20 Things That Actually Happened On Maury

Originally known as The Maury Povich Show, this talk show first aired its premier season back in 1991. With the tabloid-style to this daytime talk show, it's not surprising that it became an instant success. Television viewers loved tuning in to see all the drama and partake in a few guessing sessions on what the results would be for the guests.

There have been various episodes that have strayed from the rigid template of topics that The Maury Show has become known for but the majority of the episodes have remained the same. This formula has definitely worked to draw in viewers and it's something that television viewers crave with each new show. With so many seasons, The Maury Show has seen some pretty interesting guests over the years. There are some guests and topics that have seemed to stand out amongst the rest. Let's take a look at 20 things that actually happened on Maury and relive the best (and worst) of the show in all its glory.

20 Sister Turns Against Sister

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The Maury Show is known for having couples come on in order to prove paternity. Yet, this particular case was a bit odd. On September 20, 2018, Jocelyn and Brian were the couple in question.

Although having been together for 13 years, Brian seemed to have doubts regarding the paternity of their child. It was Jocelyn's own sister that stood as her biggest adversary and, in the end, he WAS the father!

19 Multiple Visits To Maury

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Typically, when a couple goes on The Maury Show, they are satisfied with their single appearance. This isn't a show that exactly shows everyone in their best light, so one appearance should be sufficient. Yet, there was a couple that seemed to be regulars on the show. In 2017, a woman named, Samantha, wanted to prove that a married man have fathered a child with her.

The paternity test proved that he WAS the father, but Dustin and his wife Amber went back on the show two more times because of this tangled love triangle.

18 Married To Brother?

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Tracy is a man that had boasted to have slept with over 5,000 women and had taken paternity tests on Maury for 11 different children. Tracy returned to the show because there was a man and a woman that believed that he might be their father.

The twist to this is that they were married. The DNA results revealed that they weren't brother and sister.

17 16 DNA Tests

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There have been a number of people to appear on The Maury Show to test their partners to see whether or not they are the fathers to their children. Yet, some cases have definitely stood out more than others.

Marisol had been coming to the show for over 10 years to find out the father of her five children. She took 16 DNA tests but amazingly, another person by the name of Sholanda took 17 different DNA tests.

16 Phobia Of Pickles

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In 2008, The Maury Show released an episode that featured an 18-year-old by the name of Mariah. She was sharing her phobia of pickles and said that it was making a negative impact on her day-to-day life.

She claimed to be made fun of at school and Maury set out to help her with this.

15 Party After Paternity

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They say that every baby is adorable but that wasn't what Scott thought when confronted with the idea that he may be the father of Monique's baby.

The title of the episode was definitely pretty bad but it was the amazing celebration Scott did with his sister when he found out he was NOT the father that was the real seller to this Maury episode.

14 Mixed Race Kids

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There have been a number of people to appear on The Maury Show to see whether or not the paternity test can reveal the truth about their children. Yet, this particular case was something unique.

Amanda claimed that she had been faithful to her husband but he said that his family would constantly remark that his mixed-race children were not his own. The paternity results revealed he was NOT the father.

13 Chicken Tetrazzini

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In an episode of The Maury Show, Alycia believed that her boyfriend was getting together with her best friend. This isn't a new theme for the show but there was something different about this couple.

Alycia claimed that Dominique didn't like him at first but then she started cooking Chicken Tetrazzini for him and that led her to believe that they had more of a romantic relationship.

12 Father Of Only One Twin

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Vena is a woman that had relations with an ex-boyfriend but then became pregnant with fraternal twins. When she went in for the DNA results, it was revealed that Chad was the father of only one of the twins and the ex-boyfriend was the father of the other.

This is a rare event called superfecundation, in which there can be two different biological fathers.

11 Dances And Falls

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When testing the paternity of a child, there are some women that remain a bit humble prior to the test results being read. Yet, that wasn't the case for Simone. She claimed to be 130% sure that Freddy was the father of her child, despite the fact that she had returned for the 6th time to test the fourth man of the paternity of her child. She was dancing while Maury read the results and she wound up falling to the ground.

She returned numerous times and tested 11 men and none of them were the father.

10 Woman Chased By Cotton Ball Man

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There have been some interesting phobias that have been revealed on The Maury Show but the woman that cried over cotton balls will definitely be one to remember.

While she revealed her phobia on The Maury Show, there were men that were dressed up entirely in cotton balls and began chasing her around the stage.

9 Trade For Double Cheeseburger

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Many times, The Maury Show has on family members that are torn apart by their romantic relationships. However, Nicole and her sister, Angelique, appeared for a different reason. After taking in her sister, she claimed to be living a nightmare because of her unruly ways.

One thing that definitely made the audience take a step back was the admission that there was once a trade for a double cheeseburger.

8 Missing Tooth In The Bed

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There are some things that women leave behind that are telltale signs that the man is stepping out on their partner.

Yet, a tooth is definitely a new one. Arica is a woman that brought her man onto The Maury Show because she found a tooth in her bed and she wasn't missing any fresh teeth.

7 Screaming At A Screen

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With The Maury Show being on television long before the use of FaceTime technology, it's interesting how confused some people have become over the actual screen on the Maury stage.

The screen is used to televise certain segments to the audience and guest but some guests have started to confront these screens as if it were a video chat.

6 Daughter Pregnant By Mother’s Husband

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Chatton admitted that she wasn't the best mother to Jalen when she was growing up. She claimed that Jalen was trying to get back at her mother by having a romantic relationship with Chatton's new husband. She claimed that Jalen even became pregnant by him.

They went on The Maury Show to see if Steve would reveal the truth with a lie detector test. The lie detector revealed that there was no romantic relationship with Jalen.

5 Follows Too Many Girls Online

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Karen was a person that went on The Maury Show to find out whether or not a man was her biological father. She was in a romantic relationship with a man for three years and felt like he was faithful to her.

Yet, she returned to The Maury Show to claim that this man follows too many women online and she wanted him to take a lie detector test. Devan was revealed that he had not told the truth.

4 Unusual Couple

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Holly was an 18-year-old that was in a romantic relationship with a 70-year-old. He was actually a limo driver that met Holly when taking her for a ride and claimed that age is nothing but a number.

The couple was on The Maury Show to show off their love and they even shared a kiss or two.

3 11-Year-Old Claiming Mother Should Dress Her Age

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It's the parents that are supposed to be the wise ones in the relationship with their children but that doesn't seem to be the case with this particular episode from The Maury Show.

Crystal was just 11-years-old when she appeared on The Maury Show to claim that her mother shouldn't be dressing in the way that she was.

2 Idolizing Snooki

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When The Maury Show had an episode about teens that are a bit wild, there was one teen that really made an impression on the audience. She said that she idolized Snooki and it was apparent that she was modeling her look after her.

This was a time when Snooki was on the original MTV series and she wasn't exactly seen as the best role model.

1 Phobia Of Chicken

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There have definitely been a few guests to appear on The Maury Show that had phobias of odd things but Amanda was a woman that had a chicken phobia.

In an effort to help Amanda (and make the audience have a laugh or two), there were some hilarious chicken costumes introduced.

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