18 Strict Rules Rolls-Royce Owners Have to Follow

In the car world, there are certain names that carry a major weight to them. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston-Martin, Tesla, the list goes on of names that signify a combination of class and speed. Yet Rolls-Royce still stands on its own.

For over a century, the name has been used to describe the most expensive luxury automobiles on the market. A single high-value Rolls-Royce can be more expensive than some Hollywood mansions. They are the ultimate status symbol for any millionaire or huge celebrity as they appear to be amazingly beautiful as well as a great car machine. Sure, a standard gearhead could never be able to afford them but a Rolls-Royce is still the standard of car excellence.

The company takes its cars very seriously and will often present them in the best light possible. That means installing some major rules for the owners. Many are well known and logical such as ensuring the owners can actually afford these machines and having a good driving record. Others aren’t as commonly known but are taken seriously by the company regarding how the car is handled and the owners’ responsibilities for such things as the upkeep and holding to the company’s directives.

In a few cases, breaking these rules may end up costing the owner their actual car. Here are 18 strict rules Rolls-Royce owners must follow which showcase why these cars are on a higher level of status than many others.

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18 A High Social Status

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Rolls-Royce puts out the image that anyone can own their cars. They have advertising on how these cars can be bought by whoever can afford them and they will not judge. The truth is that the company does care a lot for the social status of a Rolls-Royce owner.

A few lottery winners have tried to buy a Rolls only to find the company will judge them on a blue-collar background. There’s also a concern for what area an owner lives in and what the car is used for. For all their talk on being open to everyone, Rolls-Royce will still tend to go for owners with a high social status over those who just lucked into money.

17 Check the Drivers


Background checks for prospective owners is a natural for Rolls-Royce. It only makes sense they’d want to be sure a prospective buyer can afford the car and its upkeep. The company is also aware that many Rolls-Royce owners won’t actually be driving the car themselves but hire a chauffeur.

The company isn’t going to just let anyone get behind the wheel and thus will push an owner to provide a background on the chauffeur to ensure they have a good record clean of various issues. The company has been known to “firmly suggest” a new chauffeur if the original doesn’t make their criteria. Even if the owner doesn’t drive the Rolls themselves, they need to let the company know who is.

16 They Can Customize... Within Limits


One of the best touches of Rolls-Royce is how the company can customize a new car at a driver's request. An owner can pick the color, the interior paneling and other touches that make their Rolls-Royce a truly personal car. However, there are limits to how much customization can be done. Rolls-Royce has an image to maintain so they aren’t going to want a car seen with massive rally lights, decals or a frankly horrific paint job.

Also, some materials for interiors may not work right for the car no matter how the owner will want them. While Rolls-Royce can advertise customizing for an owner’s likes, there are rules to how much can be done.

15 Don’t Be a Constant Leaser


The biggest issue someone has for owning a Rolls-Royce is the price. Some people get around that simply by leasing a Rolls instead. It sounds like a good idea as it gives them the class and social status of being seen driving this car without having to pay out the huge price. Many dealerships offer great prices to lease the cars out for a few months at a time.

However, the company is not fond of this practice as they’d much rather be selling a car than leasing it. Also, some of the company’s protections aren’t covered by a lease so saving a few bucks can be costly down the road for owners.

14 Always Answer Monitor Alerts


A major benefit of today’s technology is that it allows car manufacturers to issue alerts on various issues of their cars. Whether it’s a full recall or just an issue involving a battery upgrade, these alerts are important. Sadly, some drivers can decide to ignore these alerts and keep on driving like it’s okay. Rolls-Royce does not approve of that at all.

Their contracts state an owner must answer any monitor alert, no matter how small an issue it may involve. Rolls-Royces are very delicate machines so even the slightest problem can become a bigger hassle down the line. The company thus takes it seriously when an owner won’t answer the alerts they issue.

13 Never Ignore Downloads


People can have a love/hate relationship with downloads. Some love having constant downloads ready to upgrade their various computers and other devices at any time. Others are annoyed at constant updates that can mar some of their preferences and will try to ignore them.

However, Rolls-Royce owners pretty much have to answer any downloads as soon as they show up. This means the owner has to have a high-priced mobile phone contract ready to accept these downloads at any time. Ignoring these important upgrades is an easy way for an owner to tell Rolls-Royce they don’t appreciate the company very well.

12 The High Maintenance Costs


As noted, you have to be pretty wealthy to own a Rolls-Royce. That means also handling the high maintenance costs. Because they’re so exclusive, you can’t just drive a Rolls into the local Meineke station for a tune-up if something goes wrong. It has to be done at the main Rolls or an exclusive shop and that means having to pay some huge costs.

The price for the annual maintenance of a Phantom can be almost $4,000 or more. Even just repairing a door can run close to a thousand for some models. Don’t expect to use a customer coupon to fix a Rolls issue.

11 Give It Back Rather Than Sell It


Rolls-Royce is loved not just for their amazing luxury and status symbol fame but also for their longevity. Some models have been known to last over 70 years and a classic can still be tuned up to be as good as new. Inevitably, every car comes to its end and some owners may be tempted to sell their Rolls off.

However, the company has stated they much prefer that at the end of its life, the owner returns the car at a “take-back point” the company suggests. While one can find a lot of used Rolls-Royces for sale at websites, the company would prefer the owners just hand them back.

