20 Things Subaru Owners Do That Annoy Everyone Else

While Subaru got started in 1953, it wasn’t until the 1990s and 2000s that they really started to take off with car buyers in the United States. At that time, the whole “everyday rally car” motif was starting to take off and Subaru was one of the few brands able to pull it off. It’s been aided by the popularity of rallycross racing, a sport in which Subarus as have excelled as a main car for the wild terrain.

Since then, Subarus have become a niche market but still a popular one for car buyers. They enjoy the all-terrain drivetrain, the mix of speed and strength, and how these cars can take a good licking and keep going. For Subaru drivers, their cars are the best cars on the market.

Sadly, for many other car owners and drivers, Subaru fans tend to have...issues. Pride in a car is one thing but Subaru owners take it to a new level by boasting of features and touches that others find laughable. There’s also how it increases a love for wild stunts and other antics that aggravate other drivers. The entire rallycross mentality has pushed too many Subaru owners to act like a simple drive to the store is a hardcore rally race.

There’s also how they’ll mod and decorate their cars in ludicrous ways and think they look like the coolest drivers around. Here are 20 thing Subaru owners do that annoy everyone else.

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20 Angel Eyes


One of the more annoying mods for a car is adding on extra headlights. Rather than helping the driver see better, they instead become a huge distraction for other cars. Subaru drivers have been doing this for a while, adding such things as the blue-tinted angel eyes to look more notable on the road. There’s also the secondary HID lights that do even less to help due to their size and low placement. In both cases, they just make the car look worse. It’s pretty much Subaru people who stick to this motif under the foolish notion that the brighter the lights, the better the drive—despite all evidence to the contrary.

19 Vaping


Nothing proves how tied in vaping and Subaru owners are than the fact that there is just about a rule on Craigslist ads about how used Subarus have to be labeled as “never vaped in.” The jury is still out to how damaging to the body this habit is and some other car owners do it, too. Yet Subaru owners seem to take it as a near necessity for driving. They’ll keep it up nonstop, to the point the vapors can clearly be seen for yards around the car. It also leaves behind an odor even tougher to get out than regular smoke while being a huge distraction to other drivers. No one knows why Subaru people are such intense vapers but it’s a seriously aggravating connection.

18 Worshipping Ken Block


Few guys have helped rally racing come to prominence like Ken Block. The “Head Hoonigan in Charge” of the former Monster Rally Series is a great racer and has worked to bring Subarus into good standing. However, too many owners tend to think of the guy as much better than he actually is. They think it’s awesome to convert a first-run Mustang into a monster that burns through the front tires in record time or that drifting in snow makes them look cool. Block has encouraged many Subaru owners to try behavior no other car driver would attempt and they all assume it’s terrific. His push as a favorite is why so many of the annoying parts of Subaru culture exists.

17 Constant Fuel-Ups

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Most Subarus do tend to get some good mileage. Maybe it’s not as high as other car brands but it still isn’t too terrible. However, some can be lower and that’s without the 2018 issue of some models having broken fuel light indicators. This has pushed the feeling among Subaru owners that the cars run better the more fuel they have. Rather than wait until the tank is even half empty, they’ll be at gas stations two or even three times a week, filling up to the very top. This actually does nothing to help the performance but Subaru owners seem to believe letting the fuel drop to even a quarter lower is damaging.

16 Sticker Showoffs


It’s as if there’s an unofficial rule that owning a Subaru means you have to plaster it with stickers. This is something else you can blame on the rallycross culture and how the races feature cars with more stickers than a child’s toy room. Subaru owners just go all out with stickers, from actual car logos to just favorite movie characters or nutty sayings. Entire websites sell decals of all types to encourage this behavior more. To fellow drivers, nothing makes a car look uglier than seeing it covered with more logos and slogans than a NASCAR machine and Subaru owners fail to see how adding on stickers just adds on mockery.

