25 Things Professional YouTubers Aren’t Allowed To Do

Professional YouTubers and their channels, among many of the other random ones we see that have gone viral, have dominated the internet. The video-streaming service was initially created by three PayPal employees, but they then sold it to Google (who now have the service as one of their company's subsidiaries). YouTube allows users to create videos and channels, where they can upload, share, comment, subscribe to others, and overall, gain recognition. But never did the creators think that the service would turn into a form of employment for its users.

The platform has become a community, where people can communicate with one another and express their thoughts, ideas, and creations. In recent years, many users have become famous for the content they upload on their channels, giving them hundreds of thousands of subscribers to which they earn money (through the Google AdSense scheme), and earn the title of a 'Professional YouTuber'. We don't know much about these idolized figures, other than what they show us, and we've always wondered what restrictions they have on their career as a vlogger. We all have rules and regulations to follow in the workplace, and just because one is under the spotlight, it doesn't mean they don't have to abide by them just as much as we do. Take a look at twenty-five things professional YouTubers aren't allowed to do, and see what kinds of consequences they will (and have) faced if they choose to do them.

25 Say They Buy Their Own Views

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What? Professional YouTubers buy their own views? Of course, they do! It isn't easy gaining a multitude of subscribers and fans, so it is known that some vloggers have sneakily bought views in order to attract the attention they need. Because, although this shouldn't be the case, a vlogger with over 10,000 views on a video, in comparison to a vlogger with 100, is more than likely to gain the recognition they desire. But they aren't exactly allowed to tell anyone that, nor would they want to. I mean, would you?

24 Use Power Of Fame (And Money) To Manipulate Or Control

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Sometimes, fame and power get to people's heads and because of their status in society, it is easy for them to get into the minds of the ones that love them the most, their fans. A famous vlogger could say absolutely anything, and their loyal audiences will listen. Which is great, but only if they have good intentions. Professional YouTubers are not allowed to use the power of their fame to convince or manipulate people in any shape or form and if they do their video (or even channel altogether) will be taken down.

23 Remain Inactive For More Than A Day

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Professional YouTubers don't have it as easy as we may think. Some of us might assume that being at home and sitting at the PC all day, talking to fans worldwide who love you is the best kind of life, but this isn't true. Most professional YouTubers have to post daily videos - often more than one a day. An ex Dota 2 player used to upload 5-6 videos a day, at 6-20 minutes each!

Professional YouTuber, Will Lenney, from the UK says he may have millions of subscribers, but the job is tough. He quit university when his channel started to get big and woke up one day with millions of followers. But he is behind is laptop 24/7, six days a week, and spends around ten hours doing research, two hours writing a script and then 45 minutes of filming for just one video!

22 Avoid Paying Taxes

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Just like us all, professional YouTubers must pay tax. In fact, their tax pay rate is apparently higher than normal as they are registered as self-employed, and must, therefore, pay an extra 20% - ouch!

It is known that there have been many who have tried to avoid it, but in the end, the tax office will soon hunt you down and make you pay what you owe, and avoiding it will most likely only make those numbers increase.

21 Talk About How Much Money They Earn

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We're all desperate to find out how much professional YouTubers earn for their videos, but the truth is it varies depending on the amount of attention they get. This is all because of Google AdSense, the service used by YouTube to pay their employee's. Adverts are the way to make the big bucks if your job is based online in the media, and if like pro-YouTubers you have a lot of fans, this will result in a lot of clicks and views on adverts - and then the money starts rolling in.

PewDiePie's network rate in 2017 was a whopping $12 million! If a channel receives one-thousand views, that is worth around $18. Times those views by millions, and well...

20 Copy Other People's Ideas

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There is nothing worse than working on something you have put your heart and soul in to, and the idea gets stolen. Plagiarism is frowned upon in all areas of employment, particularly in the creative and media industries. YouTubers are not allowed to copy anyone else's content to use on their channels, and if they did, they would only get caught. After all, everyone is watching...

