19 Dumb Things People Do To JDM Cars Because Of Movies

The wide world of the Japanese Domestic Market has some pretty far-reaching fingers in the motoring industry. The oil crisis of the '70s that America faced saw importing of fuel-efficient cars made in Japan in unprecedented levels. This introduced thousands of people to the incredible and amazing car culture of Japan, and all the incredible mods and more that we see influencing the market down to this day.

It's influenced pop culture in a really big way, too, and the JDM has had much influence on the screens and minds of Americans. Movies like The Fast And The Furious franchise have changed the way people look at cars, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. Let's take a look at 19 dumb things people do to JDM cars because of movies.

19 Body Skirts

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While body skirting in its own right can enhance not only the look of a car but also its performance, it's often times that this has to be done professionally to have performance value. Aesthetic value is a different story, but there's no excusing something like this.

18 Massive Spoilers

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The spoiler is something that is awash will all kinds of fallacies and confusion. Most people think that they will actually work, whereas the facts are that it takes quite a large amount of engineering for a spoiler to have significant benefits. Putting a massive one like this one on a car only adds weight and stupidity.

17 Neon Rims

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Neon rims are pretty popular on a lot of tuner mods, whether they are inspired by the movies or not. In my opinion, they never look great, and more often than not just look ugly and clashy. Despite this, people still go out and Plasti-Dip their rims in whatever godawful neon color their hearts desire.

16 Stupid Decals

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Decals are not bad in their own right, as they can provide a pretty spectacular accent to just about any car, as long as they are done right. In the case of this car, though, they are done wrong, and many other JDM cars are also ruined because they wanted a cool decal just like the movies.

15 Underglow Lights

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Underglow is a pretty popular aftermarket JDM mod fad, and sometimes it's really a wonder why anyone would voluntarily choose to do something like this to their car. It looks pretty terrible, and even when it's done professionally or right (this one isn't) it still doesn't look all that appealing.

14 Custom Headlights

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There is a reason a car comes with the headlights that it does. Someone somewhere put a lot of thought and consideration into how the headlights would look. Alas, there is the true fact that some headlights are just plain ugly. However, that usually warrants buying a new car or just dealing with it, not doing this.

13 Noisy Exhausts

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There's nothing more annoying than the sound of a sad four-cylinder eco engine revving up to redline equipped with a noisy aftermarket exhaust. It's one of the worst sounds a car can make. And it doesn't matter which exhaust you have, you can still hear the wimpy engine. A tiger can't change it's stripes, just like you can't have a symphonic straight six.

12 Window Stickers

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Window stickers are always obnoxious, or at least almost always so, mostly because they cover up driver's sight, usually say really uneducated things, or are just plain dumb. These ones are lined up in the back window, and they need to be taken off immediately, as soon as possible.

11 Slammed Suspension

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Slamming the suspension on a car is a very polarizing decision to make, as some people will love it and some people will hate it. No matter the quality. Due to the prevalence of these things in the movies, scores of people do it without thinking. A slammed car needs all kinds of serious craftsmanship to be done right, but most end up looking like this.

10 Stance

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Stance is the fad that involves more than just slamming a car, it involves lowering the suspension, tilting the camber to an extreme, and doing any bodywork that needs to be done to give the car fitment, making the wheel wells "hellaflush." It's very rarely done right.

9 Drifting Setup

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This is a great example of a car that is most assuredly not ready to drift, even if it seems like they "bought all the right mods" for it. There is a lot that goes into making a good drift car, first things first is a good car, and then some serious professional modding is in order. This has none of those things.

8 Nitrous Oxide

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NOS, otherwise known as nitrous oxide, is something that many people, because of the movies they see, feel inspired to put onto their cars. It's pretty easy to buy a kit, too, but the fact is that there's more to it than just sticking a bottle of it onto a car and calling it good. That's a good way to trash your engine in no time flat.

7 Tow Hooks

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Tow hooks are a pretty popular thing that many people put onto their JDM cars, and other cars too, to make them look cool and honestly to fit in with all the other people in the culture who do it. But, they don't really do anything and they aren't much more than a silly fad.

6 Carbon Fiber

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Carbon fiber most definitely does reduce weight in a car, there's a fact there that can't be ignored. But a lot of people have seen it used in the movies and want it just for the looks. While it saves weight, if it's replaced by a silly spoiler or anything else, it becomes a moot point anyway. Although to be honest this Lancer Evo is insanely cool.

5 Outrageous Sound Systems

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The whole craze that was popularized by movies to put massive sound systems inside of a car is one that has endured for quite a long time, and for many it's a great way to have a lot of fun. But, they do add a lot of weight to the car, and in my mind are almost always criminally excessive.

4 Using Low Quality Car Models

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Just because you can, doesn't always mean that you should. If you've got a JDM car and it's a rust bucket pile of scrap, there's no point in modding it out to the teeth just to look cool like they do in the movies. They don't use bad car models in the movies for a reason, and neither should you.

3 Sponsorship Stickers

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Many people who make modding their cars their hobby like the idea of putting all kinds of brand stickers on their car. The thing is, they aren't sponsored by those brands, so they're giving the company money and also giving them free advertising. It makes you look like a fool.

2 Copycat Builds

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So you've seen Fast and Furious two hundred times, and you know every scene. So you bought an Eclipse and modded it out to look exactly like the one in the movie. Who cares? It's cool to know about the movie cars, but to make an exact replica is just boring and exhaustive.

1 Fake Hood Scoops And Body Vents

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Stickers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are exactly shaped like a hood vent, or a roof scoop, or a side intake. This does not mean that you should use them on your car. They always look fake and bad and lame, no matter how cool you want them to be.

Sources: Reddit, DSM Tuners & Bad Mod

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