Part of their lifestyle includes staying in shape like their husbands and looking good for whenever they step out into the limelight.

It’s why couples such as Randy Orton and Kim Marie Kessler get spotted working out together.

4 Are Stuck Acting Out A Traditional Sexual Orientation

via YouTube user WWE

The real lives of WWE WAGs have a way of finding its way into storylines involving their wrestler counterparts. Not for all WAGs though. Zahra Schreiber, a former wrestler in NXT and Sonya Deville, a current WWE wrestler, were dating according to The Celebs Closet.

There is yet to be a storyline in wrestling though that features either Sonya or Zahra in a same-sex relationship.

3 They Get Matching Tattoos With Their Wrestlers

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As if it wasn’t enough for WAGs to date and wed their wrestlers, they also get matching tattoos with them. Eternal Lifestyle reports that Karina Steen got one with husband and former wrestler Kevin Owens.

We just hope they didn’t agree to get ones that are on both of their lower backs.

2 They Take Interest In Things Fans Appreciate

via SheKnows

Mickie James is not only married to wrestler Nick Aldis but also had a career herself in the WWE. She also has other passions outside of the ring that ring true with fans.

According to Richmond Family Magazine, she’s into singing, modeling and even horses, which she both trains and rides.

1 They Get A Reputation

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Detailed earlier are many of The Fabulous Moolah’s exploits. Both a WAG and a wrestler, she developed a reputation in the ring for her fierceness.

According to Uproxx, she even went off script inside the ring in a move that would effectively end Wendi Richter's career. It’s safe to say no one wanted to mess with her.

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