15 DCCD Boasts


To be fair, Subaru owners are justified in bragging about how good the STI is and how the suspension and power make it stand out. That said, the non-stop boasts about the Driver Controlled Center Differential are way too much. On paper, it sounds good to send a boost of power to either the rear or front wheels to improve performance. This ignores how a lack of traction to these wheels can affect the car and even lead to bogging down the engine. There’s also how it can mean a following driver is caught behind someone suddenly going faster or slower than usual. But Subaru owners act like the DCCD makes them more elite than other car owners.

14 The Downshifting


To be fair, a lot of cars have owners who do a lot of downshifting. But Subaru owners just take it to the next level. They will actually turn down cars if they don’t have short shifters that they can use to move from one gear to another at the slightest touch. The installation can be a pain given how tough Subaru transmissions are. On the road, the downshifting can be constant, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a simple grocery run or on the highway. Obviously, this is not only annoying to other drivers but can be dangerous if a shift goes wrong. That Subaru owners take short shifting to new levels is yet another reason to dislike them so much.

13 They Can’t Stop Bragging


Car owners can be pretty proud of their vehicles and it’s only natural they’ll boast about them. It’s one thing when you own a high-class speed machine or even a classic automobile. It’s another when a Subaru owner acts like everyone is jealous of their ride. They’ll be boasting of the rough mileage, the so-so horsepower, and the various issues as if others are massively impressed. It’s wilder when someone talks about how great their car can be as a rally car when they’ve never even attended such a race. Something about a Subaru causes the owner to become arrogant and think they’re showing off a prized Ferrari. The delusions of Subaru owners are astounding.

12 The Stance, Bro


The entire “stance nation" fad has gotten fully out of control. For some bizarre reason, owners believe having tires bent at an angle helps the car’s performance. Subaru owners are taking it as an entire style under the belief these rally cars can handle much better. They’re wrong, though, as these tires make it harder to take corners and can increase the odds of a blow-out and spinning out of control. It showcases how Subaru drivers see their cars more as fashion accessories than actual automobiles. It’s far more likely to see a Subaru with these cartoon tires than any other car on the block and the fact owners think it looks great speaks volumes.

11 Abusing their Cars


When a car model is famous for being used in rally races, it’s only natural for owners to think they can take anything. But that doesn’t excuse how too many Subaru owners put their cars through some truly horrible punishment. Even without the huge additions of spoilers, insanely complex engines and exhaust, and other overhauls and stickers, the drivers will go out of their way to punish the cars. They’ll intentionally drive Subarus in bad weather, mud and snow-filled hills, and long hours on the road. Taking care of your car should be a must yet Subaru owners are more likely than others to assume their car can take anything they dish out and so they put them through a huge wringer.

10 Ignoring the Defects


Subaru has had more than its share of issues over the years with recalls. Numerous recalls have been issued on airbags, engines, and scores of other problems. That’s not mentioning how even a perfectly working Subaru has lots of problems from its handling to the necessary upkeep and a poor reputation for blowing head gaskets. Yet Subaru owners seem to ignore all of that entirely. They could have a car that’s been through three recalls, weeks in the shop, and being prone to breakdowns but still insist it’s perfectly fine. Some car owners can have a blind love for their automobile but Subaru owners take it to an entirely new level.

9 The Mud Flap Showcase


This is really showing off something that is downright silly. Rally cars do need mud flaps for the obvious reason that they can’t have that much dirt spraying from the tires too hard against the undercarriage. That’s well and good for a rally race. But once more, Subaru owners insist on having this for their regular, everyday commutes. They’ll even go out of their way to have them in bright colors or even fancy motifs to stand out. It’s just a ridiculous sight when it’s a sunny day with clean roads and they can often be a distraction to other drivers. It’s more proof that what works for a rally car doesn’t for everyday driving.

8 Tow Hooks


Why the tow hook is something Subaru owners love to flaunt is odd. Yes, it’s a fun touch and can aid majorly whenever a tow is needed. Yet actual tow truck drivers don’t boast about their hooks and pulling weight as much as Subaru guys do. It’s one thing if they are, in fact, a rally car that can use it to help out if they or another car get wrecked. Yet how often does the typical Subaru owner need to give someone else a lift? In fact, it’s more likely a tow hook-equipped Subaru will pass right by a stranded car without offering any aid at all. It just comes off as yet another silly accessory more than something actually required for the driver.