19 Try Dangerous Stunts

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At the beginning of this year, YouTube banned creators from performing any dangerous pranks or stunts in their videos. There have been many horrific accidents, from famous vlogger Jake Paul being sued for doing a car horn prank (which damaged the hearing of an old man) to a person passing away in a stunt he and his partner performed (by accident). And if these aren't bad enough, the thing that made YouTube really have to put their foot down was the Birdbox prank which caused a wave of incidents worldwide where people completing daily tasks while blindfolded.

18 Impersonate For Humor

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We all take the mick out of our friends and family now and again, for the laughs, but sometimes it can be taken too far. There are many pro-YouTubers out there who have been impersonated and it's kind of creepy!

Creating the same name and image of another channel will result in consequences. There have been many cases where unknown users have set up their own channel and pretended to be a pro-YouTuber - commenting as them and even re-uploading some of their content to make it look like it is really them!

17 No Need To Swear!

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Use of vulgar language is frowned upon, particularly for professional YouTubers who have an audience of minors. It influences them and makes them think that this kind of language is okay to use.

But sometimes, people just can't help it. Swear words just blurt out, like word vomit. So a good option that many pros have taken up is just bleeping the word out, or, put an age restriction/warning on their video so it is only seen by the appropriate audience.

16 Ignore Warnings (Repeat Infringer)

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Anyone who breaks the rules and regulations of YouTube will first be given a warning which will have no effect on their channel. However, if the creators still refuse to listen, YouTube will take action, hunt down the rebels (or what they call a 'repeat infringer' for breaking the rules more than twice), and make sure whatever inappropriate action they made is dealt with, meaning, their user account will be terminated!

15 Encourage Bad Actions

Pro-YouTubers get a lot of attention. They have dedicated fans who will do anything to get noticed by someone they idolize. Creators aren't allowed to encourage any bad actions, particularly because of the younger audiences who might be watching (part of the 'protect minors' policy).

Vloggers can't encourage, manipulate, or even discuss practicing bad actions (unless it is for educational purposes) - YouTube is a community, a family of creators and their fans, and no one should use that to promote bad behavior.

14 Tell Tales To Viewers (And YouTube)

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Creators must always be honest with the fans, as even the tiniest telltale will be noticed by someone and this could cause a huge backfire resulting in loss of subscribers and overall, reputation.

After all, if a pro-YouTuber is as professional and creative as they portray, then there is no need to lie - honesty is the best policy!

13 Show Nudity

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Nudity and other inappropriate content are forbidden on YouTube. It is not a service where such personal and private content should be shown to viewers. If this is something users are looking for, we're sure there are more obvious places to look...

YouTube works very closely with law enforcement and monitors absolutely everything. So producing this kind of content is not something pro-YouTubers would ever be able to get away with.

12 Play Inappropriate Pranks (Proven To Go Horribly Wrong)

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Aside from the ban after the Birdbox challenge went viral, there have actually been a few incidents in the past that not many people remember. Posting any video that shows the potential of someone getting badly hurt through dangerous pranks or challenges are not allowed and will be taken down immediately. As funny as it may seem to the people doing the prank, it's not so nice when you're the victim. Remember when people thought it would be funny to dress up as clowns around Halloween and started jumping out at people and chasing them? I remember not wanting to leave the house at night for weeks!

11 Disrespect Privacy

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Privacy has its name for a reason. We all want our personal life protected, but this is difficult within the storm of social media, where every image or piece of information we put up about ourselves could be potentially be found by absolutely anyone. Professional YouTubers must respect this policy, not only by protecting their own privacy but also by protecting others. Some super-fans have been known to send their phone numbers to their pro-YouTuber crushes, and sometimes send them some things even more personal (we'll let you think of what that is) - so you can imagine why they have to just delete these right away and not let it be seen by anyone else!

10 Spam!

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The word we all hate the most. You can almost hear it pinging into your mailbox...

It isn't okay for pro's to spam their subscribers, and it can be done in many different ways. For example, video spamming by promising viewers something and then directing them to another page (particularly one that is filled with malware), and getting clicks or views by promising viewers money. Creators will also be prosecuted for repeatedly commenting on a post, or even using a title or hashtag that tricks users into thinking the content is something it really isn't.