10 Share Your Car Data


There have been debates on how much car companies should know about the drivers and the way they drive. Rolls-Royce is even more intense about it than other manufacturers. Their cars are outfitted with sensors to be able to tell such things as the tank fuel range, temperature, coolant level, tire pressure and more.

Rolls-Royce defends this on how they want to judge the performance in order to know how to build cars even better in the future. Some owners may balk at the company knowing so much of their driving habits but it’s something one has to put up with to have a Rolls in the garage.

9 The Proper Area


Rolls-Royce enjoys being seen in a much bigger light than other car companies. They want their cars to be showcased as amazing vehicles that look as great as they drive. Which means, they often hold to the unofficial criteria of an owner’s location being a big part of whether they can sell it off. Let’s face it, a Rolls-Royce in some small town in the Southern United States is a really weird sight and doesn’t make the company look well.

Likewise is a Rolls in an area known for terrible weather that would leave it dirty and damage the car. It’s not broadcast as much but Rolls-Royce cares deeply on which area their cars are seen in.

8 You Say You “Commission” It


Rolls-Royce can have some odd terminology that other car companies don’t use as much. It’s meant to showcase the class of the cars and make them appear more exotic. This includes how RR does not use the simple term of “buying” or “ordering” a car. Instead, the company prefers customers state they want to “commission” a Rolls-Royce. That does fit better given how owners are able to have their cars worked on to their specific desires from the material used to the color of the tire wheels.

Yet even a long-time Rolls-Royce owner is still encouraged to talk about how they simply commission these cars not outright buy them. It showcases an odd quirk of the company that sets them apart from other manufacturers.

7 Income Proof


Nowadays, folks can use some tricks to make themselves appear to have much more wealth than they actually do. Some car companies can fall for that but not Rolls-Royce.

They will insist on full evidence that the person buying a Rolls can truly pay for it and its upkeep. That includes bank statements and a good check of their finances. Maybe a buyer doesn’t have to bring in their accountant but they have to be able to prove they’re not blowing smoke but truly can afford to have the richest of cars.

6 A Clean Background


This should be rather obvious yet it’s a very strict rule. Some car companies can be so-so on an owner’s past as a driver. They may not mind too much if they have traffic tickets or some other issues. In their minds, if the state gives them a license, they can own any car they want. Rolls-Royce doesn’t take it anywhere near as lax.

They may not do the full-scale background checks they once did but the company will look for any red flags that would indicate an owner has a rough past with cars. If they ever had a license issue, they can kiss any chance of owning a Rolls-Royce goodbye. Only a squeaky-clean driving record is enough to justify owning a Rolls.

5 Never Take Car for Unapproved Tuning


Rolls takes major pride in their cars. That’s proven by how each model is handmade and customized to the finest detail. That means the company is not happy when the owner decides to do some tuning of the car without their knowledge or permission. Whether it’s at a shop or done in their own home, a Rolls owner can pay dearly for working on the car without seeking the company’s approval first.

The company’s official rules state that if they discover such tuning, they will terminate the owner’s rights to any Rolls-Royce parts or services. So any “simple” tuning without the company’s okay could cost the owner their entire car.

4 Only Work with Authorized Workshops


When was the last time you saw a Rolls-Royce at the local repair shop? Unless you live in an exclusive rich neighborhood, the answer is never. The majority of standard mechanics wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how to fix a Rolls-Royce in the first place. More importantly, the parts needed are very rare and exceptionally costly.

Rolls-Royce usually has its own dealership shops to handle the repair needs for its customers. That includes the extensive full package to include roadside support and a list of specific repair shops to use. The company frowns on anyone working on their cars that haven’t gotten their full approval.

3 Sign a Waiver to Deactivate Teleservices


Before GPS and other technological advances became commonplace in cars, the Rolls-Royce was boasting some great services for their owners. The teleservice systems for the cars are terrific, letting some Rolls-Royce servers know exactly where the car is, what condition it is in and even some data on the driver.

Some owners may prefer their drives to be more private and the company respects that. Yet they can’t let the owner simply flip the switch off. Instead, they have to personally sign a waiver at a dealership or workshop in order to make it work.

2 Need Vehicle ID for Assistance


A major benefit for having a Rolls-Royce is access to their terrific customer service center. Open day and night, an operator is always there to answer if an owner suffers an unexpected breakdown or other issues.

However, the security measures needed are rather strict. Rolls-Royce needs to ensure this is the real customer and not someone who may have taken the car. Thus the owners need to supply both their personal ID and the vehicle ID to gain any assistance. It’s a tough rule but it’s vital for an owner to have all their information handy when calling to help.

1 No Unauthorized Paint Jobs


Rolls-Royce puts love and care into every detail of their cars. That includes paintwork. It’s not simple paint at all as some cars actually go so far as to have diamond dust mixed with the paint to make the cars truly shine.

Owners can pick their own paint jobs to customize the cars and the company will do their best to find the right shade. However, one thing they do not like is if the owner decides to have the car repainted on their own. That’s because mixing regular paint with the special type Rolls-Royce uses can damage the car’s exterior. Any repainting must be done by the company’s dealerships rather than the owner on a whim.

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