7 The Cobb Accessport


It’s a common thing for a car owner to boast about some of the cool tech they have in their vehicle. Subaru owners can take it to a new level when it comes to the Cobb Accessport. Now, it can be helpful when used properly with the ECU to enhance the performance. But the non-stop bragging is just aggravating to listen to. They really think all one needs to is touch a button and the horsepower is doubled instantly. This ignores the tendency for it to blow a gasket every few thousand miles and how it’s hardly the only ECU boost controller around. Don’t tell that to Subaru owners, though, who will act like this makes them better than any driver out there.

6 Charging Up the Hill


Subarus are good for their all-wheel drive and the ability to handle the elements pretty well. When snowfall occurs, one can see young guys in Subarus going to the hills to check out the fresh covering. Nine times out of ten, they’ll assume charging the car up the hill is a great idea to save time and really show off their car. This ignores the constant pressure on the drivetrain while trying to go uphill in snow and the damage done to the undercarriage. Even a regular hill can be a mess with all that mud. Roads are there for a reason and not just the distraction some Subaru owners believe them to be.

5 The Spoiler Love

via zombdrive.com

It’s one thing when the spoiler comes with the car. Too many owners insist on putting their own spoilers on the car, though, and that doesn’t work out as well. Subaru owners really go all out, insisting that Imprezas, WRXs, and STIs look great with huge and weighty spoilers put on the trunks. Too often, the owners will take on the mantra of “bigger is better” and slap on massive spoilers that can weigh the car down and make it a chore getting it through car washes and other places. It’s just bizarre that even more than muscle car owners, Subaru drivers can take the spoiler obsession to frankly ridiculous heights.

4 Doing Donuts in Snow


Subarus are handy for handling the elements better than most cars. That makes them pretty good for snow-covered areas and off-road fans enjoy them a lot. But just because something can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done. In this case, Subaru guys love to pull donuts in the snow. It’s one thing if it’s a big field but another if it’s a parking lot with lots of folks around. All that snow flying around can be just annoying and while it makes for a fun picture, it also looks like a rude move. That this isn't’ a good idea for the car doesn’t occur to the owner, either, which is a common issue for Subaru owners.

3 Red Bull Obsession


You can blame rally racing for this one. Global Rallycross had become notable for pushing rally cars to prominence thanks to their wild races. Subaru cars were used a lot and included plenty of promotions by Red Bull. This led to quite a lot of Subaru owners taking to drinking Red Bull a lot, even when they weren’t a rally racer. GRC has collapsed following a legal battle that exposed Red Bull’s questionable practices. Yet drivers will continue to drink as if thinking somehow that will make their driving faster and better. The logic is shaky, to say the least, and it's baffling Subaru owners keep up with Red Bull even with GRC gone.

2 Adding Rally Lights


What is it with the obsession Subaru owners have with rally car stuff? It’s one thing when you’re an actual racer. It’s quite another when you live in the suburbs and just use the Subaru for regular driving. Somehow, a regular Subaru driver thinks adding rally lights to their car automatically makes it look cool and awesome. It doesn’t, especially when some of them are attached to the car by zip-ties. Often, the drivers will ignore how some places have rules about this many lights that will ban them outright. Thus, adding them on is a good way to get a ticket. That won’t change these owners from thinking rally lights make their Subaru look awesome.

1 Major Lane Cutting


There’s something about Subaru drivers that lets them think “stay in your lane” is just a mild suggestion. True, lane cutting is done by a lot of drivers yet Subaru owners tend to take it to a new level. Even if it’s a nearly empty road, they will switch lanes constantly and even seem to enjoy cutting off other drivers just because they can. It can be worse on highways, which can be pretty dangerous for other drivers. It’s as if Subaru owners think they’re always in a race while just going on a regular drive and the constant lane cutting is yet another reason other drivers hate them so much.

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