19 Dumb Things Subaru Owners Did Because Of Movies

Car culture took a major turn back in 2001 when the first Fast and Furious movie appeared in theatres. Since then, there have been numerous movies featuring import cars being driven hard. Each one inspiring Subaru owners to take things to the next level.

In addition to feature films, there have been countless documentaries and high-end short-film productions. These would be a source of further inspiration for the owners of one of the world's finest rally-bred road cars.

As a result, Subarus are being modified in a variety of ways, from rally replicas to hard parked. We love them all - but that doesn't mean we won't have some fun at the expense of Subaru owners though. Here are 19 dumb things Subaru owners did because of movies.

19 Covered Their Cars In Stickers

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Another trend we get to thank the F&F franchise for - vinyl stickers. The Subaru crowd loves a rally car replica, except the car is often stock other than the stickers. That's not a good look. Sometimes they go all-out, like the car in the pic... and the result is a car that looks much worse than stock.

18 Fitted A Horrible Bodykit

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We'll give you one guess as to what movie franchise inspired the Subie owners to install atrocious body kits. Most of the kits out there just make the Subaru look big, ungainly, and ugly. They add weight and remove style. Why fit all those pointless additions? They certainly won't make the car any faster!

17 Drove Too Fast

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Pretty much every movie that features a Subaru Impreza has at least one chase scene. That's cool, we certainly don't mind an entertaining movie. However, we do mind having some Subaru-bro driving like a maniac, weaving in and out of traffic like he's in a chase scene of his own.

16 Fitted Street Glow Lights

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Every Subaru owner has watched the Fast and Furious movies, and trust us when we say they liked what they saw. One of their favorite car mods would soon become the infamous LED lights fitted underneath the car. We honestly can't think of an easier way to ruin a perfectly good Subaru.

15 Bought A Huge Wing

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Another F&F styling trick. Every Subaru needs a spoiler, it's a must with their front-mounted engine and all-wheel-drive layout. Forget the fact that most of the spoilers bolted onto the Imprezas out there are utterly useless aerodynamics wise and only good for showing off. Let's not even mention the drag coefficient.

14 Took Their Impreza To A Dirt Road

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Most movies that feature an Impreza will have a scene where it's driven on a gravel road - because rally car. The Subaru owner has, of course, noticed this, and some even dare to actually drive on said road. They won't drive fast though, the spoilered-up, air-ride Impreza on low-profile semi-slicks just isn't built for that kind of action.

13 Fitted A Useless Exhaust

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End cans and cat-back exhausts don't do anything performance-wise for a turbo Subaru. That's probably why the Subaru crowd fit these cheap exhaust excuses to their cars. No need for a full system, they're not doing it for the power anyway - it's all about that Boxer roar so it'll sound like it belongs in F&F.

12 Painted It Weird Colors

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This is similar to the vinyl wrapping trend, except a bit more expensive - and permanent. So then you also know what movie it comes from. We're not saying all Subarus should be rally blue, but we also don't need to see them painted bright pink, chameleon colors, or candy red with metal flake.

11 Installed Nitrous Oxide

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Made popular by street racing movies, some Subaru owners install nitrous oxide because their cars didn't come with a turbo, and a bottle of laughing gas is cheap - turbos aren't. They usually blow up the engine or gearbox. Or both. Some install nitrous even if their car did come with a turbo... Because that nitrous purge scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious is so cool.

10 Did An Impression Of Baby Driver


It was a cool movie, right? Subaru owners loved it! Finally, a movie that truly depicted what Impreza ownership is all about - driving at insane speeds and outrunning the law. The movie inspired the Subaru crowd to take things to the next level, but they soon discovered that their stanced rides were rubbish at outrunning anything with more ground clearance than a skateboard.

9 Built A Rally Replica

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Everyone knows about Subaru's rally pedigree, and if you didn't, just find a Subaru owner and he'll tell you all about it. Drawing inspiration from Ken Block's videos, WRC on tv, and even that one F&F movie, some Subaru owners have turned their own cars into rally replicas. More often than not, they've just fitted mudflaps, a bunch of lights, and a huge wing to an otherwise stock Impreza.

8 Turned It Into A Transformer?

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Honestly, we didn't even know this was a thing, but apparently, there are Subaru owners out there who have been inspired by the Transformer movies. This poor Impreza looks like an Autobot that's seized up mid-transformation. By far one of the most bizarre things we've seen Subaru owners do - which says a lot.

7 Fitted Air Suspension

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There are Subaru owners out there who've watched street racing movies and were inspired by cars that seemingly lower themselves to the ground when parked. There's no reason why rally cars shouldn't be able to do that. Except that it's completely useless for anything other than looks and makes the car's handling worse than how it left the factory.

6 Carved Up The Canyons, Bro

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The Born To Race movies revolve around a high school kid who's racing his Subaru and sometimes carves up some canyon roads with his friends... or rivals. This made the 'Baru Bros realize that their cars were more than just stanced rally wannabes. They were now faced with a dilemma though - fit proper wheels and suspension to go fast, or keep that air-ride stance rubbish?

5 Drag Raced

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Pretty much every car movie features a drag race scene - which is exactly why the typical Subaru owner will at some point do a drag race. Yes, that includes the soccer moms in their Subaru Tribecas or Foresters. That's what happens when car movies and cars with motorsport DNA meet - it's inevitable.

4 Ordered "Overnight Parts From Japan"

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It's a classic line from the first F&F movie, and it's the reason why Subaru forums are filled with "sick rides" decked out in "JDM" parts that can be found in any aftermarket shop. Subaru owners also love to cover their rides with kanji and katakana stickers for "that added JDM feel, yo!"

3 Drifted It

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This is probably something they picked up by watching F&F Tokyo Drift as well as Ken Block's Gymkhana vids. There seem to be different approaches to drifting their Subarus though. Some choose to get as much power as possible from the engine and be able to do 4-wheel drifting, others convert their cars to rear-wheel drive. The most sensible ones just get themselves a Subaru BRZ.

2 Thought They Were Ken Block

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Ken Block is our favorite parking lot racer. Seriously though, we actually love his Gymkhana vids. Do you know who loves those videos more than we do? That's right, the Subaru owners. It doesn't matter to them that Block switched to Ford years ago - the Subie-bros are still hung up on the early Gymkhana vids, as well as the Top Gear episode where James May was his passenger.

1 Worshipped Travis Pastrana

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Most Subaru bros have a serious man crush on Pastrana from watching Nitro Circus or one of the many documentaries that, well, document Pastrana driving fast and jumping his Subaru rally car. He's such an inspiration to them that many Subaru owners actually want to start rallying themselves. Rallying is dangerous though, so they mostly just park next to a gravel road and post pics on Instagram.

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