9 Post Abusive Videos And Comments

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Posting anything on video or in the comment section that might be offensive or abusive to other users is strictly prohibited and anyone who does will be reported and removed. And pro-YouTubers don't get let off just because they are 'pros', they also will have to face consequences, but we'd like to think that they would never do such a thing considering the reputation they are trying to keep up. Nobody wants a cyber bully!

8 Show Violent Or Graphic Content

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Youtube is no place for violent or graphic content. There are viewers of all ages that use the service worldwide, and any content like this could be seen by the eyes of those who are nowhere near old enough to see it.

If such content is posted, it must be done in an educational context. Creators have to be mindful and ensure to explain to their viewers so that they have a better understanding. So when Logan Paul posted a video of a person who had taken their own life, you can imagine the consequences he later faced. Especially considering his teenage audience!

7 Threaten Fans And Other Vloggers

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There is just no need for it! YouTube is a community of creatives, who are all in one way or another trying to showcase their creations and being rude to one another is strictly not okay. Pro-YouTubers can't go threatening other users (fans or other pros) - not in videos, in comments, or anywhere. On the other hand, the same goes for their fans, and in fact, all users in the community. Spread the love, not hate!

6 Say Anything That Could Be Offensive

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We really have to be careful with our words these days, and this is particularly essential for professional YouTubers. Even just having a casual conversation on their video, or playing a game and accidentally swearing and saying something offensive, could be breaking the rules of the service. And as bad as it is to say, there are a lot of users in the YouTube world who are out to get the pros and will watch and listen to every one of their videos to find something that they could use against them. They must always use their words wisely!

5 Stir The Pot (No Drama)!

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Currently in the eye of the internet storm, James Charles, celebrity make-up vlogger got himself into a little bit of drama and it didn't end so well for him.

He is supposedly the victim of fake friendships and has built many which have resulted in some big bust-ups between him and his pals. So he may have made some bad choices, but he also definitely got involved with the wrong kind of friends when Tati Westbrook decided to publicly tell the world why she could no longer be friends with him. I mean, we have all fallen out with someone before, but isn't this taking it too far? When it comes to drama and people who crave it, it's always best just to stay out the way!

4 Make Inappropriate Jokes

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Pro-YouTubers must always be careful with the jokes they make as the smallest slip up could be offensive. YouTube does not support content that may promote or condone anything that might be deemed offensive against individuals or groups based on their race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender or gender orientation, or anything else that could be offensive to a person's characteristics. Not to mention any jokes that might contain sexual content. We are all human and we should treat others how we would want to be treated!

3 Expect Anything More Than A DIY Job

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Professional YouTubers may have initially thought that sitting behind their computer all day and soaking up their fame and money is the life they always dreamed of. But this isn't the case, and they can't expect anything more than a DIY job, that is going to take a lot of hard work and effort in order to get to where they want to be. YouTube is just a streaming service and they will not help their users whether they are a professional or an amateur. Everyone in the community is treated fairly and YouTube expects the same attitude from its users.

2 Fake Interaction and Engagement

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For those who weren't shocked enough by the fact pro-YouTubers have, or did at some point, buy their own views to make themselves look more popular, they are actually allowed to do this, but they must not post content that promotes third-party service which inflates views, likes, subscribers or any other metrics. If they choose to use these services to help promote their channel, it is okay, but they cannot promote this to anyone else with links or adverts, not to mention (as we already know), they cannot discuss it in their videos either.

1 Act Like Someone They Are Not

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Nobody likes a fake. Often, people will be able to see right through and spot those who don't appear to be who they say to be. It takes a while to get to know someone before their true colors emerge, and it can be difficult in the media world to determine whether they are genuine or not. Particularly with professional YouTubers, who may appear to be someone we really like and idolize, but in reality, they could be someone completely different. It is not encouraged that pros are dishonest about who they really are, whether this is something as simple lying about their name or age, or even discussing an experience from their life which is just really a load of rubbish to create emotion and gain views. Always be yourself, vloggers, and your viewers will like you more!

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